VideoSumo Review – Top Rank Google & YouTube In The Next 60 Minutes

Are you struggling to seize the top rankings on Google and YouTube? Then check out my VideoSumo Review to discover the simplest solution.

VideoSumo Review – Introduction

What is the most difficult challenge for those who Make Money Online? 

Do you know the answer? 

It is getting top rankings for your content on Google and YouTube.

When I first tapped into affiliate marketing, I had tried so hard to master SEO. I even anticipated that within three months, I could bring my web page to the top 10 of Google. 

But everything was far from what I predicted. The traffic was so low that my websites couldn’t be in the top 20.

That’s why I decided to find another way to gain more traffic. And VideoSumo came to me by chance. 

  • Reverse-Engineers Google and YouTube Ranking Factors
  • Reveal untapped, buyer keywords which you can rank for in minutes using a color-coded competition display – Choose GREEN
  • Extracts Ranking Data from successful Keyword specific competition
  • Builds super quick videos from any website or sales page in seconds
  • Drives 100% Free traffic from Google & Youtube
  • No SEO, No Experience, No Additional Cost – Suitable for Newbies

This tool is the best marketing tool I have ever used. I will show you why in the following parts of my VideoSumo Review

VideoSumo Review – Overview

refund of Videosumo

VendorMark Bishop et al
Launch Date2018-Aug-20
Launch Time11:00 EDT
Guarantee 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
NicheVideo Marketing
SupportEffective Response
Official siteCLICK HERE
RecommendedHighly Recommended
Skill Level NeededAll Levels

What is VideoSumo?

VideoSumo is a new web-based app that helps you generate a lot of free traffic in the shortest time based on existing video ranking data. This fantastic app provides all the features you need to rank on the top of Google and YouTube in any niche. 

VideoSumo is designed to be easy to use so you can get results today. Forget tech and long-winded systems VS is as EASY: No SEO, No Backlinks, No Cost, No Waiting

  • Rank on Google & YouTube in Minutes
  • Drive 100% Free traffic from Google & Youtube – Starting Today
  • No Websites, Domains, SEO, Backlinks or Additional Cost Required
  • Simple 4 Click Software – 100% Newbie Friendly

So what are the unique features of VideoSumo? How can it help you? Let’s find out through the next parts of my VideoSumo Review.

VideoSumo Review – About the Author


The founder of VideoSumo is Mark Bishop – a well-known Internet marketer. He started my internet marketing career as a niche marketer in 2010… and Mark Bishop was terrible at everything… But, only one thing really mattered back then…

My business model was simple…

  • Find an offer. Set up a niche-specific blog
  • Do a little SEO, write a few articles and Boom…

Within a week or two, He is sat at the top of google for all kinds of niche phrases… the Free traffic rolled in daily, and Mark Bishop made a lot of passive income…

He is also the creator of many famous marketing tools like DigiBiiz, BLOX, Link2Vid, Trendds, etc. 

VideoSumo is his latest innovation for SEO marketing. It requires almost zero technical experience and SEO skills. You will make more money in the shortest time. 


VideoSumo Review – Key Features and Benefits

In this part, we will go into detail about the unique features of VideoSumo. 

  • Keyword Finder

With VideoSumo, you will have the major keywords for every niche analyzed. Within minutes, the list of phrases correlated with YouTube and Google results using a traffic light system will be delivered to you. 

Pick the green ones and say goodbye to hours after hours spent on the researching process.

  • Competitor Spy

VideoSumo also provides you with a huge advantage to overcome your competitors at any time: the Competitor spy. This feature allows you to copy the “secrets” of top-ranking videos on Google and YouTube for any specific keywords. You can easily analyze how these successful videos work, and then reverse them so you can be on the top. 

  • VS Create

This feature is for anyone who is not good at creating videos since it helps you turn any webpage into a video. Isn’t that great?

This function has helped me build new videos to fit any niche in just a few minutes. You can easily make your videos from webpages, images, audio files, etc. You can also upload videos with extracted ranking data to gain higher rankings. 

  • Rank Data Generator

Along with VS create, this feature is necessary for you to make your new videos. That’s because it provides helpful data like downloadable titles, descriptions, tags. You can use this to boost the rankings of your videos.

