VideoMakerFX Review – The Simple Way To Create Professional Video!

In this day and age, normal written content has turned out to be quite lame, if not totally behind the time. People of modern society are no longer keen on scrolling down a fully written page just to be able to grasp a glimpse of your product anymore. Rather than that, they are drawn to a mean of marketing that is more intriguing, more riveting, and more lively – something that can not only satisfy their curiosity but also give their eyes and ears a treat.

Yup, I am talking about Make Videos Like The PROs With the Most Powerful Video Creation Software..!

As you can see, adding a video or two into your marketing campaign can be an awesome way to capture your prospects’ attention, thereby bolstering your sales. If you do not believe, just take a look at all the professional campaigns out there, they are all empowered by exceptional videos of all kinds.

Do you get the idea? Then why don’t you just go and hook your business up with some outstanding videos?

What? You do not know how to create any?

In that case, let my VideoMakerFX Review help you out!

VideoMakerFX Review – Overview

VendorPeter Roszak
Launch Date2014-May-05
Launch Time11:00 EDT
Front-End Price$27
Refund30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product TypeSoftware, Video
SupportEffective Response
Official siteCLICK HERE
RecommendedHighly Recommended
LevelAll Levels

What Is VideoMakerFX?


VideoMakerFX is one of the most advanced video builders that have ever arrived in the market. Despite the fact that it was launched 5 years ago – A period of time long enough to wipe the existence of a certain product from one’s mind – it still holds strong to this title, and still, generates massive sales per month. 

Of course, there are reasons behind its tremendous success.

First and foremost, this exclusive tool is paired with an easy-to-understand, cutting-edge dashboard suitable for both professionals and newbies. Therefore, even when you are not a tech geek, the possibility of encountering technical problems while working with it is exceedingly low.

Moreover, it comes with everything essential to produce a breathtaking video. For example, there is a range of ready-to-go animated scenes for you to craft your own animation vids, features to make videos from your images, and outstanding music tracks. To top it off, this brilliant tool even lets you customize your work even when you are clueless about graphic design!

About the Author, VideoMakerFX


VideoMakerFX is the creation of Peter Roszak, an expert in video and video-related aspects. 

Now, this is the only renowned product he has ever launched, but do not underestimate it just because he has no track record. On the contrary, this is the reason why you should have faith in its quality and prestige. You see, Peter didn’t develop any new product due to the fact that he only focuses on this one and always tries to make sure that it lives up to every user’s expectation. Therefore, you can rest assured that it will definitely facilitate your business.

Do you still have doubts? Then why not spend a few minutes checking out its other reviews and see how many compliments it has been harvesting for the past few years?

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VideoMakerFX Review – Features and Benefits


  • Create high-converting videos

As I have mentioned earlier, VideoMakerFX can provide you with all the materials required for an attention-grabbing vid. 

One of the awesome things that make it a brand new wind in the video industry is its ability to build out-of-the-box animation videos. Guess what? There are more than 240 premade animated slides serve this and this feature only! They can cover over 35 different themes and multiple in-demand niches. On top of that, to add a slide or an element you prefer, all you need to do is just to click your mouse.

Apart from this, VideoMakerFX also lets you set up jaw-dropping whiteboard vids to introduce your services and products.

  • Ready-to-go materials

To make sure that you will not face any stumbling stones while creating your videos, VideoMakerFX can give you more than just slides. To be more specific, it is going to give you access to an enormous collection of backgrounds and images downloaded from prestigious sources. What’s more, professional music tracks have also been built-in to aid you in building your top-quality videos. Just click your mouse to add them to your vid and then it is good to go!  

  • Full rights

The videos you create are your own along, and you can do whatever you want with them. Sell them, broadcast them, put them in your own marketing campaigns for extra them – anything is possible!

  • Text Content, Color & Size Fonts & Effects

Your text is your message. That’s why the text is an integral part of VideoMakerFX. Fully Customize to your desires and deliver the message loud and clear.

  • Beautiful Backgrounds & Instant Scenes.

Simple and easy background customization. Beautiful backgrounds greatly enhance just about any video or presentation. You can match your branding & style instantly!

  • Animation Effects & More

All our scenes have beautiful and seamless animation built-in. You can apply additional animated backgrounds and call to action animations!

  • Keep What You LIKE. Take Out What You Don’t.

Customize the text or elements you want to keep or turn off. There are so many unique possibilities for making all kinds of different videos!

  • Use Our Music or Use Your Own

20 royalty-free music tracks.Included & of course you can use your own audio. Did we mention you can record right in the software? Supports up to 2 tracks.

  • Images & Video Clips

Use your own images and video clips. A full royalty free graphics library is also included in addition to our background collection. Customize it all however you want!

What Do You Get With VideoMakerFX?


  • Powerful VideoMakerFX Software

The engine to making your Video. Simple & Easy to use. Fully Windows & Mac Compatible!

  • 20 Great Royalty Free Music Tracks

From a music pro. These tracks are super professional and like nothing else out there!

  • 240+ Awesome Animated Slide Scenes

Over 240 Scenes spanning more than 35 different themes. So you can make any kind of Video!

