What is Sales Funnel? – All You Need to Know About Sales Funnels!

You work hard to achieve that, you try to build decent products to achieve that, you create stunning bonuses to achieve that.

In order words, you do whatever it takes to create items that can turn your business into a real gold mine.

Still, do you aware that despite being important, those are not the core elements for the success of your business?

What contributes the most to your profits is the thing that helps draw the customers to your services. It is something without which nobody can become a marketing professional. Yeah, you might have already guessed the answer. It is your sales funnel!

Then, what exactly are a sales funnel? Why is it so vital to any business? And more importantly, what should we do to create a highly-converting one?

Sounds like some tough subjects, right? But not to worry; this guide of mine is going to help you uncover every single one!

What is the Sales Funnel?

Simply put, sales funnel is a marketing system that you set up to convince your potential customers that your products are worth their money. You can also understand it as the way one checks out everything about what you have to offer before reaching a buying decision.

Still a bit too vague? Then let me give you a more specific example.

Just picture yourself walking into a convenience store. You are hungry, so you hurry to the food court.

There, you find yourself a piece of a yummy tuna sandwich. You are wondering whether you should get it or something else. And then, you see a sign that reads “Buy a tuna sandwich, gets a free Coke.” That sounds pretty cool, so you decide to snatch that tuna sandwich.

And that is also similar to the way a sales funnel works. You get a person to be aware of your products, then to consider what benefits they might get from it. In the end, you fully capture their interest by a nice offer and close the deal.

Your customers will be more than happy to pay the money. And if you are lucky, they might think about coming back again.

The way I see it, going through a sales funnel is pretty similar to falling into a real funnel. At first, the ones falling through it are just normal visitors with a bit of interest in your products.

Then, you slowly earn their trust by trying to convince them that you are offering the best things.

And the end of the funnel is where they have decided to reach buying decisions!

Still, there is one difference: this style of attracting customers belongs to the real world.

On the other hand, sales funnels are digital concepts.

The best marketers in the world know that there is a psychological process that must happen to potential customers to withdraw those credit cards and turn them into buyers or even super aggressive buyers. One person who has perfected the process is Russell Brunson, an “underground entrepreneur” who founded a company called ClickFunnels, a SaaS funnel sales business, empowering marketers from around the world. world to build marketing automation without hassle.

You can read more about What is Clickfunnels? and Free 14 Day Trial Pages here: CLICK HERE

To be more specific, according to the Funnel Secrets – a powerful marketing set about funnels and business – sales funnels are combinations of landing pages, emails, and advertising campaigns.

Still, not every sales funnel must include all of these. The sizes and shapes of them are various. Some are huge and complex with countless landing pages, emails, and campaigns. On the other hand, some only include one or two landing pages.

Whether which takes place depends on your purpose, the number of buyers you plan to reach as well as the speed at which you want your business to grow.

The set of books also state that every renowned business or marketer out there depends on sales funnels to turn random sites’ visitors into buyers. In fact, with one powerful sales funnel, after just a day or two, a seemingly non-existent business can easily develop into a prosperous one!

How Sales Funnel Works?

Now that you have been provided with all the basic knowledge about sales funnels, let’s move onto another important subject: How do they work?

We all know that they serve as a means to grab more buyers and raise brand awareness. But how do they manage to fulfill that? And what does a sales funnel has your visitors experience to fully capture their interest and turn them into buyers?

Well, just scroll down and you will find out!

I do not know about the other marketers, but to me, a decent sales funnel consists of four stages: Awareness, Consideration, Decision, and Action.

Now, let me give you a closer look at each!

sales funnel

Stage 1: Awareness

Though this does not sound as vital as the other three, it is actually the stage that has the most impact on your entire funnel’s performance.

If somebody has decided to browse through your funnel, they have a problem that your product can probably solve. They might have not even planned to go to your sites at first. There is a high possibility that they just spotted your advertisements somewhere and discovered that you have what they need.

Due to this, on the Awareness stage, your mission is to make their interest escalate into need. Do not try to push them into buying now because that might backfire. The customer will realize that you just focus on selling your things and not really care about anything else.

After all, even you would not want to stick around a page with only phrases like “Buy this product!” and “It is amazing!”, right?

So, your only purpose in this stage is to provide your potential buyers with all the essential information about your product. You might present a problem, and how using your creation can solve it. The means to inform this is quite various. You can use videos, written content, images, and so on.

Just make sure everything you use is intriguing and persuasive enough to fully capture your prospects’ attention even when they have reached the bottom line.

Still, this is nowhere near finished. At the end of this first stage, you need to find a way to form a bond with those that are already interested in your products. Only after that can you move on to the next stages and began truly turning them from prospects to buyers.