Main Features Review VideoSumo

  • Full Access to VideoSumo: SaaS (Web Based) Software
  • Keyword suggestions from any seed phrase entered
  • 100 Research Queries per Month (no additional/recurring costs)
  • Traffic Light Style Competition results
  • Extract keyword specific ranking factors
  • Automatic Competition Data Analysis
  • Access to Facebook Mastermind Group
  • Direct Video Upload
  • Video & PDF Tutorials
  • YouTube & Vimeo API Integration
  • Video Wizard – Turn Webpages into Video
  • 10 Videos (build and upload videos) per Month (no additional/recurring costs)
  • Video Wizard – Build Videos from Royalty Free Video Clips and Images
  • Video Wizard – Add / Record Video Narration
  • Video Wizard – Included Royalty Free MP3 Music Loops
  • Video Wizard – Elements… Intros, Outros & Text overlay
  • Video Wizard – Upload and Use Your Own Images


How To Use VideoSumo?

You will never find any tool like VideoSumo because this product will help you get on the top of Google and YouTube with only four simple steps. 

  • Step 1: Search the keyword

Enter a keyword and click research. VideoSumo will analyze your keyword and suggest a list of phrases for you. 

  • Step 2: Check the keyword results 


You will see a list of different results with three colors: red, yellow, and green since VideoSumo uses a traffic light system. Click on the “green” phrases which indicate that they are the most suitable and profitable keyword for you.

  • Step 3: Extract the keyword


Extract the keyword specific ranking factors that have been selected for you. This data is useful for any video even the ones you upload or the ones created by VS video maker.

  • Step 4: Wait for the targeted traffic


All you have to do is to wait for a few minutes so that VideoSumo will help you rank at the top of Google and get the highly targeted traffic. 

Check Out This Demo Video:

VideoSumo Review – How To Create a Website URL?

Great! But what if you don’t have any videos? What if you don’t have time to make more? We know you’re probably not an SEO ninja and we’re sure you have better things to do than spend all day making videos. Don’t worry, there is a super quick and simple website to the video creator. All you need is a website URL:

  • Step 1: Website URL


Drop-in a website URL. The website will now load / show in the video wizard.

Works with all websites… It doesn’t have to be a site you own site.

  • Step 2: Selection Tool


Use the selection tool to select the areas of the website you wish to use. The selection tool can be dragged & resized over any part of any website.

Crop and turn selected areas into video slides.

  • Step 3: Add Elements


You Can Add Intros and Outros, Text Overlays…

Voice Narration (narrate and record as the video plays).

Add one of the royalty-free MP3 music loops… and more (all included)

  • Step 4: Direct Upload


VideoSumo connects with your YouTube Account.

So once you have made your video you can upload directly to YouTube along with the correct ranking factors from inside your dashboard…

Check Out The VS Video Wizard Demo:


Why You Need VideoSumo?

  • You probably don’t have enough traffic to your offers right now do you?
  • Free Traffic – Ranking at the top of Google & YouTube opens the flood gates to highly targeted search traffic.
  • More traffic to your offers or services means more money in your pocket.
  • Although VideoSumo is a powerful tool… we made it stupidly simple to use.
  • Dominate Evergreen Niche Markets with just a few clicks
  • You simply can’t get this wrong (unless you’re color blind)
  • 100% Newbie Friendly
  • With VS… you’ll be ranked on Google inside 60 Minutes from Now…
  • Easy – Nothing else correlates everything for you and then shows you which phrases to target with a simple to understand traffic light display…
  • Turn sales pages into videos and rank quickly for product launches – Launch jacking
  • You can even re-upload those old videos that failed to rank the first time around – rank them on page 1 with the correct data in minutes
  • You don’t need websites, domains, hosting or anything else & ranking at the top of Google & YouTube won’t cost you another cent.
  • Try it TODAY – It’s Guaranteed!

Who Should Buy This Product?

VideoSumo is a perfect tool for anyone working on SEO marketing, especially newbies. Purchase it now if you are:


  • Social media marketers
  • Video marketers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • CPA marketers
  • SEO-ers
  • E-commerce store owners
  • Authors
  • Bloggers
  • Service providers
  • Freelancers

Pros and Cons

In this part of my VideoSumo Review, I will give you a quick summary of the advantages and disadvantages of this tool. 


  • 100% Newbie Friendly
  • Step-by-step instructions, including PDF tutorials and video files
  • Require no technical skills
  • Spend less time and effort in creating video
  • Require no video-editing skills or experience
  • Boost ROI with a lot of free traffic
  • Access to a Facebook mastermind group
  • Video Wizard
  • 7-day free trial
  • Support from the qualified team
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Lack of data tracking tool for videos

Price and Evaluation

Was I satisfied with what I got from VideoSumo? Yes, of course. I have gained a lot more profits from 17$. I paid for Video Sumo. 