  • Huge Backgrounds & Graphics Collection

Beautiful backgrounds that you can apply with a few clicks and other great useful images & icons!

  • Full Rights To Videos

Sell them, broadcast them on TV, it’s up to you. You are the owner of your videos.

  • Express Video Sales Letter

Fastest Way To Make A Beautiful & Simple Video Sales Letter. Designed by Marketers for Marketers!

  • 1 Year of Support & Updates

Rest assured you’re getting a quality and well-supported application. 1 Year of Support & Updates Included!

  • Training & Guides

Even though it’s a snap to use. We still provide you with everything you need to get started!

How Does It Work?

Now that you have got a glimpse of VideoMakerFX’s ability, let’s move on to another vital matter: How to employ it.

Well, as I have been telling you right from the start, this is a simple and newbie-friendly tool, so even when you are a total technophobe, you will be able to put it into good use. In fact, to get your own video using this tool, you only have to go through 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Choose your type of videos (animation or whiteboard)
  • Step 2: Arrange the slides in order, and customize it to your liking (add extra characters, texts, background images, and music)
  • And Step 3: Export your vid and use it to jazz up your own project.

You are still a bit lost? Well, VideoMakerFX comes with some tutorials so as not to worry, you will be able to understand how it works in no time!

You can watch the video demo of VideoMakerFx here

Why Should I Make Videos Using VideoMakerFX?


  • Easy to Use & Master

What Video Creation Software Doesn’t Take Weeks Or Months To Master? Master It In Hours With VideoMakerFX!

  • Make AWESOME Videos

Make Awesome Videos In Minutes Using VideoMakerFX. Watch Some Of The Samples Below!

  • No Restrictions. Ever.

No More Limits! No Watermarks! Create Unlimited Videos & Have Full Rights To Everything Made!

  • Grow Your Sales

Captivate & Engage Your Audience. Make Easy Videos For Just About Anything!

Who Should Use It?

The way I see it, VideoMakerFX is the best choice for anyone that wants to take advantage of the power of videos but have no idea how. For examples:

  • Affiliate marketers
  • Product vendors
  • Online marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Website owners

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Makes Any Kind Of Video!
  • Designed For Marketers!
  • Incredibly Afforable!
  • Require no prior experience
  • Simple dashboard 
  • No third-party tool required
  • Create 2 sought-after types of videos
  • Premade materials
  • Boost traffic and sales


  • So far, it can only produce 2 kinds of vids

Price and Evaluation

At the moment, in order to take home a copy of VideoMakerFX, you will only have to pay $27!

Honestly, I think this is a very nice deal. I mean, just think about it, videos are expensive. And hiring an expert will definitely make you pay through your nose even for just one short video. Even templates available on the market are nowhere near budget-friendly.

So, tell me, for a tool that lets you build jaw-dropping videos, then use it however you like, is $27 a reasonable price?


The Upsell VideoMakerFX


  • Incredibly Easy to Use Video Creation Software
  • Creates Professional Level Videos In A Few Clicks
  • Promote CPA/Affiliate Offers, Products & Offline Businesses With Ease
  • Fully Compatible with Windows & Mac
  • Create anything from simple style presentations to full-blown kinetic style and explainer style videos. As well as slideshows and sales videos.
  • See some more sample videos made here


  • Irresistible add on themes and scenes to produce incredible videos and presentations
  • Themes include wonderful explainer character style videos, kinetic typography, and beautiful presentation themes
  • Adds over 100+ Different Scenes to VideoMakerFX
  • Monthly Recurring Additional Themes Option! 50+ Scenes Every Month For Your Customers $17 per month, you earn 50% every month!
  • The complete system training system that will allow anyone regardless of experience learn to profit from all of their created videos
  • Learn how to sell and produce videos from VideoMakerFX to local businesses
  • And a lot more

Frequently Asked Questions

  • VideoMakerFX a monthly recurring payment to use the system?

Absolutely Not! It’s a one-time fee to make unlimited videos and you own full rights to them!

  • This Software For My Computer Or Is It Based Online?

This is software that runs on your computer. This way you take advantage of your computer’s processing power and you get your videos instantly! And with no monthly fees!

  • What Are My Rights On Created Videos Exactly?

Unlimited and full. Sell and profit however you like. If you use other non-bundled images, music, graphics or other elements then you must verify yourself what rights you have to use them, as this content may be copyrighted to other authors.

  • What are the Requirements for VideoMakerFX?

A Windows or Mac System made in the last 5 years works best. Although it works on any machine, rendering and previewing of videos may be slower on older computers.

  • How Many Computers Does My License Allow To Use?

Each purchased license allows you to use VideoMakerFX on up to 2 computers. So it’s perfect for your desktop and laptop, or for you and your virtual assistant!

  • Do You Provide Training On The Use of VideoMakerFX?

Yes! You will find full training and manuals for use in our fully featured member’s area. We show you exactly how to install and use this software.

VideoMakerFX Review – Conclusion 

This is the end of my VideoMakerFX Review. I hope you found it helpful!

So, what do you think of this brilliant video builder? Is it simply a must-have for anyone looking forward to enhancing their marketing campaign’s performance?

Did you just say “Yes”?

Then what are you waiting for? Go and grab it right now!


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