TV Boss Fire Review – Connect Your Online Business With Roku And Amazon Fire TV

TV Boss Fire Review – Connect Your Online Business With Roku And Amazon Fire TV

Do you want to connect your online business with two giant TV networks around the globe Roku and Amazon Fire TV without extra payment for a single advertisement? Check my TV Boss Fire Review, can do this incredible thing.


There is the fact that many marketers recently depend too much on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Vimeo to move traffic to their websites or monetize from the advertisement on these networks.

It gets challenging to gain your targets because more and more people follow this direction.

So I think it’s time to find out a new replacement, a recommendation from me is Roku Channel. With the release of TV Boss FIRE, marketers can produce their program, and Roku helps you reach thousands of people to earn money.

So today I am happy to give you complete information about this useful software.

It is a cloud-based app allowing you to utilize millions of viewers engaging on both two giants Amazon Fire and Roku. 

It does not require them to have technical skills, hassles, or outsourcing.




VendorCraig Crawford
ProductTV Boss FIRE
Launch Date2019-Mar-21
Launch Time10:00 ЕDТ
Official websitehttp://tvboss.net
Front-End Price$17 – $37
SkillsAll Levels
Refund:30 days money guarantee back
NicheSEO & Software
SupportЕffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
RecommendHighly recommend!

What Is TV Boss Fire?


TV Boss Fire is the upgraded version innovated from TV Boss – the one-time well-known app for TV streaming services.

This software gives you more benefits than you think. It is the ability to run thrilling channels on the channel. This not only makes you free from a series of a complicated procedures but also helps you monetize from the content of other people.

In particular, this software even attracts potential advertisers to your channel even before you release it.

But these are only old features. With the upgraded version TV Boss Fire, you can tap into both big giants and all included previous powerful features.

Who Created TV Boss Fire?


Craig Crawford is the father of this outstanding tool. I think that this name is not strange to you. 

Before releasing TV Boss Fire, he had been quite famous for two leading global launches last year. They are WP Dev Suite – a quite cool marketing suite and TV Boss (1st version of TV Boss Fire).

Also, he launched some other well-known products like FB Live Engagenator, IFTTT backlink commando, Outsourcers Bible, Social Sales System, etc.

How Does It Work?

Now, I will give you instruction to upload a video on your Roku channel with the following three simple steps:

  • Step #1: Select a video

Vimeo is a rich source with various videos that you can leverage.


Access to Vimeo, click on “Setting” symbol. Then click the symbol “Distribution” on the left, then the symbol “Copy Link” will be on the right.


  • Step #2: Manage the content of your website

In this step, you need to add tags, choose the type of video you want to upload and fill in Short Description. Then copy the link of your opted video and paste it in “URL.”


Next, paste the link of your selected video in “URL

Modify it: quality, video type, duration, release date


Note: You can edit the type, quality, duration, and release date of your opted video.

  • Step #3: Save changes and publish.

To be honest, you don’t need to be an expert to finishes all these steps right?

In case you prefer a more detailed illustration, spend time watching TV Boss FIRE Review + Demo Video – Craig Crawford below:

Feature Details

What are the powerful features of TV Boss Fire in comparison to other apps? And why should you choose it for the development of our online business? Now I will show you.

  • Take just a few minutes to set up a channel 

It is a very straightforward process to set up a channel on TV Boss Fire. It takes you only a few minutes. 

After you log in to the member area of TV Boss Fire, you will do all the essential tasks. It even gives you an instruction on copy-and-paste, and you release your channel very quickly.

  • Create amazing content

This useful software will help you fill your channel with striking videos attracting the viewers.

  • Automatically seek for potential advertisers

After your channel is ready into the operation, this feature of it will instantly help you find out some potential advertisers.

Who Should Use It?


If you want to build a website with plentiful traffic, high credibility, and insane exposure with no extra payment for advertisement, SEO, or social media, you shall choose it.

So who should use this software? They are affiliate marketers, authors, bloggers, course developers, e-commerce, list builders, local businesses, niche experts, and service suppliers.

