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Marketing in Your Car with Russell Brunson– What You Need To Know?

Marketing in Your Car with Russell Brunson – What You Need To Know?

If you are looking for a detailed review of the MP3 package of ClickFunnel’s CEO, this Marketing In Your Car Review will help you turn it around with all features.



Introduction, Marketing in Your Car

There have been many people talking about Marketing In Your Car so today I will help you understand more about this product.

Marketing In Your Car isn’t a commercial product. It’s more like a sharing product from one of the most successful online entrepreneurs. If you have heard of ClickFunnels you may admire its founder.

Building ClickFunnels with the first brick ever, Russell has made it the top 1 page builders for all online marketers and businesses worldwide. His zero-to-hero story is inspirational for anyone who will set foot in this industry.

Not only narration, but you can also have more than a story from Marketing In Your Car. Check out the details below!

Quick Overview of Marketing In Your Car


Creator: Russell Brunson

Product: Marketing In Your Car

Price: FREE + $9.9 delivery fee

Website: Marketinginyourcar.com

Niche: Marketing and sales

Level: Intermediate

Refund: 30 days money-back guarantee.

Score: 9/10

What is Marketing In Your Car?

Marketing In Your Car is a collection of postcards of Russell. Each postcard lasts for about 10 minutes and was recorded daily during his drive to work. The postcards are popular MP3 format so you can listen to it with all players.

Marketing In Your Car tells the story of Russell Brunson and his success story. Every day on the way to work or back home, he recorded his thoughts and stories. The stories were recorded in his own car.

Listeners will go through the journey of ClickFunnels foundation. Moreover, they will have the sharing of online marketing, the ups, and downs or the industry and some hacks to improve your campaigns.

You can read more to know about clickfunnels here: Clickfunnels Review

But it’s not pushing you to revolutionize your life or launch up a thousand-dollar business. 257 episodes of this product are what you should listen to have a closer look at Internet marketing.

You just need to load it in your players, phones or laptop and listen to it. You can listen while driving, cooking or walking your dogs. Or just simply listen to it, when you don’t want to be bothered by annoying friends around.

The portable MP3 postcards go with you everywhere, browsing the mall, cruising the town or watching the sunset.


What Makes Marketing In Your Car Special?

During all 257 postcards of Marketing In Your Car, there is only Russell and himself talking. Actually, he talks to you about many different topics.

He discusses them with his opinion and experience. Unfortunately, you will have to explore them one by one by yourself because I won’t spoil them here.

You may find the postcards a little unorganized but they still make sense into a flow. Day by day, while in his car, he talks about his company and his webtrepreneur career.

The most talked topic is about the successful ClickFunnels, the SaaS software helping users build page builder. As a top no.1 page builder, the company and its owner have gone through struggling and hardship.

He talks about his crashes, his falling down and how to raise up. Along with the company’s is the story of online marketing during his high and low time.

Users will learn about his experience and mistakes in his story. You can take the lessons for yourself.

In general, Marketing In Your Car is a collection of small talks he shares about his career, how he founded the company and strived with it, and how he looks the online entrepreneurship. Russell also shares some thoughts about building an online empire.

Who Will Benefit From Marketing In Your Car?

The MP3 format is the most popular format for everyone.

The first user coming to mind is the marketers. Whether you are an offline or online marketer, you will learn a lot from an experienced man. More or less, it still contains many marketing tips for you to apply.

Besides a marketing tool, I think it’s an inspirational story for everyone, especially young people. Here is a story from a man building nothing to a huge page builder. You’re in online marketing or not, you can learn from his strong will to build what he wants.

Moreover, it’s a useful product for one preferring privacy like me. You can listen to it while voiding the distraction on the road or people around.

How To Get Marketing In Your Car?

As I said above, this isn’t a commercial product. Marketing In Your Car is FREE. You only need to pay $9.95. This amount is paid for shipping and handling fees.

The PDF and Kindle formats are available if you want. However, you will have to pay $17 as an additional fee for the transcript. The printable PDF and Kindle (or other e-reader formats) will be shipped along.

This is the one-time payment, no subscription fee. To be honest, I think it’s still fair. Both the delivery and the transcript charge are reasonable and worth it. Considering its value, I’m satisfied after ordering it.

Another good news I want to share is you can play it online. Users can listen to it on listening platforms such as Google Play, iTunes or Stitcher as long as they subscribe to the recordings.


My Final Conclusion

In my opinion, this is a valuable package. You can learn a great deal from the previous experience. Others will take years to experience and learn the life lessons for themselves but you can skip the time.

Moreover, you can bring it everywhere with you and listen to it many times. These portable and flexible postcards are your travel mate in every route you take. Not only the raw experience, but you also get inspired by a real man.

If you ever consider buying training courses or participating in lectures, you shouldn’t miss Marketing In Your Car. It’s a real and practical sharing from a successful entrepreneur.

With other online products, you may risk your money with a 50/50 chance. While with Marketing In Your Car, you already know about ClickFunnels and its power system.

With $0 cost, I see no reason not to buy it and waste this opportunity!

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So, if you haven’t timed, hate reading, go travel, on the way to work,… no matter what is it. Remember, bring Marketing In Your Car mp3 Player podcast.


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