Vidmonial 2.0 Review – Video Testimonials to a Whole New Level!

Vidmonial 2.0 Review – Video Testimonials to a Whole New Level!

You want to boost your business growth using customers’ testimonials but find it so difficult? Then you are going to enjoy my Vidmonial 2.0 Review!

Vidmonial 2.0 Review, Introduction

Using customer reviews and testimonials has always been one of the best ways to boost your business credibility, thus helping you get customers with ease. As someone making money online, you must have already used this trick for years, right?


You have, but it does not work as smoothly as it should be? Even when you use a 5-star review?

No way! Are you sure about that? It’s just downright impossible…

Wait. What kind of testimonials have you been putting on your website the whole time?

Why am I asking you this? Well, one reason only: These days, people have stopped falling for text reviews. Apparently, these can easily be forged. And as more and more people end up with products whose quality is far worse than what their self-proclaimed users have posted, regular written testimonials have begun to lose their charms.

If you are still sticking to them, you had better move on to other types of testimonials.

Videos are some really excellent choices!

Then, do you want to know how to create outstanding testimonial videos? Check out the rest of my Vidmonial 2.0 Review!

Vidmonial 2.0 Review – Overview


Vendor:Ben Murray et al
Product:Vidmonial 2.0
Launch Date:2019-Jul-18
Launch Time:10:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$27-$47
Recommend:Highly Recommend
Sales Page:
Refund:30 Days Money Back Guarantee

What Is Vidmonial 2.0?

Videos have always been among the ultimate types of reviews. People like to hear the words for themselves from real users since this assures them that the products are definitely not scams.

Aren’t they afraid about forged testimonials? Well, to be honest, you cannot make fake video reviews without going bankrupt because there are tons of different people featured in those. It is just simply impractical!

That’s why people always have faith in testimonial videos. And from now on, Vidmonial 2.0 will let you leverage its power easily.

Vidmonial 2.0 is the evolution of the one-time renowned Vidmonial, one of the most powerful review-centered tools. And in this comeback, it guarantees to bring you tons of cool features that can make your jaw drop!

Basically, it can offer you a special link. When a customer clicks it, the tool will instantly take them to a special page where they can record a quick yet authentic video testimonial within seconds.

And do you want to know what is even better? You do not need any experience to work with Vidmonial 2.0!

Vidmonial 2.0 Review, About the Author


By now, the name Ben Murray must have already turned familiar to you.

With years on on-hand experience as both a marketer and a software developer, this talented Jvzoo vendor has launched a range of incredible products, such as PlayPix, Rank Reel, and of course, the first version of Vidmonial. Therefore, you can absolutely have faith in his creations!

Vidmonial 2.0 Review – Features and Benefits

  • Leave video testimonials

This little feature of Vidmonial 2.0 enables your customers to leave a quick video review on your products within seconds. It can redirect them to another page where everything has been prepared, and their only job is to hit the button and record the videos for you.
You are afraid that a website that is always stacked with fresh, authentic video testimonials will look somewhat fishy, right? Ben has thought it over! Your customers can also leave traditional star rate if they like.

  • Video wizard editor

You think that your testimonials look so plain and therefore might not fully captivate your visitors? Then let this built-in video editor help you out! With it, you can add multiple stunning elements to your testimonials and give them an eye-catching look without any experience.

  • Bonus

Normally, customers do not really like leaving video testimonials. So, you can use this to encourage them!
When making a campaign, Vidmonial 2.0 is going to ask you to include in a bonus (this is optional, it is okay if you do not have any). After that, once your customers have already finished reviewing, it will take them straight to a thank you page and give them their bonus there.

  • Set-and-forget system

Vidmonial 2.0 also enables you to automatically capture video testimonials!
Just tell it the name of your product, then it will perform every task essential to bring the reviews back to you. What’s more, you do not even need any technical knowledge to make this happen!

Brand New Features Include:

    ♠  100% Compatible with Mobile

Now buyers can record Vidmonials on the fly using only their phone for much higher conversion rates and more authentic looking testimonials.

    ♠    Simple Video Wizard Editor

Add CTAs, background music, graphics, and more to your Vidmonials turning them into valuable pieces of marketing material.

    ♠    Video & Text Reviews Social Proof Widget

Collect text and video reviews all for a specific product and showcase them all-at-once in a customizable widget to skyrocket social proof

    ♠    More Video Display Options

Make your Vidmonials look AWESOME on any page you want with brand new video embed templates.

