Knowledge Business Blueprint – Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russell

Knowledge Business Blueprint (KBB) is the key to ultimate success.

Do you know? How do the richest, most successful people accelerate their business? How can they promote their brand and allow them to become stronger?

Behind the mysteries and mysteries of each business owner is a network to support people around them. All have their own secrets. This is done with options, such as a mastermind group, such as The Knowledge Business Blueprint.

On April 30, 2019, they will show you the secrets behind the $355 million daily industry.

Please look forward to me!


Mastermind Live Training

  • Price: Free
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  • Host: Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi
  • Guest: Russell Brunson

Knowledge Business BluePrint (KBB)

  • Price: $1,997 or $597 x 4 (4 pay)
  • Sales page: Click here
  • Training: Membership
  • Trainers: Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi
  • Support: Facebook Group Community, Email support
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Highly recommend

Note: KBB course only available until 13/05/2019


What Is Knowledge Business Blueprint?

This is probably an approach that helps you build your business or project as quickly as possible. The program is designed for you to take great action and achieve success.

  • A program was introduced by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.
  • Guide you through techniques for the mastermind.
  • Give you the methods used by pros.
  • Help you take advantage of the best tactics for a successful mastermind.
  • Using MindMint, the software gives you everything you need to succeed.

I have found that it is the successful individuals around me who have helped me learn and experience creating a successful business, as well as the ability to find my way of life today. When I decided to do this, I was eager to make a jump to success. And luckily I did it.

If you want to speed up your success, then the Knowledge Business Blueprint is one of the mandatory toolkits to help you get the results you want.

Do it today and success will come to you like me.


Why Should You Use Tony Robbins’s Mastermind Program?

There are many reasons that many people now use the Knowledge Business Blueprint with Tony Robbins and use these groups to succeed. It is the perfect mastermind formula. I personally find that they have the ability to change the way I work with my business. Maybe because Tony Robbins and his colleagues have gained a reputation in the field for more than 20 years.

Beginning business owners can certainly use a mastermind to promote success. When you have ideas and ideas from a few experienced individuals, you will avoid the pitfalls. You also find solutions to problems in many different ways from the support of highly qualified people.

The conspiracy team with the Knowledge Business Blueprint will support you with all issues. Whenever a group of individuals come together to achieve success goals and enhance their learning capacity, they will get solutions that are not available elsewhere. This is the root of the perfect mastermind formula.

You will completely believe in me when you see that the Knowledge Business Blueprint is designed to help you grow faster, easier and with the effectiveness of other like-minded groups that can support your adventure. in the shortest time possible.

What Does This Mastermind Group Do?

This conspiracy team will help you not only surround yourself with successful people but also use different mechanisms to get exactly what you need to achieve success.

With the Knowledge Business Blueprint, you not only learn how to work with successful mastermind groups. You can also get profit from those groups and to build a profitable business.

This will be the place where you have just learned and worked with experienced successful people. You can become partners as well as other relationships in the future.

The real conspiracy group is not only with the ability to produce successful results. It is also designed with the ability to focus on the impact to develop yourself.

I personally believe that with the Knowledge Business Plan the ability to continue to grow, be aware and build your awareness can ultimately change your level of success. Think about it, when you are working with an environment that allows you to grow every day and ponder what you are doing, it will maximize your success.

The mastermind team does not show you how to crush it with everything you do, but you also get a free Software Program, MasterMint, that guides you through the step-by-step process of building your mastermind while getting specific results.

Mastermind Live Training Event

I mentioned above that having an industry worth $ 355 million a day and still booming! According to Forbes, it is said to have nearly tripled in just five years. That’s crazy, isn’t it?

However, it is a real industry – the online information industry. In fact, do you think it would be great if you had the opportunity to be creative and passionate, but still get paid for it through what you bring to others.

Or maybe even get paid just by bringing people together in a community to help them grow! However, to be able to share with you these articles in this article. In fact, it took me many years with a multitude of failures to gain the experience today.

I wish I wished I had the opportunity on Tuesday, April 30 to hear and see the two people I admired the most, the two of whom had affected millions of lives; including mine, will broadcast live to show you how to influence and get paid to do it.

Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi are doing a LIVE online training on April 30 @ 5pm PST and I can’t be more excited.

Watch the video below to discover how you can use it to leverage your business from Stefan James –


>>Watch Replay Kbb Method Live Training Now!

About the Author: Knowledge Business Blueprint

Tony Robbins


Tony Robbins is really the person who influences millions of people and changes their lives. This man has been an advisor and trainer through the presidents of the United States, world leaders, industry giants, celebrities and top athletes, A multiple New York Times best-selling authors. The man who rocked the auditorium with more than 50,000 people in his audience. And there was a documentary on Netflix and he provided over 500 million meals through Feeding America for those in need. But did you know that Tony once had a childhood:

  • Tony Robbins was thrown out of his house by his mother when he was 17 and he slept in a car and in a friend’s laundry room?
  • Did you know the first event he wanted to attend with Jim Rohn almost happened because he didn’t have a $40 entry fee while at that time he could only earn $35 in a week?
  • Do you know about the man who was rejected many times from many different people and companies?
  • Or the man when he did his first event was expecting 500 attendees but only five did?

