Traffic Secrets Course Russell Brunson – 🛑STOP🛑 Read Before You Buy!

Traffic Secrets Course Review – Today I will appreciate for you a great next course of Russell. Traffic Secrets Course”

Traffic secrets course is an initial training program created by John Reese, purchased by Russell Brunson. It claims to explain how to get the best type of traffic to your site, what kind of sustainable traffic if social media sites become obsolete.


All I am going to talk about in this article is probably what marketers or businesses need to do is increase traffic to their site. Because everyone knows. , if there is no traffic you do not earn money. But this is a difficult part and most people don’t know how to control traffic effectively (Free & Paid). And what I do is introduce you to Clickfunnels’s traffic secret course that is rewarding and will enlighten you a lot.

You are wondering what the Traffic Secrets Course is? Who is Russell Bruson? Can you believe it when 2018, he earned $3 million with 10 times the growth of Grant Cardone? An amazing number right?

In the presentation of the Sales Channel Strategy, Russell shared with everyone a special way to develop an online business by building a sales channel.

In the last presentation, he talks about a special training that helped him drive a lot of traffic into his funnel. That is the Traffic Secrets Program. And today, I’m going to review the Traffic Secrets Course for you.

You can read Traffic Secrets Book – Get a Free Copy and It Is Worth Buying?


Traffic Secrets Clickfunnels – What You Do Not Know?


AuthorRussell Brunson (Formally John Reese) (Clickfunnels bought this program from him)
Product NameTraffic Secrets Course
Price$1,997 (Traffic Secrets is a bonus when you purchase Funnel Builder Secrets)
Types of ProductInformation product
BonusYes, Check Now
Refund30 Days Money Back Guarantee
RecommendHighly Recommend

What Are Traffic Secrets Course? 

I bought traffic secrets because I understand that TRAFFIC plays a very important role.

I feel very smart when choosing this course. What about you? You should have it right now because the training has been created for you and me, who are stressed every day with expensive advertising. and compete in the market.

Coming to the Traffic Secrets Course you will be taught a few ways to generate traffic or visitors (including free and paid) to your blog, website, sales channel, once you With it, you can easily get more potential customers and online sales.

As you can see the content inside the Traffic Secrets member (in the picture above). This program focuses on TRAFFIC BOARD TRAFFIC and TRAFFIC. Read it to see if it is legal.

Oh my god! You will not believe what it gives you after 1-2 months you apply it to your business or your web. It was really interesting!



Generate Your Traffic and Get Sales Now!

About the Author?


John Reese who made over 1,000,000 million dollars on the internet in less than 24 hours and without spending One Peny On Advertising.

I heard his story from Russell Brunson at a 10x growth con event.

Watch the video 10X presentation here.

John Reese, he’s the first person in our market to make a million dollars in a day, and he did through selling a course he calls Traffic Secrets. Recently he just redid the entire membership site, redid all the training and put in over 125 different traffic sources.


Generate Your Traffic and Get Sales Now!

After Russell Brunson bought it he was like:

“John this is good. I know a lot about traffic, but this isn’t even, I didn’t even know there was this many, I didn’t know it was even possible. I have a question, can I give everyone who buys our funnel builder secrets program access to traffic secrets?”.

John: â€śNo, I sell this for a thousand bucks by itself.” I’m like,

Russell: â€śI know, but they all need this.”

John: â€śNo, I can’t.”

Russell: â€śOkay, what would it take for me to buy then an entire company from you so I can give this to everyone
who invests, for free?”

John: â€śRussell, it’s going to cost at least a million bucks.”

Russell-Brunson-bought-Traffic-Secrets-course Russell Brunson bought Traffic Secrets Course

So after that, he agreed and he ended up wiring John over the next month or so, a whole bunch of payments that equaled up to almost a million dollars to buy traffic secrets from John.

Now, Russell could give it you guys for free when you buy the Funnel Builder Secrets Program

You can read the Funnel Builder Secrets Review here.


Get Your FREE Lifetime Access To Traffic Course Now!

The Benefit Inside Traffic Secrets Membership


Generate Your Traffic and Get Sales Now!

Ultimate Traffic Training


You will get several sub-benefits under the foundation. Those are summarized below in brief.

