What is Lead Magnet? How to Create Bait that Attracts Customers?

Not every customer who visits your site is ready to buy your product right away. In fact, you need time to build your trust and prove your worth. Why do customers have to buy from you and not from anyone else? What is your product different from the market.

Customers only pay attention to certain products or services when they are interested. In order to better meet their target market needs, businesses must always improve their search strategy and attract potential customers.

The first thing you need to notice is that the “CONTENT” change. You have to create compelling and compelling content that is capable of converting your ad viewers into potential customers.

After you’ve addressed these, you may already have a few customers willing to buy your product. However, there is a very effective growth-accelerating strategy you can use to increase conversion rates and find more potential customers every day. One of the best ways is to create a lead magnet.

What is Lead Magnet?


Simply put, the lead magnet is an attractive invitation that promises a physical benefit to your target audience. In other words, when you use the lead magnet, you entice your customers to give you their information in return for the benefits you provide. Ex: Phone Number, Mail, address …

“A perfect Lead Magnet will provide HUGE value to customers after only 5 minutes they receive.” Of course, this is the key rule.

Characteristics of Lead Magnet?

Lead Magnet exists to increase your customer conversion rate. The secret to having a high conversion rate when using a lead magnet is to help them solve the exact problem they’re having and not fix it and if it doesn’t cost them a penny then they will be more receptive to it. That is why the general rules will not apply here.

To create your lead magnet, you must pay attention to two important factors:

  • Customer of Personality?
  • What your competitor’s business?

Knowing your customer personality will help you tailor your message to better suit them. On the other hand, conducting thorough competitor research will allow you to know what your customers are interested in and you can easily target your competitors.

Below I have listed the 8 Characteristics of an Effective Lead Magnet.


1. Super specific

This is extremely important for a Lead Magnet.

Lead Magnet is NEVER allowed to be vague. They must provide an extremely specific solution for a specific market.

2. Something big

Everyone wants a “magic pill” or a “good bullet,” which makes a promise that is more valuable than others.

We gave you an example of a Lead Magnet with a very specific promise …

3. Comes to a desire to know the outcome in advance

What does the market really want?

If you can provide a promising Lead Magnet, potential customers will be happy to provide you with their contact information.

4. Immediately satisfied

Avoid using long documents and courses to become a Lead Magnet.

Your market wants a solution and they want it now.

5. Change of relationship

The best Lead Magnet gets more subscribers… they really change your status and potential customers in the future will become your real customers.

6. High perceived value

It’s completely free, doesn’t mean it’s NOT valuable.

Use professional images to establish true value in the minds of your visitors.

7. High practical value

If your Lead Magnet is cliché and not quality, you may receive customer contact information, but you will lose their attention. To win, you must promise AND keep your promise.

8. Fast consumption

You don’t want Lead Magnet to be a barrier in your sales funnel, so design your Lead Magnet so it is easy for your customers to consume.

Your Thank you page is usually the one that gives the next offer.

If Lead Magnet is difficult to consume (a 300-page book, a 30-day email course) the conversion rate on this recommendation will below.

Check out your Lead Magnet using this checklist.

Now, I understand you are thinking about this…

What Are 6 Ideas Lead Magnet For Effective?

1. Discount code

Discount codes can send people to your store to make a purchase. A discount code is a deciding factor for whether someone comes to your store or your opponent.

Example: if someone searches for “restaurant discount codes” and your local hotels are also offering discount codes – you’ll get that customer and their contact information.

I think every local restaurant and hotel should have a discount code and don’t be afraid to pay to advertise that lead magnet to outperform your competitors.

2. Checklist

A checklist is a lead magnet that outlines some processes that can be systematized and useful for your customers.

Example: A list of items to bring when traveling, they are clearly listed for each item. Full title, description, images …

Give people a checklist or step by step instructions to help them solve the problems they encounter.

3. Ebook

Although ebooks are not as attractive as they were a few years ago, they are still a good lead magnet. It simply depends on what your customers want.

There is a tip for you if you decide to use the ebook as a lead magnet – break it up into smaller parts and do it independently of the rest.

4.Free Trial

Free trials can work great.

For example, many SaaS companies offer a one-month free trial of their software.

or Clickfunnels Free 14 Day Trial

In addition, the gym is also a typical example of a business for a free trial member for 1 week or 1 month.

5. Online Course

Online courses and the need for online learning are booming now. If you can offer an online course to teach someone, something to make their job easier – it can be a successful lead magnet.

One Funnel Away Challenge of Russell Brunson is a course that will help business development to increase lead and sales

6. Webinar

The webinar is basically online seminars that have both teaching and sales to its attendees. This makes them a great option – participants learn something and you make money!

You can also automate webinars which allows you to record them once and be used repeatedly.

Despite many webinar strategies, one of the best is Russell Brunson’s Perfect Webinar. You can learn more about it here: [Link]

Which Lead Magnet Should You Choose?

Depending on your industry or the nature of your business, a diverse lead magnet will attract more customers. Your lead magnet needs to be eye-catching, attractive, and of course beneficial. But you should not provide a complete service or product. Anyway, your lead magnet exists just to help you convert visitors into leads.

Surveys with a cover as a game are also not a bad approach. It encourages customers to visit the website to test their knowledge, attitude, personality, or even IQ. This structure allows you to get their contact information while they are enjoying the game.

If you feel your customers are looking for deeper knowledge, data, and information, provide it for free. Depending on your industry, a useful but incomplete report can increase your conversion rate. If you invest in the report, save it as a PDF and let customers download it for free. This will be more convenient for visitors, making your document more attractive. Your thoughtfulness can make them hesitate to opt-in to your site.

