Pinflux 2 Review – What You Need to Leverage the Power of Pinterest

My Pinflux 2 Review reveals a stunning tool that allows you to exploit a brand new source of traffic. Let’s find out what it is and how to start!

Social media is becoming the main way to communicate and keep in touch. More and more people use Facebook and Instagram to catch up with friends, relatives, and family.

This trend has created many opportunities for marketers to reach out to a vast number of prospects out there.

But, do you miss anything?

Yes, Pinterest.

While more people spend most of their time trying to make money from Facebook and Instagram, not many people know that Pinterest is also an excellent place to start.

Introducing Pinflux 2!

This tool is what you will need to dig deeper into the potential of Pinterest. Keep reading my Pinflux 2 Review, and we shall see what it has to offer!

The OverView Of Pinflux 2

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VendorCyril ‘Jeet’ Gupta
Product Pinflux 2
Launch Date2019-March-28
Launch Time11:00 EST
Front-End Price$27
RefundYES, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Product TypeSocial Media
SupportEffective Response
Sales Page:Click Here
RecommendedHighly Recommended
Skill Level NeededAll Levels

What Is Pinflux 2?

Before getting into details about the product, let’s talk a little bit about Pinterest.

For those who do not know, Pinterest is one of the most significant traffic sources that marketers and bloggers can take advantage of. However, unlike Facebook or Instagram, Pinterest is not a favorite way to exploit traffic.

So, what is Pinflux 2?

Simply put, Pinflux 2 is a platform that makes it easier for you to unlock the power of Pinterest. The unique thing about this updated version is that most of your work will be automated by the approval process.  

Let’s keep reading my Pinflux 2 Review to find out more about the content!


About the Creator – Cyril Jeet

Cyril Jeet is an Internet marketer who has worked in many different areas such as video marketing, SEO, WordPress and most importantly, social media.

During his work life, Cyril also launched a couple of high-quality products that achieved huge successes on hot sites, namely Video Jeet, Channel Authority Builder, and Penguin Recovery Jeet.

Feature Details

Below is a list of features that you should not miss out on:

  • Search for new pins on many different topics
  • Schedule to pin content on the board automatically
  • Promote many boards from Pinterest accounts
  • Search for posts to repin automatically
  • Like viral posts to get traffic
  • Search for relevant boards and follow them
  • Follow niche targeted profiles
  • Promote your sites by custom descriptions, CTAs, and links

And many more!

Pinflux 2 is primarily designed to run on PC for Windows. It can only run well on Mac with a virtualization platform such as Parallels.

And to those who are thinking Pinflux 2 may be too hard to use, you may want to consider again. With a comprehensive training video, you will surely know what to do and how to do it.


How Does It Work?

This section is to show you how easy it is to use the tool.

The first thing you should do to start is to log in to your Pinterest account. You can manage many different accounts at once. To be able to handle boards from Pinterest, you should import them all into Pinflux or create new boards.

There are many things in the settings. You can put in your keywords to pin content. You can add a short description if you like.

Pinflux 2 is designed with a simple platform that anyone can understand what to do. Everything is so well organized.

Who Should Use It?

Pinflux 2 brings enormous potential to many people. If you want to reach out to more targeted audiences, this one is a must:

  • Content marketers
  • Offline businesses
  • e-com marketers
  • Social media marketers

Personal Experience

Before I shared some of my experience with you guys, let me start with how powerful Pinterest is!

Facebook and Instagram have been popular choices of many marketers when it comes to driving traffic. That also makes the competition gets harder and harder every day.

Pinterest is a social network that has millions of users. It contains an enormous buying power that a marketer would not want to say no to. It’s time to get started before anyone else does.

With Pinflux 2, you can leverage the power of Pinterest effortlessly. Instead of doing everything manually, Pinflux 2 gives you a platform to do it automatically.

  • Create boards to engage with your audiences
  • Create many accounts and manage them from one platform
  • Get organic traffic to your blogs

And many other things. Pinterest brings huge engagement, traffic, and conversion that may not be found elsewhere.

So why wait? Let’s take action right now and start to drive massive profits!

Pinflux 2 Review – Evaluation and Price

Pinflux 2 is an automated tool that allows you to take advantage of the power of Pinterest. It is packed with features that all marketers need:

  • Drive traffic
  • Boost conversions
  • Build brand recognition

For only $27, you get access to the entire platform that can automate most of your work. So, why not?


All About The OTOs

  • Pinflux Pro – $47

The enhanced and supercharged version of Pinflux unlocks more powerful automation features and also supports the number of accounts and boards. Perfect for professional Pinterest marketers.

Pro version has the following add-on features

  • 2 years of the free upgrade
  • Support for unlimited accounts
  • Support for unlimited boards
  • Unlimited posts
  • Unlimited Engagement
  • Commercial license


  •   Pinflux Agency – $67

 With this license, your customer can sell Pinflux and keep all the sales proceeds. It’s a one-time license that allows them to sell Pinflux.

 Pro version has the following add-on features


  • Viral Reach Pro – $47

Unlock massive traffic from Facebook with this powerful Facebook automation software that lets you create the social post for the entire month at once.


  • Mighty Memes Pro – $47

Use memes to drive traffic to engage your audience and drive massive traffic to your offers with the most powerful meme-making software.


The Last Part, Pinflux 2

While other people are focusing and fight hard on Facebook and Instagram to gain traffic, Pinflux 2 allows you to tap into a new traffic source that not many people have touched.

If you are searching for a tool that can do most of the work for you, then this is it. Pinflux 2 is created to help streamline your workload.

This part is also the end of my Pinflux 2 Review. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. Goodbye.


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