  • Setting Goal: There is a lot of discussion in the course related to the set goal. You will understand what the setting goal should look like, how to set it up. Without this course, you cannot learn this from anywhere else.
  • Core Theory: For traffic, you need to know the core theory. And the best way to know that is the traffic secrets course. This is because the course creator will explain it to you very well. Your traffic will increase rapidly when you can utilize core theory.
  • Sacrificing Early Profit: Many people tend to get profits just after starting the funnel marketing. This is a serious misconception that causes long-term damage to them. From this course, you will be able to learn how to sacrifice early profit. Then you will be benefited in the long term.
  • Brand & Design: Brand and design are very important for traffic. If you neglect here you will not get any traffic. A brand will be enhanced through beautiful designs. Only then people will be attracted to your brand. There will be many tips on this in the course.
  • Domain name: Many show their stupidity about the domain name selection. The domain name plays a great role in bringing the traffic. A nice domain name can attract the visitor. Besides, the search engine friendly domain also needed. From this course, you can learn how to choose the perfect domain for funnel marketing.
  • Macro & Micro-Targeting: Macro and micro are very important in targeting. If you do not have the right target here then you will not get traffic. So to learn macro and micro, you have to take part in this course.
  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a very important tool. With this tool, you can monitor a lot of things. Many people do not know the use of this excellent tool. Good news for all of you is that by participating in this Traffic Secrets course, you can easily learn how to use Google Analytics. If you can use it properly, you will get much improvement.
  • Facebook Pixels Tracking: Nowadays Facebook Marketing is very popular. But many people do not know who came from Facebook, where did they go, what did they do after coming to the site, etc. Facebook Pixels will give you a report about all these tasks. If you can use Facebook Pixel properly, you will get many successes in funnel marketing. Facebook Pixels Tracking will be taught in this course.
  • Google Tag Manager: Google tag manager is very useful for funnel marketing. To bring traffic, you also need to learn how to use it beautifully.
  • Setting up GTM with Analytics and Facebook Pixels: Through this setting, the Facebook visitor is monitored. If you learn it, you can retarget the visitor. Through this course, you can learn them easily.
  • The Foundation 25 Items Checklist: These are not the topic of learning. But he gave some checklists that you should match whether you have those or not. You will not get such advice from others.


After the initial foundation, you have to discover the market. You need to find out who your customers are, how you can do marketing for them, how to impress them and so on. He has divided the market into several sections. A brief description of each section is presented below.

  • Overview: At first, the author has given an overview of market discovery. You will get the initial idea after reading it. Then you have to gradually move on to the next steps.
  • Power of Surveying: The survey is very powerful in funnel marketing. The visitors’ movements are known through surveys. So you have to understand what is the power of the surveys, how to do it, etc. The author has discussed this beautifully in the course. You will easily understand the importance of surveying.
  • Subscribe to Competitor List: You have to understand who your subscriber is, who your competitor is and others. You also need to make a list of them. But you probably do not know how to do the tasks. So you have to learn it well. Through this course, you can understand them beautifully.
  • Google Trends: Google Trends is very important. Through Google Trends, you will understand the tendency of people every moment. And when you will understand the trends, it will be easier for you to go with the trend. You can do that by doing this traffic secret course. This is because, in the course, you will be given a great idea about Google Trends. Just using Google Trends in marketing, many people are earning a good amount.
  • Google Alert: Many people do not know about Google Alert. Those who do not know can get ideas from this course. The course has a clear discussion in this regard.
  • Monitoring Advertising: You probably have given advertisement and spend a lot of money, but can you monitor it properly? If you cannot monitor, you cannot understand how effective your ad is. Through this traffic secrets course, you will be able to do that. You will be able to know how to monitor advertising.
  • Social Media Tag: Now you can notice a lot of tags on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. These are most like Google Trends. People spend a whole day discussing certain topics. In the end, they become important tags. By using those tags, you can increase the traffic a couple of times. And the details of how to do it are given in the course.
  • Monitoring Blog: If you can not monitor the blog, you may succeed but you will not be able to get the fruit. The better you can monitor the blog, the more problems will be detected. And if the problem is detected then it is easy to rectify it. You will get a lot of great tips for blog monitoring in the traffic secrets program.
  • Discussion Forum: The popularity of the forum is not the same as before. But still, a lot of people roam around the forum. So forum discussion is also a good traffic source. You can learn how to make traffic flow by utilizing it.
  • Freelancer Site: There are several freelancer sites online. There the buyers get their work done by professionals. The author has discussed a bit about this freelancer site also. You can consider it a bonus.


Now the marketing stands strong because of the power of content. So there is nothing new to say how important the copywriting is. In this course, you will also get copywriting secrets for free. It would have cost $197 to buy it separately. The course should be done only for these reasons. Moreover, there are many advantages related to copywriting secrets. Those are presented one after one serially.

