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Are you looking for a simple yet effective method to improve your marketing skills? Then you are going to enjoy my Marketing Secrets Blackbook Review!



Introduction, Marketing Secrets Blackbook

Does it always appear to you that marketing skills are must-have if you want to become successful? I mean, almost all vital aspects of a business have something to do with marketing. You do not believe it? Then why don’t you think of something you can smoothly do without any marketing skill?

List building? Then how are you going to convince people to subscribe to you?

Content making? Then how do you intend to make something 100% attention-grabbing?

Do sales funnel building? Then how can you turn people from mere prospects to real buyers?

Those seem to be real problems to you, right? But for a master’s in marketing, they can easily take care of all those tasks in a blink of an eye. And with these particular skills, they can adequately fulfill almost every stage essential in setting up a business!

Besides, not only can excellent marketing skills generate your profits, but they can also strengthen the relationship between you and the customers.

Just pay close attention, and you will see that the reason why many people choose to trust a brand lies in its marketing campaigns. These are the main elements that build a business’s authority as well as help it establish a strong foothold in its industry.

In other words, I only want to state one thing: Marketing is something you have to learn unless you are asking to be bankrupt!

If you have already decided what to do, that would be great. But if you do not, well, do not feel disappointed yet because today, my Marketing Secrets Blackbook Review is going to introduce you to a whole new world!

OverView, Marketing Secrets Blackbook


Name:                  Marketing Secrets Podcast Blackbook

Author:                Russell Brunson

Release:              17/07/2018

Pages:                  291

Website:               https://Marketingsecrets.com

Price:                    FREE

Status:                 Available

PDF Version:      Click here to Download

What Is Marketing Secrets Blackbook?

Marketing Secrets Blackbook is a book brought to you by Russell Brunson in 2018. And do you know what is really inside it? Over 90 outstanding marketing tips and tricks that can give both your life and your career a change for the better!

Plus, these tips are not just theoretical. They are realistic, actionable, and can instantly be implemented into your business.

Now, I know that a lot of self-proclaimed useful marketing guides out there are just a bunch of boring instructions that cannot really work in real life or only apply to those with marketing knowledge. But Marketing Secrets Blackbook is nothing like that! Russell has written it based on his practical experience throughout the years.

In other words, it can show you exactly how to get started, what to do, and what to avoid. He will mention all of the 99 tips in detailed instructions, which are broken down into separated sections and step-by-step guidelines.

Plus, Russell has always been famous for his friendly writing style. So I believe even newbies can understand this book without difficulty.

Are you wondering how long the Marketing Secrets Blackbook is? Because, obviously, with what I just said, it can easily reach the length of an encyclopedia, right? Well, do not worry. The book is not going to be that excessive. The truth is, everything will be covered in just 291 pages!

Find it hard to believe? This is because the book will go into details about the most vital things you cannot miss if you want to improve your marketing skills. From the beginning to the end, the knowledge you receive are all valuable lessons, some you might have known but never believe to be necessary, some you might just come across for the first time. The book will even include practical examples!

And do not forget that despite being published in 2018, this book still remains one of the best-sellers about marketing nowadays. Of course, the main reason lies in all of its outstanding tricks. But there is still another one: the long-standing reputation of Russell Brunson in matters related to business and marketing. So, let’s give this special guy some spotlight!


All about Russell Brunson


I think by this time, you must no longer be a stranger to the name Russell Brunson. Indeed, I know that you can even be his fan!

Marketing Secrets Blackbook is not his only creation. Before it was on the market, he has already put two books on the shelf: DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets. Still, I do not think you are not familiar to them. I think anyone with a business has already heard of them a few times, if not had at least one at home. After all, they are quite everyone-favorite guide books about setting up businesses!

However, what turned him into a renowned person to almost every business owner are not those books but a powerful tool called ClickFunnels. It came to the market years ago and quickly became one of the most excellent and impressive funnel builders out there. Many knew of Russell because of it, and many also became his fans because of it.

And do not worry about whether you will be able to use his tools or not. One of the main reasons why lots of people fell for his products is that they have never been complex.

Russell knows what the beginners must go through when starting something, so he wants to give them a hand. ClickFunnels, Dotcom Secrets, Network Marketing Secrets, Expert Secrets are all newbie-friendly items.

And, of course, Marketing Secrets Blackbook is no exception!

Well then, this is quite enough for the overview. Now, let’s take a closer look at this marketing book’s most prominent traits.


Marketing Secrets Blackbook Review – Main Features

As I have mentioned earlier, Marketing Secrets Blackbook will reveal to you 99 marketing secrets. They are divided into different aspects and then wrapped up in 6 chapters.

Chapter 1: The foundations

At the beginning of Marketing Secrets Blackbook, Russell will reveal to you what marketing is truly about. Here, you will get to dissect this particular field and finally have a look at what is inside it. Also, this is the section that introduces you to some important rules and regulations of marketing – what you have to learn by heart if you want to stay in the field.

In short, like its name, this very first chapter will give you a tour around the concept of marketing. You can understand what to do to tap into this area as well as how to find your target customers.

If you are a professional, this might not be essential, and you can move on to the next one without reading it. But for a newbie, I think this is the most important chapter. After all, when you cannot get hold of some proper foundations, then no matter what niche you are, your business will not end up well.

Chapter 2: How to become an expert

As you have learned the foundations, you will someday reach the professional level eventually, right? And in this chapter, Marketing Secrets Blackbook is going to show you how to advance toward that “someday” in the shortest time!