    ♠    Syndicate to More Networks

Share your video testimonials to more social networks to drive traffic & build your brand

    ♠    Capture Only Video Reviews, Text Reviews, or Both

I just want to run a regular text review capture campaign? No problem. Choose if you want to capture only video reviews, only text reviews, or both with more advanced campaign options now.

    ♠    DFY Customizable Bonus/Thank You Pages with Easier Bonus Access

Instead of just an email link, create a full bonus page that includes your promised downloaded as well as the opportunity to further interact and engage with the user who left the testimonial.

    ♠    1-Step Mobile Video Capture Pages

Vidmonial 2.0 replaces the low converting 3-page video capture campaign with a single, fast loading page for much higher conversion rates.

    ♠    Show/Hide Captured Testimonial

Got negative or unfair feedback from a customer? Learn how to improve your product by watching the video, then hide it if you choose in your Social Proof Widget campaign for high conversions.

With More Features Including:

    ♣    “Set-and-Forget” Testimonial Generating Cloud Campaigns

Create fully hosted campaigns with Vidmonial that capture video testimonials and deliver incentives for doing so on 100% autopilot

    ♣    Live Capture Video Tech

Let visitors easily record themselves giving the testimonial through campaigns fully hosted by Vidmonial.

    ♣    Display Video Testimonial Boxes Anywhere You Want

Showcase your video testimonials in stylish boxes on any page you want – works with Shopify, HTML, WordPress, Clickfunnels, etc.

    ♣    Capture Star Ratings an Written Feedback

Along with video testimonials, capture star ratings, profile pictures, and written feedback to showcase for higher conversions

    ♣    Commercial Rights Included

Stop selling the same rehashed services. This is an exciting opportunity to sell a video service EVERYONE needs

How Does It Work?

It will only take you a few minutes to put Vidmonial 2.0 into operation. For the step-by-step instructions, please take a look at this demo video!

Who Should Use It?

The way I see it, Vidmonial 2.0 is going to be a brilliant choice for those who are struggling to build their product credibility. For examples:

  • Product vendors
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Shop owners
  • eCommerce site owners
  • Social media marketers
  • eCommerce marketers

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Require no prior experience
  • Mobile friendly
  • Simple interface
  • Build video testimonials with ease
  • Share your videos across the social media networks
  • Capture live reviews
  • Commercial Rights included
  • Boost sales


  • So far, there is none

Price and Evaluation

At the moment, in exchange for a copy of Vidmonial 2.0, you will have to pay $27.

Personally, I think this is a really good deal. Just think about it! This tool allows you to grab video testimonials with no string attached, editing them however you want, collecting them on autopilot, and so on. I mean, Ben can easily charge you with hundreds of dollars for this technology, but he did not.

He only priced it at $27! Isn’t that great?

Includes features for power-users like more Schema for showing star reviews in Google, capture more video testimonials, 4K quality video capture, syndicate unlimited times to more networks, custom domain mapping, and exclusive Diamond level bonuses.

   +    VIDMONIAL 2.0 DIAMOND LITE ($27.00)        >>More Details<<

A lighter version of Vidmonial 2.0 Diamond Lite for customers who don’t have the budget for the full 2.0 Diamond level membership. 

The ultimate version of Vidmonial 2.0 with ability to run unlimited surveys and questionnaires, Agency Portal with VA/team member integration, entire funnel reseller rights program for 100% profit, access to Vidmonial 2 APIVidmonial Autopilot Agency training suite, unlimited campaign features, and enterprise-level bonuses. 

   +    VIDMONIAL 2.0 ENTERPRISE LITE ($37.00)          >>More Details<<

A lighter version of Vidmonial 2.0 Enterprise Lite for customers who don’t have the budget for the full 2.0 enterprise-level membership.

Customers can sell Whitelabel access with their own branding and no installation needed to 100 or 500 people. Vidmonial will provide free support and upgrades to their customers.  

A new app that creates video lead pages that help local clients get more leads and sales. Drag/drop page creation technology and domain publishing included. 

Vidmonial 2.0 Review – Conclusion

You have finally reached the bottom line of my Vidmonial 2.0 Review. Thank you so much for stopping by!

So, what do you think of this second-to-none tool? Do its brilliant features deserve to be on your must-have list?

If I were you, the answer would definitely be “Yes”!

And I know that you are thinking the same. So, I will wrap up this article right here, just go and get it all ready!


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