  • Copywriting is Critical: Copywriting is quite critical. It requires much care while writing to attract the visitor. Buyers will lose their interest if you cannot provide quality here. So be careful! You should not keep any error in copywriting. If you want to get great tips on copywriting for free, you should take part in the traffic secrets program. You will get copywriting secrets with it for free.
  • Power of Benefits: Many people do not understand how much power the benefits have. If you do not know such a thing, you will be in trouble. And to know it, you have this course. Having a copywriting secret for free with traffic secrets, you will get two in one.
  • Core Element of Copy: Many people do not know what elements good quality copywriting should contain, how to write it and so on. As a result, beautiful plans go in vain due to a lack of good copywriting. You can know about the core elements of copywriting if you take part in the course. You will be taught major tasks. After that, your copying quality will increase significantly.
  • 37 Power Words: 37 powerful words will attract anyone. Many people do not know when and how to use them. For them, this lecture will do a great job. From this, you will be able to learn the right use of 37 powerful words.
  • Headline Formulas: The headline is a key thing in copywriting. People are attracted by seeing the heading. If your heading is not attractive then the visitor will not show interest. That is the normal process. Heading should be highlighted in such a way that everyone will be eager to know what is inside after seeing the heading. Heading formulas will teach you such things. After that, you will be able to surprise all by providing all the attractive headings.
  • Writing HTML: A lot of things can be written by HTML. This course will help you to get the right idea about using HTML in writing.
  • Bullet Formulas: Now the search engine gives very much importance to the bullets. So bullets should be used nicely so that the search engines can easily notice. If you give proper bullets in the right place, your work will be much easier. But maybe you do not know where to put it. There is nothing to worry about not knowing about it. You can get it right from this course.
  • Video Sales Letter Flow: The sales letter is needed to provide in the video. So that the viewer can understand from the discretion if there is a problem understanding the video. It will be available from this course.
  • Competitor Ad Copy: You will easily get how your competitors provide ads, how their ad copy is, etc. If you get these, it will be easy for you to figure out their strategy. As a result, you can make strategies by that.
  • Word Counting: Although it is not so much important, however, if there is word counting, the content size can be understood easily. In fewer words, the necessary messages can be given.


Funnel marketing is impossible without keyword research. If you do it without knowing it properly, you will lose to the tough competition. So you have to learn keyword research well. It is a separate bonus program of traffic secrets. Keyword Science is a separate unique program. You will need $97 to buy it separately.

But in the traffic secrets, you will get it for free. It is the golden opportunity to learn keyword research for free. What you can learn from Keyword Science is mentioned below.

  • Keywords: You will at first be given primary ideas about keywords. It will be easier for you to understand everything if you get all the answers of these such as what is the keyword, why does this need, why it needs to be researched, etc. You will also then get the basic ideas of the keyword. Then you will be taken gradually to the advanced level of keyword research.
  • Building Your Master List: A list is required to work with keywords. You cannot work with all keywords. This is because not all have equal competition. So you have to work with choosing simple keywords. From the building your master list, you can understand which keywords you should work with and which keywords you should not.
  • Super Conversion Keyword: We have mentioned earlier that you cannot work with all keywords. You have to choose such keywords that have a higher conversion rate. But you do not know which keywords will generate more conversions. To know this, you have to do this course.
  • Exact Match versus Broad Match: It is very important in the keyword. Some keywords match exactly and some keywords match broad. But which one you should choose? You may not have the answer to this question. There is nothing to worry about. While interested in how to increase the traffic, you will get such a great idea about the keywords because of the traffic secrets program.
  • Negative Keywords: Negative keywords also occupy a huge space. To know more about this negative keyword, you need to read Keyword Science. And to get the keyword science free, you can take this traffic secrets course.
  • Google Keyword Planner: Now, most of the search is done by Google. It can be said that 90% of the search is happening by using Google. So Google can tell the best of all the search-related information. And to know it, they gave a wonderful tool called Keyword Planner. This tool is a great tool for keyword research. You have to use the Keyword Planner properly. It is difficult to use correctly for beginners without guidance. That can be done effortlessly at the end of the training in this course.
  • KeywordSpy: You might have watched spy in movies or stories. But there are spies for keywords also. If you want to face these issues in real life, find out the solutions from the traffic secrets.
  • UberSuggest: Many times good keywords are also available through UberSuggest. You have to know clearly where these suggestions come. The keyword science program can give you a better idea related to UberSuggest.
  • Amazon for Keywords: It is a new thing. Keyword science will get you good ideas about this. But you do not have to count money separately. It is free in traffic secrets.
  • Answer the Public: You will also get a fairly good idea about keywords by answering the questions that people ask. It is not much important though but you cannot underestimate it.


The fundamental of funnel marketing is email marketing. There you can make plenty of lead collections from email marketing. So email marketing is important for those who work with traffic. There are many important tips in the traffic secrets program on how to get more leads from email marketing. All the tips included in the course are given below.