Pros and Cons


Using TV Boss Fire, you can sell more of your products and services to a hungry and untapped market with powerful benefits brought by it.

  • Be easy to use and manage.
  • Offer tutorial videos.
  • Require zero installation, tech skills, or previous experiences.
  • Offer dedicated customer support.
  • I can work on both Mac and PC.
  • Can create your content.
  • Give no time-wasting on SEO.
  • Offer access rights to millions of viewers.
  • Strengthen passive profits.
  • Give customers an affordable price.
  • Offer customers a 30 days money-back guarantee.


  • I haven’t found out any drawback of this software. But I would like to advise you to use a good enough internet connection to run the software smoothly/fluidly.

User Experience

After using a powerful assistant like TV Boss Fire for my online business, I find out that it is no longer be such a trouble to generate massive streams of passive profits.

This tool was created and developed by a famous marketing and software expert so that you can put belief on it. 

I gave you all the information about it in my TV Boss Fire Review but if you are still suspicious of its effectiveness, you can check for other reviews or ask someone who had their channels built by this tool.

Also, you can get the answer to your doubt by comparing it with its first version. If its precursor, TV Boss was not good with negative feedback from users, how can this upgraded version appear on the market?

Evaluation & Price

There are three packages for you to choose from. They are the package of 17$ for the access right to one TV Boss Fire channel, 27$ for the access right to 3 channels, and 37$ for the unlimited channel (you can have lifetime access to TV Boss Fire).

For these three packages, you will get:

  • Stream to Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and your website.
  • Standard TV Boss Fire app.
  • On-demand training videos.
  • Included training video in the tool.
  • Facebook group
  • TV Boss Fire Bootcamp
  • Channel “About” Page
  • One-time payment

Excepted for the unlimited package, unlimited owners can sell one channel and keep 100% of the money. 

I consider that the creator of TV Boss FIRE offers customers a very low price for more than its real-world value. As a result, you can develop your online business in a saving way.

Aside from an unbelievably low price, purchasers can get a 30 days money-back guarantee without any questions asked. If the software doesn’t satisfy you, you can return it and get your money back. 

I think this is a worthy investment with risk-free. Why don’t you stand up and buy it now?



$37.00 – now $17.00



$67.00 P.M – now $37.00 P.M


$57.00 – now $27.00

Stream to Roku, Amazon Fire TV & Your Website!


Cloud-based TV Boss Fire Software


On-demand video training built


Video Training in the software


Facebook Group


TV Boss Fire Bootcamp


Channel “About” Page




Unlimited owners can SELL 1 Channel AND keep 100% of the MONEY!


Students have sold channels for as much as $30,000.00!!!

TV-Boss-Fire -one-Channel
TV-Boss-Fire -Unlimited-CHANNEL


In this section, we will study the exciting bonuses offered by the creator of the TV Boss Fire.

  • Bonus #1 – Real-world value: $997

It is exclusive for the multi-channel license commercial rights to sell one channel for 100% profit.

  • Bonus #2 – Real-world value: $497 – TV Boss Fire Bootcamp

With this bonus, your online business will be upgraded to a higher level.

You can take part in the fantastic training of the leading marketing experts. From then, you can get more with its setup and know precisely the way to heighten your earnings. 

  • Bonus #3 – Real-world value: $97

– Auto-Generated “About Your TV Channel” Page 

What you need to do to create an ‘about your channel’ page is paying for the hosting and maintenance instead of setting up the whole page. The creator will help you generate and host this page.

  • Bonus #4​ – Real-world value: 1997$/year

– TV Boss Fire Bootcamp ongoing sessions

  • Bonus #5 – Real-world value: 197.00$

– Mega Bootcamp sessions with barons media owner: Jim Larkin 

Jim Larkin is the owner of one of the leading online advertising firms on connection/online TV.

Final Verdict 

In short, I gave you all the information about the TV Boss FIRE. I want to say thanks so much for reading it. 

I hope that my review gave you a thorough understanding of this fantastic app. From then, you can consider and provide the right decision to bring your online business to a higher level.


You can read more other Software: OctoSuiteDr. Drum, Tee Inspector

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