Why? Because there is a high chance that they are only here for research purposes. They have not decided to buy yet. But if they leave, they might later stumble on another product that is similar to yours. If it is somehow more interesting than what you have, you will lose these prospects!

So, I will be frank here: You need to grab their emails! Through these, you will have to strike a good first impression about yourself, thus earning their trust and showing them that you are reliable.

Too much for just the first stage? Well, it is the most important one after all!

Besides, funnels have never been a simple subject! If they are easy, never would that many funnel-building products arrive at the market. In fact, even the ones that focus on the entire process of setting up an online business, such as the infamous Expert Secrets Book by Russel Brunson and Software Secret Book by Garret and Scott, also go into extreme details about this subject!


Stage 2: Consideration

Okay, now that you have got both the interest of the prospects and their emails, let’s talk about stage 2: Consideration!

This stage is all about the emails you have gathered through the first stage.

Of course, this is much different from sending emails to a friend, you cannot just go and send random things and expect them to turn your prospects into buyers! No, you need a well-plotted plan, if not a detailed system.

Remember that if you fail to convince your new subscribers, they will leave your list at once, and you will lose some potential customers!

There are plenty of methods for carrying the prospects-into-buyers process through emails, but I am all for Russell Brunson’s!

He has already mentioned it in his other best-selling book: DotCom Secrets. To those that have not got the chance to read the book yet, the methods require you to build yourself a backstory.

There are a lot of things mentioned in that book, but I will just list some core elements here.

First, you need to pick a character for your story. You can be a leader, an adventurer, an evangelist, or even a reluctant hero. Just make sure that whatever story you choose later sticks with it.

Second, you develop your own backstory. Try to make it as realistic as possible by adding testimonies from 3rd persons or showing the results from the past the recent. However, remember one important thing: NEVER hide your flaws!

Nobody is flawless, and obviously, no business is. A process without any flaw sounds like something out of someone’s imagination. And your prospects will not believe it.

On the other hand, including some of your hardships might even earn you their sympathy! This will certainly help persuade them to be your buyers.

Lastly, never mention everything at once! You have to interact with your subscribers on a daily basis or risk having them forgetting who you are. In other words, break your story into little pieces and send them one every day.

And make sure that the pieces follow time order; otherwise, your story will look pretty messy.


Stage 3: Decision

Getting somebody to choose your product as a means to solve their problem is what this stage all about.

If you have successfully carried out the first two stages, this will not be a serious problem. When your story is convincing enough, and you remember to include a link to your product at the end of every email, some prospects might get interested and decide to click it.

Still, in order to gain the best results, you should prepare extra strategies.

For example, when mentioning your product in the emails, try repeating that there are only a few editions left, or the price is about to increase, or something like that.

This is actually just a small psychological trick. After all, nobody wants to miss the chance to grab something they like at a discount price, especially when it is limited.

Or, you can try the bonus strategy and pair a lot of bonuses with your product. I have seen a lot of sites use this trick and apparently it works really well. Even I sometimes fall for this.

And make sure to give your prospect a good look at how much those bonuses can cost if they buy them separately!

Free products that only come with shipping fee is also a good way! Just look at the best-selling marketing books – Dotcom Secrets, Funnels Hacker’s Cookbook, Expert Secrets, and so on. They only charge you with a small number of shipping fees. And guess how much each manages to earn now!


Stage 4: Action

Finally, we reached the last stage of the funnel!

This is where your prospects pay for your products. If you are lucky, and they like what they have got, they will become a part of your business. In other words, they will be more than happy to buy from you when you release something new.

Still, even if you have done all the essential tasks, some of your potential customers cannot become buyers. This is due to various reasons. It can be that they somehow change their mind, or realize that your price is too expensive, or more.

This is completely normal. There is nothing to worry about. It is the way that you deal with that it matters.

You can try keeping an eye on your lost leads and find out why they are no longer interested in your products. Then, try to fix your money-making system so that it can perform better.

Or, you can try calculating the money coming in and coming out of your sales funnel. If the latter is much smaller than the first, your business is certainly going to be profitable no matter what.

Sale funnels are complex concepts, this is what everybody can agree on. Still, if you have a clear shot of what they are and how to build them, working with one can be much easier than you think!



I hope my share can help you understand more about the sales funnel.

I want to see you after reading this article will immediately create sales channels for your business. My website is designed to help people like you do it. We have shared concepts, strategies, patterns, software… whatever you need.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with me, you can comment below, I will try to answer your questions.

Finally, I recommend taking the Dotcom Secrets book and Expert Secrets Book. Dotcom is the ultimate guidebook for the sales funnel. You will learn all the ideas, tactics, scripts, etc. about sales channels, while Expert Secrets will teach you how to make this call a career, where people will pay you for your advice …

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