  • Your Most Valuable Assets: If you do not have any idea about what is your most valuable asset, then you can take ideas from the Traffic Secret course today.
  • Types of Opt-In Mechanisms: Many people are skeptical about how the Opt-in Mechanism will be, what strategy will be, etc. You have traffic secrets to overcome all the hassles.
  • How to Increase Opt-in Rates: Many want to know how to increase the opt-in rate. Today, we have brought such a thing in front of you by which you can increase it.
  • Promoting Your List: You should have a list of what to promote. But on what basis you will do the list? You will be given a lot of knowledge about the list in this course.
  • Automated Monetization: Monetization is a source of income. To get automated monetization, you have to do everything automated. Not everyone can do this work. Traffic secrets course will teach you how to do everything automatically.
  • How & When to Mail Your List: Timing is important when sending emails. Many people will not even open the email if the timing is not good. Only the experienced can tell when it the best time to send the email. You will get good ideas about this from experience in the course.
  • Types of Live Campaign: The program will give you a nice idea about how many types of campaign lists, how it will be, etc. It is undoubtedly a very good aspect of the course.
  • Behavioral Triggers: The list of their training is very long. Behavioral Triggers has been added a new one. There is a discussion about these in the course.
  • List Maintenance: Maintaining the list is also important. What is the point of making the list that you will not maintain? So there is a very nice discussion in this course by the course creator on how to do that properly.
  • Using Brite Verify: You will also get good guidance on how to use Brite Verify.


This is one of the most interesting aspects of the course. There are lots of ideas about how to borrow or share traffic from others. By accepting their formula, you can also get lots of traffic flows to your site. Thousands of people will also visit your site. But the detailed list of how to do this is given here.

  • Borrowing Tons of Traffic!: You will be shown how to borrow thousands of tons of traffic. Keep in mind that the main purpose of this program is to increase traffic. You will be offered this course to increase traffic. So this thing should be learned very well. The better you can learn the more traffic you can bring. Traffic is the key to your online business. You need to apply all the secret tips and tricks that they will give you.
  • Decision You Need to Take: You will get important ideas about what decision you need to make if you want to increase traffic, to make. Then you will see that your traffic has increased a lot. This is because the right decision at the right time can bring good results. These topics have been discussed well in the traffic secrets course.
  • Software and Services: Software and services are also important. This face is also presented very beautifully in the traffic secrets program.
  • Tips for Maximum Success: Everyone wants to be successful. But many people cannot succeed because of the lack of proper counseling. There is a great suggestion for the highest success in this course. Since they are experienced people in this field, their suggestions also work great. You can also be one of the successful persons in this sector by getting their guidance. By getting secret advice as a bonus with the course, you can increase your site traffic more.
  • Power Recruiting Secrets: Power Recruiting also has secrets. It is to be used correctly at the right time. The fact is presented very nicely in the traffic secrets program.
  • Product Launch Windfall Cash: Many do not know about product launch windfall cash. Through this course, they will discuss the matter in detail.
  • Webinar Cash Flow: Cash can be brought through the webinar and life of which is traffic. You can know more about this through the Traffic Secrets course.
  • Recruit Snooping: If you want to know about recruiting snooking, you can take part in the course. From the course creator directly, you can get more detailed ideas about this. It is important for traffic.
  • Grow With Simple Monitoring: It is the best thing if you can monitor traffic. You can increase the amount of traffic by just simple monitoring. The matter is quite simple. But you have to learn them. And you do this learning process by traffic secrets course.
  • The “Geniuses Of” Strategy: You need to be a genius in the strategy to bring traffic. Only then you will succeed. Otherwise, you will suffer like earlier. There is quite a beautiful description of the traffic secrets program regarding the genius strategy setup.


People visit different sites with the hope of shopping online. So a good amount of traffic is available from shopping sites. These are called shopping engines. You can also divert traffic to your site from here. The more bonuses you can get under this section are:

  • eCommerce Product Promotions
  • eCom To Non eCom Opportunity
  • Non-eCom To eCom Opportunity
  • Comparison Shopping Engines
  • Kindle Books Lead Generation
  • Amazon Product Advertising API
  • Alibaba Product Suppliers
  • Supplement Private Labeling
  • Worldwide Brands Dropshipping
  • GoDataFeed


Since you will do this course for traffic growth, you need to know the traffic formula beforehand. This formula allows you to easily increase traffic. To increase traffic, you must follow some rules. Here, those are mentioned.