Of course, the gap between a newbie and an expert is pretty big. And there are plenty of tasks to take care of. But not to worry! Russell and his friendly writing style will walk you through them one by one. This is where you get to know how the properties of a good plan, and how to build one on your own.

Plus, Marketing Secrets Blackbook also does not only tell you what to do but also lets you know what to avoid on the path to become an expert. Isn’t that great?

Chapter 3: All about the offers

The best way to get people’s attention is to give them appealing offers. And in this chapter, you will find out how to use them effectively!

Many people understand the power of offers. Still, they cannot use it for their advantage. The causes are various, but the main one is that they do not know the right way to bring their offers to those that are in need of them.

After reading everything included, you will get a glimpse of what to do to have your impressive offers and have eyes on them without breaking a sweat. In short, you will understand what to do to steer clear of the mistakes mentioned earlier!

Chapter 4: Funnels

A proper funnel is something that cannot be missing from a lucrative marketing campaign. In the fourth section of the Marketing Secrets Blackbook, you will get many valuable tips on how to create a highly-converting one!

When it comes to funnels, you can completely trust Russell. After all, there is a reason why his very own funnel builder – ClickFunnels – could become this famous. And today, his marketing book will reveal to you his secret.

This chapter will include all the vital details about the funnels of all kinds. Also, it can teach you the newbie-friendly method to create your first funnel with zero experience!

Chapter 5: Sales

No marketer will succeed without sales. And I know you are anxious about this aspect because getting someone to buy products from you has never been easy. Well, cheer up! This chapter will teach you plenty of things about making your sales.

In short, you will get to know some concepts related to the matter, such as how to generate leads, how to convince people to become your customers as well as the associated services.

On top of that, Russell will also let you in on some of his secrets on how to quickly increase your sales!

Chapter 6: Mindset

You need a great mindset to make good decisions as well as the right choice in certain situations, right? To a marketer, a mindset is even more critical since it can directly have substantial impacts on their business.

Therefore, in the last chapter, Marketing Secrets Blackbook will tell you a lot of things about the mindset. About this matter, Russell will give you some tips and tricks on sharpening your mind. He will also tell you the strategies to keep a clear head and avoid negative thoughts, which are 100% not good for your business.


Marketing Secrets Blackbook Review – How Much Does It Cost?

Finally, here we are, the part that you have been waiting for the whole time – Marketing Secrets Blackbook’s price!

In exchange for a copy of this exclusive marketing book, you will have to pay the same price Russell’s first two books: Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets.

And guess how much are they?

Now, I do not know which number you have thought of. But I can assure you that they are not correct. Why do I know so well? That is because: Marketing Secrets Blackbook is 100% free!

Russell is someone who always enjoys sharing his knowledge to those who need it, so he will give the book for you with nothing in return. You will have to cover the shipping fee though, but this goes for everybody when purchasing something online.

Anyway, you heard it! This is a book that can take you by the hand and walk you through all the essential aspects of marketing. And now, you can have it at home without paying anything. I do not know about you, but to me, this is a good deal, if not an excellent one!

Still, I do not know how long this offer will last. Knowing Russell, he probably will not end it, especially when his other books have been free for years. But who knows? Maybe tomorrow he will change his mind and pair Marketing Secrets Blackbook with the price it deserves.

So, if you want the book, I highly recommend you getting it now.

  • The Benefit

Blackbook marketing secrets include 99 lessons of Marketing secrets The lesson created Clickfunnels’ BIGGEST development that we know today. The growth rate from ZERO to 100 million dollars over the past 3 years.



The book will help you promote your business QUICKLY as well as the way Russell did with his company.

These are the experiences Russell has gained when reviving his company, so you do “NOT” need to go through costly mistakes. And also learn and know why your business is underdeveloped.

You also “DO NOT” spend years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to test

“NO” risk, or put your business in danger.

  • Marketing Secrets Blackbook Analytics

This book has 29 long pages and contains 99 marketing secrets that Russell has learned over the past 20 years.

You can read them all in order or start anywhere you want. Because the chapters are super short and go right where you are interested.

So you can read each secret, remember it, and then go apply it in your life.

In fact, the book has 6 chapters:

  • Foundations
  • Become an Expert
  • Offers
  • Funnels
  • Sales
  • Mindset

But you can’t break any rules if you read them in no order.

You “Should” apply it as soon as possible.

  • Marketing Secrets Binge Guide

After downloading Marketing Secrets Blackbook, you must also have a Guide to secret marketing secrets.

So what is it?

I don’t have much time during the day to sit down and relax listening to podcasts.

But when I find a good one, I CAN FIND OUT!

Then I do use and consume them ALL.

I was caught up in a whirlwind of strange times when I listened to podcasts, and the next thing you know, it’s 3 am and I’m still playing back episodes.

If you like to find content that you can learn each episode (and apply to your business), then I have taken you to insurance.

The Marketing Secrets Binge Guide.


Marketing Secrets Binge Guide includes 467 Secret Podcast episodes that you can easily access and listen to on iTunes, Blog Marketing Secrets and on Stitcher.

They already have all the links to each file that are useful for you, so all you have to do is download the guide, select the file you want and press PLAY.


The Conclusion

You have finally reached the bottom line of my Marketing Secrets Blackbook Review. I hope you had a great time reading it!

So, now that you have known what this book is all about, are you going to add it to your to-buy list straight off?

Of course, you are! I mean, why not? I do not think you can easily come across such a great marketing guide book with all the essential information any time soon. Plus, keep it in mind that you can get it for free.

Then, what are you waiting for? Go and grab one already!


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