SurveyFlow Review – The Amazing Tool to Study your Market 

SurveyFlow Review – The Amazing Tool to Study your Market 

You are looking for software that helps build a list, select potential customers and convert more of your sales. My SurveyFlow Review today will bring you the answer. Let’s find out!

Introduction, SurveyFlow


Are you spending tons of money on surveys? Do you get into trouble with your staff because not all of them know how to study the market so well? If so, this article is for you. We’re about to discuss a powerful tool in WordPress in terms of running tests, feedback and do the math on market analysis – The SurveyFlow

Do you know the key to success in managing any business? As many experts say, that is to know your customers and the market.

Understanding clients and the situation of your market at a time will help you to focus on the most profitable segments, provide the best product for that group along with the sensibility of the situation.

Many businesses are founded every year, but not many of them can survive from a harsh commercial environment.

So, what is the cause?

Many reasons lead to the downfall of a company. One of them is the lack of knowledge about the market.

SurveyFlow is born to help corporations with surveying, analyzing, and segmenting. This tool will serve as the most trustworthy and professional staff but with minimal cost.  

Overview, SurveyFlow

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VendorTantan Hilyatana
Launch Date2019-Jul-25
Launch Time10:00 EDT
Front-End Price$27
RefundYES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
SupportEffective Response
Official siteClick Here
RecommendedHighly Recommended
Skill All Levels

What Is SurveyFlow

SurveyFlow, in general, is a software that can help you with more in-depth insight into your customers by surveying the audience on WordPress- or so-called survey campaign. 

Do you wonder how they do it?

It can help the company to discover the needs of clients and find out how to fulfill their requirements as much as possible. By doing so, the software, at the same time, can divide the market into different groups. 

You can hire many people to collect direct surveys, asking questions, do summaries and analysis. 

But, is it necessary if you have such a powerful tool to do the same job but with much less expense?

Therefore, it is useful in optimizing the marketing campaign.

In short, it’s the necessary tool for those who have existing businesses or start-ups. To access as many clients as possible, they made this software simple and easy for everyone. 

About the Creator 


Tantan Hilyatana is a  vendor with tons of marketing tools. He is known as a friend of online entrepreneurs who developed software and marketing tools. 

The vendor, with experiences in the market, has in-depth experience in accelerating sales by using technologies.

All software and services from Hilyatana are meant to replace human resources in complicates at work, which are overloading start-ups. They come to enhance productivity and reduce cost by launching tools to cope with the work faster, and more precisely.

The Features SurveyFlow


Forget all the boring survey appearances. Create an attractive survey with SurveyFlow that drives interaction and engagement. Create a survey from scratch or choose from tons of gorgeous templates that we’ve provided.



SurveyFlow lets you customize your survey appearance the way you like it. You can change the background color to fit with your brand, font color, font size, add a background image, and more.



Gather valuable insights and view your survey statistics in no time. SurveyFlow statistics reveal the crucial data from participants, so you can assess and understand your audience easily and quickly.



SurveyFlow uses HTML opt-in form as the Autoresponder integration to make it super flexible. So it’s going to work with almost any Autoresponder service out there –  SurveyFlow works with ANY Autoresponder seamlessly.



It’s going to make your subscribers easier to participate in your survey, as they don’t need to enter their name and/or email if you use this feature. Their name and email will be automatically filled in your opt-in form – in the case you throw your survey to your list.



Powerful conditional logic system for segmenting users by their response. You can utilize redirect logic or opt-in logic. For example, if someone answers ‘Yes’ to a question, redirect him/her to page A, and If he/she answers ‘No’, redirect him/her to page B.

Or, if someone answers ‘Yes’ to a question, show him/her opt-in form A, and if he/she answers ‘No’, show him/her opt-in form B. And it doesn’t limit to two set logics, if you provide 3 or more answer options, you can set 3 or more redirect or opt-in logic.



You can use scoring in SurveyFlow to create a score-based quiz for your audience. Assign a score to each answer option and view the total score of each participant in your survey statistics.