  • Traffic Formulas & Methodology: You will be taught a lot of unknown information about traffic formula and methodology. You can learn how these things do the job. You will be surprised by getting the entire secret formulas one after the other. Applying them on your site, you will be very successful.
  • Common Marketer Mistakes: The mistakes that the marketers make in common will be presented in front of you. As a result, you can easily avoid them. You will not have to stop there as everyone else. Since you know the wrong way, you can easily get to the destination using the right track.
  • Mining Campaign Traffic Gold: This is also very important for traffic. You will be given an adequate idea about this in the training.
  • Split-Testing Discipline: Now the biggest hesitation is regarding the audience setup. The split test has come up with solutions to the problem. You can give two types of audiences in the same campaign. As a result, you can test and see which one works better. But you need to follow some disciplines here. You will be taught in this course about when what and how to do things. For that, you can easily learn about other types of knowledge related to the split test.
  • Traffic Secrets Base Formula: The traffic secrets base formula will be opened in front of you. You will be surprised to see by using which formulas the successful marketers are getting the traffic. Following these formulas, you can also get valuable traffic.
  • 10 (5) Profit Growth Formula: Just bringing the traffic will not do the job. You must bring revenues from that also. You will be taught some profit growth formulas so that you can also earn profits.


Traffic can also be brought through media and sponsorship. In this case, some more detailed concepts are given below in the form of different points.

  • Conversion Hunting!
  • List Of Media Networks
  • Negotiating Media Buys
  • Sponsorship Secrets
  • Ad Creative Analysis
  • Content Distribution Networks
  • Buying Media Overview
  • Tips For Media Buying Success
  • Advertising Price Options
  • Setting Up Conversion Tracking


A lot of traffic can be brought by Google Ads. It temporarily helps a lot. How to get benefits from this is given here.

  • Turn Off Mobile Traffic!
  • Creating Your First Ad Group
  • Setting Up Ad Split-Testing
  • Creating A Landing Page Split-Test
  • Switching To Manual Bidding
  • Copying Ad Groups Or Campaigns
  • Awesomeness Of Dimensions
  • Setting Up Ad Scheduling
  • Ad Extensions
  • Dynamic Keyword Insertion
  • Creating Custom Reports
  • Prioritize, Optimize, And Expand!
  • Crafting Super-Clickable Ads
  • Using Pre-Qualifiers
  • Domains & Display URL Tricks
  • When To Use Different Campaigns
  • Bid Strategies
  • Creating Your First Campaign
  • Turn Off Mobile Traffic!
  • Creating Your First Ad Group
  • Mastering Google AdWords
  • The Data Decides!
  • Relevance Makes All The Money
  • Money Management Principles
  • Ad Rank & Quality Score
  • Does Adwords Affect SEO
  • Ad Position Value
  • Landing Page Secrets
  • AdWords Account Structure
  • Organizing Your Account
  • Setting Up Conversion Actions
  • Connect Conversion Actions With Tag Manager
  • Keyword Match Types
  • Negative Keyword Strategy
  • Short Tail VS Long Tail
  • Brand Name Keywords
  • Ad CTR Is King Of AdWords!
  • Ad CTR & Conversion Balance
  • Profit-Machine Keyword Strategy


Now you can do marketing through these two methods. Some examples are given below in the form of points on how to generate traffic through these.

  • Hacking The iTunes Podcast Directory
  • Other Podcast Directories
  • Twitter Periscope
  • Facebook Live
  • YouTube Live
  • Podcasts & Broadcasts Overview
  • Recommended Equipment
  • Driving New Leads & Customers
  • Creating Your Podcast
  • Use Interview Model For Traffic


Better marketing can also be done by mobile apps. And it is easy to use so everyone will feel comfortable. How and what can be done by a mobile app is given below.

  • Overview
  • Mobile App Spying
  • App Annie
  • SensorTower
  • App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • Boost Your Brand & Authority
  • Building An Email List
  • Develop From Scratch Or Use App Builder?
  • Buying Mobile App Installs


You can also bring traffic from software and widgets. And that is quite good enough. The methods of traffic generating from software and widgets are:

  • Software & Widgets Overview
  • Give Away Software, Get Leads!
  • Facebook Apps
  • Browser Toolbars
  • SAAS Tools
  • Finding Software Ideas
  • Mockups & Wireframes
  • Secrets To Software Development


Facebook ads can bring a huge amount of traffic. Nowadays, people have become accustomed to Facebook. So you easily get visitors to the site from Facebook. It is easy to reach people through Facebook. What you can learn about Facebook Ads is mentioned below.

