Levidio Invitation Review – Create Videos and Websites Instantly

Have problems created videos and websites? My Levidio Invitation Review shows you how to get over the problem. Let’s take a look to find out!


To online marketers, one of the most important things that help drive more audiences is high-quality videos and websites.

However, most marketers find themselves wasting too much time or money to hire someone to create for them.

What if I told you there was an economical way to create those kinds of marketing materials yet it does not cost an arm and a leg?

It’s called Levidio Invitation!

It is a brand new product that helps marketers save time and money. 

If you wish to know more about it, keep reading my Levidio Invitation Review to dig deeper!

What Is Levidio Invitation?

To begin with, Levidio Invitation is a combined solution to those who are making money by promoting products, events, and businesses.

Levidio Invitation provides a set of video, graphics and website templates so that you can choose to use right away.  

The ultimate purpose of the product is to help marketers create videos and graphics with ease

Levidio Invitation Review – About the Creator  

Levidio Invitation is a product of Maulana Malik – an experienced marketer and product creator who has been working in the field for a long time.

Starting from scratch, Maulana knew how hard it is to create marketing materials without any additional support. That thought has encouraged him to create a pre-made set of templates that save time and resources.

I am not letting you wait anymore, follow my Levidio Invitation Review and find out what is inside the product!

Feature Details

Levidio Invitation is a go-to solution for marketers to create engaging videos, websites, and graphics that convert.

Inside the package is many different types of materials including:

  • 6 professional business videos
  • 3 website templates
  • 5 character creators
  • 5 wedding invitation videos
  • 14 flyer templates
  • 6 wedding slideshow
  • 50 animated icons
  • 8 wedding card invitation
  • 30 static and animated banner templates

That sounds a lot, right?

The best part? It makes it possible for anyone to create graphics. By possible, I mean you can totally edit these templates using only PowerPoint.

How cool that is!

No need to download complicated tools and spend hours figuring how it works anymore. All you need is the latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint.

How Does It Work?

As I mentioned above, It is created to help those who are not familiar with designing stuff. Therefore, anyone with basic computer skills can use it easily.

However, remember that in order to deliver all the effects, you need to install the latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint. Older versions are acceptable. However, some features may be ineffective.

Who Should Use It?

Anyone, regardless of skills and experience, can use it for their projects.

Footnote: in case you want advanced designing things, perhaps you need some more tools than this product only. Although it is packed with useful templates, Levidio Invitation

Personal Experience

Since I started to review digital products, I have to test many different tools and materials to make sure it has good content. Levidio Invitation is indeed not a scam.

Although the templates seem quite limited compared to other products, the vendor did the best to make sure they are of high quality.

Those videos, graphics and website templates are created by top designers who have been working for years. Also, they have gone through a series of tests to make sure it converts.

The second thing I love about the product is how easy it is to use. I have used many tools to edit videos, and most of them are very complicated to get used to.

But Levidio Invitation is so well organized that anyone can get familiar in the blink of an eye.

Evaluation and Price

The front-end version is priced $25 – $27. Compared to how much you have to pay when hiring freelancers.

Levidio Invitation allows inexperienced marketers to get used to designing so that they know how to grow their business by creating converting materials. This product is a good starting point.

One thing I should not forget to mention is that there is likely to be discounts and bonus on the launch period. If you are interested in getting those templates, then be ready on April 3rd.

It is estimated that with the help of Levidio Invitation, you just need 5 minutes to finish creating a video or a piece of graphics. So, why not take action right now and find out?

Conclusion, Levidio Invitation

I know it is challenging and intimidating for newbie marketers when first starting their business. There are many things to learn yet little resources to use.

Levidio Invitation is a solution that lets you make the most out of your business. All you need is the latest version of PowerPoint to customize.

Instead of paying others to do it for you, now you can do it on your own. How cool that is!

Thanks for reading my Levidio Invitation Review. I hope it helps you make the right choice. Good luck!


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