You can display your survey on your WordPress site, external site, and ANY website that allows HTML code embed. So it works with ANY website. You can display your survey as a single page survey, as inline inside your web content, floating survey, or as a lightbox popup.



SurveyFlow works perfectly and looks stunning on all devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop). So you’ll never lose the huge potential of mobile traffic.



Let your survey spreads out and goes viral by allowing visitors to share your survey easily and quickly, as we’ve provided a social media share button intuitively.



Create a survey easier and faster, as well as get insights and ideas from our tons of gorgeous templates. On your WordPress admin dashboard, you’ll see our stunning templates. Pick a template with just a click to use it, then customize it the way you like.



You can display your survey on ANY website that allows HTML code embed. You can display your survey as a single page survey, as inline inside your web content, or as a lightbox popup.

Whether you use LeadPages, Elementor, OptimizePress, WordPress default editor, HTML web page, ClickFunnels, Unbounce, and the list goes on – SurveyFlow works with ANY website.


Key Features of The Tools

  • Variety of layout options 

At first sight, we are pleased about how SurveyFlow copes with the survey’s look.  

Many of us take the appearance of the survey for granted. People will be more attracted and willing to finish a form if it looks good.

Therefore, this tool provides eye-catching templates so your audiences could never get bored. 

In addition to interface customization, the software permits all users to choose colors, organizing styles, and font styles. You can create a survey every way you want without any limits. 

  • Quick statistic view

Anyone who does surveys need in-depth analysis. This tool can collect, record, and point out all the statistics that you need to know about audiences!

It records every detail from the number of views to rate each answer. All the results will pop up at any time you ask.

Therefore, I see it as a powerful tool to keep track of customers.

From the results, this tool can support you with dividing customers into segments depending on our criteria. It runs the logic and sorts out potential clients much more quickly than we do manually.

  • Handy auto-responders

The auto-responder function saves you much valuable time because it runs the responding section by using HTML, it makes the work more flexible.

  • New scoring function

This part might be new to many surveys because I am not used to scoring answers.

But SurveyFlow allows us to rate each answer by numbers and it also supports calculating the sum. 

This function will help you to allocate and then evaluate customers to your brand. It is, in fact, a type of self-scoring your business by reflecting from client’s reviews. 

How Does it Work? 

  • Set up the survey

Depending on what you need to know about your audience, you will survey related offers and questions. The site will provide you tools like templates, colors, charts, décor so that you can create new questionnaires. 

  • Run the survey

The Survey will be set to run after that. It’s even more accessible than the first section because you have finished the tough acquisition part. Now, it’s just about technology.

Running the survey means launching it to the public and watching your audience’s feedback.

  • Get result converted

There are many types of information you can take out of the survey. And, after a short period, you will see the result of how people react to questions.

Learning from it, you will have an insight into customer’s needs. You will know how to improve your service or how to develop your market plan appropriately.


Who Should Buy It? 

This is a handy tool for all businesses, especially anything in the service field. I would recommend it to some specific careers such as marketers, advertisers, product creators, startups, consultants,…

Or let’s say anyone who needs more and more information for the market they work in, this tool can help you to make a fast and furious approach.

Pro and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Clear details and high value
  • Evaluate your target market
  • Promote many interactions and strengthen many participants
  • Build a big list
  • Detailed segment your audience
  • Reduce the risk of failure in product development and marketing
  • Help evaluate and improve products
  • Help make better decisions
  • Predict market trends
  • Create more sales
  • Save advertising costs
  • Scaling up with confidence


  • I have not found any defect related performance of this product.

Price and Evaluation 

The software will be sold at $27 for front-end product- it is so much more economical in comparison to the traditional method.

Because it’s a new product on the market, the price is very competitive with other surveying tools of the same kind.


The SurveyFlow review above is a quick look at the product. We have to say if you need to speed up your way to potential customers, get it now!  

We see it as an essential tool that can get you closer to customers more effectively. And it can provide you with more advantages than just a more profound thought of clients.

What are you waiting for?


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