  • Ad Placement Options
  • Ads Manager: Choose Objective
  • Ads Manager: Setting Up A New Ad Set
  • Initial Ad Settings
  • Split-Testing Facebook Ads
  • Introduction To Power Editor
  • Create Custom Audiences With Customer Lists
  • Create Custom Audiences With Optin Lists
  • Uploaded Custom Audience Matching
  • Create Lookalike Audiences
  • Bid Strategy
  • Optimize & Expand!
  • Naming Your Campaigns & Ad Sets
  • Your Core Strategy
  • Facebook Ad Fatigue
  • Email List Supplementation
  • Setup A Business Page
  • Engagement & Quality Of Likes
  • Should You Buy Likes From A Service?
  • Setup A Custom URL For Your Page
  • 3 Ways To Create A Facebook Ad
  • You Must Balance CTR & Conversion
  • Two Groups That See Our Ads
  • Who the Heck Is Your Target Customer?
  • The Power Of Audiences
  • Audience Targeting Mistakes
  • Overview
  • Facebook Ads Success
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Setting Up FB Pixel Conversions With GTM
  • Power Of The Facebook Pixel
  • Facebook Ads Hierarchy
  • Anatomy Of A Facebook Ad
  • FB Hates Ad Images With Text!
  • Which FB Ad Model To Use?
  • Facebook Ad Success Tips


Now, most of the visitors to the site come from the traffic retargeting. And those who go back from the site will be repeatedly visiting the site and this fact is normal. If you can do the retargeting, you will get good results. Take a look at your topic here about what you can learn.

  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Content Campaigns
  • Special Customer Offers
  • Lead-Getting Campaigns
  • Retargeting Ad Fatigue, Facebook Ads and Google Display Network
  • Traffic Retargeting Overview
  • Retargeting Mistakes
  • Don’t Be Creepy!


Internationally, you will get many opportunities. But how to use them will be shown in the course. You can take advantage of all the benefits of that. There are more sub-benefits under this facility. So now take a look at what are the additional benefits for you?

  • You will be given an adequate idea of the International Opportunities Overview. For that, you can fully utilize this opportunity.
  • You will be given an adequate idea of the Grow Revenue with Licensing Deals. For that, you can fully utilize this opportunity.
  • You will be given adequate ideas for Marketing in English to Other Countries. For that, you can fully utilize this opportunity.
  • You will be given adequate ideas about Marketing in Other Languages. For that, you can fully utilize this opportunity.
  • You will be given an adequate idea of The Fundamentals Are the Same. For that, you can fully utilize this opportunity.
  • You will be given adequate ideas about Repurpose Your Content. For that, you can fully utilize this opportunity.
  • You will be given adequate ideas about International Trend Watching. For that, you can fully utilize this opportunity.
  • You will be given adequate ideas on Rev Transcription Services. For that, you can fully utilize this opportunity.
  • You will be given an adequate idea of Google Translate. For that, you can fully utilize this opportunity.
  • You will be given an adequate idea of the ProZ translators. For that, you can fully utilize this opportunity.


Social media is now a big source of traffic. You can bring many visitors to your site by utilizing it. And the work is pretty simple. People are usually gathered on social media. They have provided a wonderful chapter on the social media strategy. Here, those are mentioned.

  • A lot of detailed information will be provided on Social Media Posts. You can easily learn these and apply them in the practical field.
  • A lot of detailed information will be provided on How to Achieve the Viral Effect. You can easily learn these and apply them in the practical field.
  • A lot of detailed information will be provided on Facebook Tips. You can easily learn these and apply them in the practical field.
  • A lot of detailed information will be provided on Twitter Tips. You can easily learn these and apply them in the practical field.
  • A lot of detailed information will be provided on Instagram Tips. You can easily learn these and apply them in the practical field.
  • A lot of detailed information will be provided on LinkedIn Tips. You can easily learn these and apply them in the practical field.
  • A lot of detailed information will be provided on Pinterest tips. You can easily learn these and apply them in the practical field.
  • A lot of detailed information will be provided on Buzzsumo. You can easily learn these and apply them in the practical field.


Many people underestimate the fact of traffic recycling. It is not a thing of underestimating. You should remember those are your frequent traffic. You have to recycle them properly. Many people do not know about this. You can learn it beautifully from the course. Now have a look at what you can learn in traffic recycling.

  • You will be given some special knowledge regarding the Traffic Recycling Overview. By utilizing it, you will get frequent traffic.
  • You will be given some special knowledge regarding the Turning Non-Buyers into Revenue. By utilizing it, you will get frequent traffic.
  • You will be given some special knowledge regarding When Will You Send Free Free Traffic? By utilizing it, you will get frequent traffic.
  • You will be given some special knowledge regarding the Traffic Asset Leverage Points. By utilizing it, you will get frequent traffic.
  • You will be given some special knowledge regarding Email Marketing Is the Core Engine. By utilizing it, you will get frequent traffic.
  • You will be given some special knowledge regarding the Types of Traffic Recycling Campaigns. By utilizing it, you will get frequent traffic.
  • You will be given some special knowledge regarding how to Run Powerful Contests! By utilizing it, you will get frequent traffic.
  • You will be given some special knowledge regarding the Rafflecopter. By utilizing it, you will get frequent traffic.
  • You will be given some special knowledge regarding the Votigo. By utilizing it, you will get frequent traffic.
  • You will be given some special knowledge regarding the ShortStack. By utilizing it, you will get frequent traffic.