The software company has had great success with releasing free software. Everyone likes the feeling of getting free stuff, and providing trial software or cuts can significantly increase your conversion rate. Simply ask your visitors to register to join before downloading your free products.

Instructional videos can also increase your conversion rate by 5 times. Some technologies allow you to return to your screen, making it easier than ever to create a detailed video tutorial. Tutorials are a way to get your customers’ attention and help them understand how simple you are creating your product or using it.

Webinar (Webinar), is also very effective and is currently quite popular. Regular seminars are a great way to encourage your visitors to learn more about your company, products/services, and even your business culture. The secret to webinar’s success is to avoid making it completely like an advertisement. In fact, you must provide benefits before demanding customer commitment.

E-commerce and online businesses can achieve great results by using discount vouchers – it will help you get more potential customers. There was only one problem. If you continue to offer continuous discounts the day after month, you will actually lose your customers when they realize your advertising price is the actual price. Consumers are very experienced today to deal with sales plots like “only once”.

Optimize the title

You only have a maximum of a few seconds to attract attention, so it’s no surprise that your title is the most important factor. And once you’ve decided which lead magnet to use, it’s time to focus on optimizing it to increase conversion rates.

The title should be like having a direct conversation with your customers. Their eyes are always looking for compelling calls to action (CTA). They will be more likely to join the registration if you have all of the following:

  • Specifically: Provide a specific benefit for customers to be aware of quickly
  • Promise only one thing: The visitor is seeking benefits. And it is your job to make sure that the promise is clear and specific.
  • Don’t be mean: Although you do not set a monetary value for your lead magnet, it should not look cheap. You should take the time and effort to make it look a little more subtle.
  • Provide those values: If you just cough and they see your appearance catch your eye, you can still get customer information. But if you do not keep the promise, the rate of leaving will be very high. You will lose all the potential customers that you have hard-earned. Or worse, you will damage your reputation and there will be very few people following you in the future.

Below I have listed the 9 most effective Lead Magnet types today:

1. Instructions / Reports

Reporting and guidance are some of the most common types of bait.

If you use a Lead Magnet of this type – be careful. You can easily break the rules of specificity with this Lead Magnet.

Here is a Free Guide Motto we created …


2. Documentation

The documentation works very well.

They have a different “feel” to the reader than reports or instructions.

They are usually very short (one or two pages) and address an extremely specific point. You can provide lists, “blueprints.”

Attention, you should blur the content to create curiosity.

3. Toolkit / List of resources

A set of tools or list sources can make a great Lead Magnet for business and market.

We provide a set of internet marketing tools to collect contact information …

4. Training videos

If it makes sense, and you have the skills, video can be a very effective way to deliver your Lead Magnet.

We also got a lot of leads from this series:

5. Free download/trial software

Software companies often provide free trials of their software as a Lead Magnet.

For example, Clickfunnels gives potential customers a 14-day free trial.

6. Discount / Free shipping

For those who sell physical products online or offline, discounting or free shipping can be an effective Lead Magnet.

7. Question / Survey

A quiz, survey, and results will be emailed to a very attractive way to generate leads.

You can build a survey tool.

Below is the Question Question form of famous blogger Ramit Sethi.

8. Evaluation / Testing

A review or test, especially when it is submitted online for increased consumption and satisfaction, can create a powerful Lead Magnet.

9. Quotation / Catalog

In some cases, the most desirable piece of information for the market is prices and descriptions of products or services.

The furniture and real estate market is the most obvious example

Now that you’ve seen some examples of Lead Magnet, are you ready to learn about what makes a successful Lead Magnet?

How To Create Lead Magnet Funnel In Clickfunnels?

You can watch the video below about Clickfunnels

>>> See ClickFunnels Pricing Page >>>


Step 1: Start Trial 14 Day Clickfunnels.

After that, inside the Clickfunnels dashboard. We are click Add new => Start Cookbook.

You can see, we have 2 choices. Start with cookbook builder process and Classic funnel builder. But I really recommend we nee choose Cookbook, because if you no have an Idea for design the page, they will give you some template.

It’s so cool and all you need to do is pick what page design you like and modify it.


Step 2: Pick Your Funnel.

Of course, in this case, we learn to create lead magnet funnel. So we choose Lead magnet funnel in this section. Remember, you just have your lead magnet first (pdf, video, checklist,…)


Step 3: Pick page design you like


Step 4: Modify the page

And now, we have a pretty design. So what we have to do now is fix that for your product. And we will Create your lead magnet page first.


Edit lead magnet page


Preview page design of lead magnet funnel


Preview with the mobile device

After Create Leadmagnet page funnel, we going to edit the next page


Preview page design

>> See ClickFunnels Pricing Page >>>


Developing a Lead Magnet does not take too much time or effort. It doesn’t have to be an “as much as possible” type.

For example, an eBook with a thickness of 100 pages may not work as well as a 1-page Checklist

So, here are a few tips to help you succeed:

Be specific. This refers to both the lead magnet and the result.

The example that doesn’t work: 50 eBook pages are called “Learning How To Become a Bike Racing Champion”

Good example: 1 Checklist with the title “8 steps to earn 400k in 60 minutes”

Provide immediate satisfaction. Customers always want answers to their problems immediately. They do not want to wait for an answer. Think of a way to keep it short and sweet, so they are immediately complete and have a direction to go on. Good luck

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