First, it helps me save a lot of time. I have no longer needed to struggle with building a website to get on the top rankings on Google. Now, I can easily turn my sales pages to videos within a few clicks.

Besides videos seem to work much more effectively than websites. I have only used this platform recently, but the amount of traffic coming to me is now at least twice times higher than that of my old website

Moreover, since I don’t need a domain or hosting to be on the top of Google, I can cut down on almost all the abundant expenses, thus maintaining my budget.

Hence, I would highly recommend this tool to you, especially when you are a newbie.



VideoSumo Review – Upsells

Front-end: VideoSumo

  • Enabling users to find & target free traffic in any niche based on existing video ranking data, while also giving users the option to quickly create relevant videos to plug these traffic pockets.
  • Pricing: Starts $17

OTO1 – VideoSumo PRO

  • Unlimited use… I.e. Unlimited research and videos per month.
  • Video Training: detailing how to use the software to make money.
  • Pricing: Starts $37

OTO2 – VideoSumo Source

  • Turn other people’s videos and channels into instant traffic and affiliate sales.
  • Legally swipe and re-purpose existing targeted traffic
  • Target any Niche you like in minutes
  • Exploit Product Specific phrases for super-fast ranking and profit
  • More
  • Pricing: Starts $27

OTO3 – Videosumo Source PRO

  • The limitless version of Videosumo Source containing additional software features, zero restrictions, and income-based training.
  • Pricing: Starts $37

OTO4: VideoSumo Agency / Reseller

Sell VideoSumo (2 Options).

  • 1000x Reseller Pack – Price Starting at $77
  • 30x Reseller Pack – Price Starting at $57

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any monthly charges?

No… If you purchase today you will pay one price which will grant you ongoing access to VideoSumo. You will not be charged again.

  • Can I use old videos?

Yes – you can use videos which you may have made in the past (which failed to rank or make you money)… Use VideoSumo to find the best-related phrases – extract the correct ranking data and re-upload.

  • Do you have tutorials?

Yes, we do… Inside VideoSumo you will find video and PDF tutorials which detail how to use the software.

  • Is this another Loophole?

Absolutely not… loopholes and quick fixes come and go on a monthly basis, and when they get closed down (which they do) you will have wasted time and probably money. VideoSumo is a real tool you can continue to use in your business…

  • Is it really easy to use?

Yes! VideoSumo is 100% Newbie Friendly… Designed to be very simple to navigate and use. Our traffic light competition display makes choosing a phrase in any niche child’s play.

  • What if I experience a problem?

We have dedicated technical support on hand 6 days per week. Support is easily accessible from inside your VideoSumo dashboard

  • Can I really rank on Google in minutes?

Yes – VideoSumo correlates and uses data from Google and YouTube to extract the correct ranking factors for the suggested phrases… Providing you select a suggested phrase and the corresponding data you will be able to rank on Google (usually within minutes)

  • Can I use the VS research module as a standalone App?

Yes –VideoSumo comprises of two modules: Research & Video – Maker… You can use either module as a standalone App. Research data can be extracted and downloaded as a CSV with 1 click.

  • Can I really make money with this?

The simple answer is yes you can… but as with anything relating to business you will have to include a little effort. You will have to use the software to rank your videos so you can drive traffic to your offers. If you use it – apply a little effort, you will reap the rewards.

  • I’m on a tight budget… will it work for me?

There are no additional costs required to rank your videos on Google and YouTube to drive free traffic. You do not need domains, hosting or anything else.

  • Does VideoSumo violate any YouTube / Vimeo TOS?

No… VideoSumo connects to YouTube & Vimeo through public API… Your API is set within software settings. Connecting VS with your YouTube & Vimeo account is 100% within YouTube & Vimeo TOS.

VideoSumo Review – Conclusion

If you are seeking a tool that helps you analyze data and get higher rankings on Google and YouTube, VideoSumo is the one for you. 

Trust me, you can never find another simple way like this to boost your rankings on Google. And when you are on the top of the results from these search engines, you will have a lot more traffic and profit.

So, purchase it now, or you will regret soon.

Lastly, thank for your attention.  I hope that my VideoSumo Review will help you choose the right marketing tool. 


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