Currently, the main source of organic traffic is SEO. There is no alternative to SEO if you want to bring traffic without investing. From this, you will get long-term benefits. What else you need if you get lifetime benefits? At first, you have to do a little hard work and then get the fruit for the rest of your life. So funnel marketing cannot be imagined by excluding SEO. They will teach you valuable information about Google SEO. Now see what you will be able to learn.

  • 301 Redirect
  • Why Links Are So Important!
  • Social Sharing Signals
  • OnPage Optimization Factors
  • Cross-Linking On Your Site
  • Create Summary Articles
  • Getting Links From Other Sites
  • Linking Out Is Important
  • Finding Competitors Links
  • SEO Maintenance
  • Google SEO Overview
  • The Natural SEO Approach
  • The SEO Lottery Mentality
  • Using The Right Keywords
  • Google Search Console
  • Content Management System – WordPress
  • Your Web Site Sitemap
  • Web Site Health Is Critical
  • GA Checker
  • GTmetrix
  • Proper Page Indexing


Visitors will be visiting your site after watching all your beautiful content. So there is nothing new to say about the necessity of content. The content is the king of online marketing. The better the content you can provide, the more visitors you will get. So to know how to make a content building factory, you need to do the traffic secrets course. The topics you will learn in this section are given below.

  • There will have a detailed discussion about the Content Factory Overview.
  • There will have a detailed discussion on the WHAT TO Create Content About.
  • There will have a detailed discussion about the WHAT Content-Format to Use.
  • There will have a detailed discussion about how to create a Content Idea Vault.
  • There will have a detailed discussion about WHO Will Create Your Content.
  • There will have a detailed discussion about where to Post Your Content.
  • There will have a detailed discussion about WHEN to Release Your Content.
  • There will have a detailed discussion about the Results Create More Results!
  • There will have a detailed discussion about Your Content Factory Pipeline.
  • There will have a detailed discussion about the Upwork for Content writers.
  • There will have a detailed discussion about the Fiverr for Content writers.


There is a saying that content is the king. If the content is not okay, then you will not get the visitor. So you have to fix the content beforehand. From this chapter, you will get a good idea about how to do this. Take a look at some of the parameters of others beyond this.

  • Content Curation Overview
  • Critical To Monitor Your Market!
  • Get Traffic By Sharing Great Content
  • Create An Opinion Piece
  • Create Roundups & Summaries
  • Case Studies Are Powerful
  • Expert Collaboration
  • Customer Collaboration


Youtube marketing is becoming increasingly popular day by day. So you can be able to get a lot of traffic from YouTube too. At the same time, it is very effective for promotion also. You can divert traffic to the site from your YouTube channel which can be called killing two birds with one stone. So some suggestions are given here on how to do it from YouTube.

  • There will discuss the YouTube Marketing Overview. You will be able to learn a lot of things from the core level discussion.
  • There will discuss Google Trend for YouTube. You will be able to learn a lot of things from the core level discussion.
  • There will discuss Finding Video Keywords. You will be able to learn a lot of things from the core level discussion.
  • There will discuss the Video Ranking factor. You will be able to learn a lot of things from the core level discussion.
  • There will discuss the Canva – Easy Design Tool. You will be able to learn a lot of things from the core level discussion.
  • There will discuss External Ranking Factors. You will be able to learn a lot of things from the core level discussion.
  • There will discuss Channel Optimization. You will be able to learn a lot of things from the core level discussion.
  • There will discuss Using Annotations. You will be able to learn a lot of things from the core level discussion.
  • There will discuss the Promotion for Higher Rankings. You will be able to learn a lot of things from the core level discussion.
  • There will discuss the VidIQ – Competitive Intelligence. You will be able to learn a lot of things from the core level discussion.


The things that you can learn about it are below:

  • Expansion & Scalability Overview
  • Expand Your Market, Products and Traffic Sources
  • Make Content Site Acquisitions
  • Make Business Acquisitions
  • You Must Reinvest To Grow!
  • Max Results From Max Leverage


Lastly, some guidance will be given for your master plan. Through this, the course will end. The plan they will give you is very effective. If you can use it properly, you will get very closer to success. You need to do the rest on your own.


How To Buy Traffic Secrets Course?

You can’t buy the Traffic Secrets Course only.

Because this is a bonus when you buy funnel builder secrets. That means when you purchase funnel builder secrets training, you will get lifetime access to the Traffic Secrets program for FREE.

Follow the step to get your full training below:

  • First: Watch the video sales funnel strategy to understand all of the concepts, how to use these tools and apply them to your business.
  • Second: Click here to get Traffic Secrets course and full resources
  • Third: Take action! Learn and launch your funnel. 

Bonuses, Traffic Secrets Course

There are all of the bonus when you buy the Funnel Builder Secrets program:



That means no monthly payments for the next 6 months!

You can use it…

You can build a funnel…or build 100 funnels, or build a thousand funnels!

Inside of a ClickFunnels account, you’re going to be able to build ALL types of funnels. You can build

  • Opt-in funnels to build lists…
  • Sales funnels…
  • Webinar funnels…
  • Auto-webinar funnels…
  • Product launch funnels…
  • Membership funnels…
  • You have funnels to generate leads, and funnels to sell your products.
  • Build as many funnels as you want!

And, when you get your ClickFunnels account, you’re also going to be able to get rid of a lot of things.

Our average ClickFunnels member right now saves over a thousand dollars a month the moment they start using it because of all the stuff they can get rid of.

Read Clickfunnels Review Now!

Start Your Free 14 Day Trial sign up



Russell Brunson gives you Funnel Hacks, which shows you…

  • How to get inside people’s funnels…
  • Where you find these people to funnel hack
  • How to find out what funnels are working…
  • How much money they’re making… 
  • …and much, much more!

He helps you reverse engineer your funnel, so you know exactly what to build.

Learn more about Funnel Hacks strategy here



The second course is called Funnel Builder Secrets.

This is what you give the person on your team who’s going to be building funnels.

If you’re like, â€śI’m not a techie, I don’t know what to do,” give them this course!

This course gives them all the technical information, all the training, everything they need to build out a winning funnel.

Inside this training, They’re going to go over a bunch of different things…

  • They’ll talk about opt-in funnels…
  • Sales funnels…
  • Webinar funnels…
  • Auto webinar funnels…
  • Product launch funnels…
  • Membership sites…
  • And a whole bunch more!

The first part of it is for you entrepreneurs, as the salesperson. Russell going to talk about the strategy behind what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

The second half is the techie part, so if you don’t want to watch it, you can bring your tech guy,  and they can watch it, and go and build the funnels for you.

Join Funnel Builder Secrets Masterclass Today!



Now, Funnel Scripts is a cool program that will write all your sales letters FOR YOU…
  • It writes your headlines…
  • Ads…
  • Emails…
  • Webinar slides…
  • And so much more

Read Funnel Scripts review here

So you log into Funnel Scripts and choose one of the scripts to work with, and the program will ask you some questions about your business.

  • It asks about your audience…
  • Your main topic…
  • Your main keywords…

And you fill out this little form that takes you maybe five or 10 minutes (or LESS, depending on the type of script).

You click on the build button, BOOM!

OK Here’s A Recap Of What YOU WILL GET


You’re going to get the 6-month enterprise account in ClickFunnels…

  • The six-week Funnel Hacks Masterclass…
  • The Funnel Builder Secrets course…
  • You’ll get lifetime access to Traffic Secrets…
  • And 12 months of access to Funnel Scripts.

Get Your Funnel Builder Secrets Now!

Pros and Cons of Traffic Secrets Course


  • Lifetime access and you just buy one time only
  • You no need to buy any course to learn about traffic again
  • Get all of the stuff to help you successful
  • Traffic Secrets has a good price
  • Easy-to-understand language, detailed instructions,


  • Can not buy Traffic Secrets only
  • High price with most people
  • You may feel overload and excited because of the information inside those courses

Does Traffic Secrets Course Legit or Scam?

Watch the Image below, you can see the price of Clickfunnels software only


Clickfunnels Full Etison Suite has $297 per month. That means you must pay $1782 for 6 months.

Now we do the math: 6 months Clickfunnels + Funnel Scrips = $1782 + $497 = $2279

But with funnel builder secrets, you just pay only $1997 for the basic plan, you will get both and all of the training above for FREE.(of course it’s include Traffic Secrets Course)

So is it good?

I used and followed what was instructed. What about you?


After following the 6-12 month guidelines, you will see your website sales and traffic growth and of course the commissions you will receive.
What’s more amazing!

This decision is about YOU. And your business. And the incredible new life that you’ll have created for you and your family one year from now… It all starts today…

About the Traffic Secrets program, here’s what I recommend…

Don’t try to do all 125 traffic sources at once. Pick one… Implement it… Test it… Drive traffic into your funnel… And when it’s working, then do the second one and the third…

Do this until you’ve got so many leads that all your competitors are GONE!

If you still not sure Traffic Secrets Course by Russell Brunson and Funnel Builder system can help your company, Watch the video 10x presentation about sales funnel strategy now!

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