Before you take the LIVE training on the 30th, watch this video now when Tony opens and reveals the secrets from his past that I don’t think another person knows…


Dean Graziosi


If you don’t know Dean, let me say this

This is a man in the few characters I admire when he doesn’t go through any high school and he works completely his way:

Starting over 13 successful companies, becoming an author, the best-selling investor of the NY Times and one of the most-watched entrepreneurs in the 21st century.

Dean Graziosi is well-known as being a leading success coach, business owner, entrepreneur, real estate expert, author, and speaker. Based in Scottsdale, AZ, Dean has written multiple New York Times best-selling books and has touched the lives of millions of people around the world with his powerful messages and remarkable education, with his social media profiles reaching millions and millions of people weekly.

And he is also someone who’s made a massive impact on my life, especially when it comes to improving my marketing, sales, and scaling my business.

History of The Formation of Mastermind Groups?

The idea of ​​the instigator was rooted in the Napolean Hill leader in the 1925s. He believed that creating a group of individuals focused on solving complex problems would always accelerate positive results. More than only one individual resolves them. He released the Book: “The Law of Success” was written to guide those who have masterminded and approached different perspectives to create strong networks and support each other.

Ten years later, the book “Think and Grow Rich” have further clarified the concept of the conspiracy group and how to use the network of successful people to achieve your own success. This is probably a big step towards a large amount of popularity with a conspiracy group and how it can be used for wealth as a perfect mastermind formula.

Why Should You Join a Mastermind Group?

Mastermind-Groups There has long been a debate about the power of a conspiracy group and whether it can be used effectively to build a business or a successful project especially in the 21st century.

And of course, there are many ways to develop successfully, many of which do not require the effort of a conspiracy group. Just aim to implement it or follow the winning formulas of experienced people in the field you pursue.

However, everyone wants to succeed quickly.

So, with the Knowledge Business Blueprint as well as other group efforts along with dynamic change, create the perfect mastermind formula. You can develop yourself, as well as the strategies behind it. What you will learn with the knowledge business plan is that you should learn how to apply these to your business or focus on establishing methods that are appropriate for your business. You can develop and expand tactics to help work as well as other tactics that you simply can’t take advantage of.

Do it, and you won’t waste much of your time and money.

This is where a conspiracy group makes all the difference. When you work with other like-minded people, people will help and achieve success. A group of genius minds can focus together on specific issues or actual growth mechanisms for your business, working together to solve problems to reach certain success.

Business Knowledge Blueprint is the perfect mastermind formula that will help you focus, capture goals to help you achieve a certain amount of success with faster speed. This is not possible with basic strategy sets or even your personal processes.

More importantly, there are mechanisms we have based on social evidence and setting goals that allow us to achieve more success by having a network. With these strategies, it will be easier to get the results you need and you can control through query tools. The network has a strong and influential approach that allows us to achieve those specific goals.

The Topic In Mastermind Live Training

Success Pyramid


This is, of course, a perfect official mastermind. Insiders stand out to make a big impact and the profits from this industry are worth more than $139 billion.

KBB method

For decades, everyone (including me) asked how they did:

  • They were able to influence and change the lives of millions of people both in thinking and about the successes achieved
  • Become famous people in their field and become top experts
  • Generate billions of dollars in revenue
  • Create books, software, courses and presentations
  • The legacy will last longer than ever
  • And do it start with no university, no money, and no experience.

Whether you are an established expert, start from the beginning or are on the way to becoming a leading expert in your field.

Tony, Dean, and Russell finally shared the KBB method so that anyone could know and be able to follow what they did to get the current position (it would have a lot of impact, influence and change your income.)

Knowledge Business Blueprint Program

In fact, after the live training, they will invite you to come to the KBB course. When you buy this program, here are what you will get:

  • Incredibly Designed 4 Module Training Course “The Knowledge Business Blueprint”.
  • Free Year Of The Mindmint Software.
  • The Private KBB Facebook Group.
  • The In-Depth KBB Workbook.


  • Unleash The Power Within – Get a sneak-peek into Tony’s most well-known LIVE event! 
  • Live Monthly Training With Dean – Stay on track and get to your next level with monthly LIVE training with Dean. 
  • Funnels To Fill – Get access to a never before seen training with Russell Brunson.
  • Traffic Bundle – Get traffic training from Dean’s personal marketing team.

Knowledge Business Blueprint – KBB Course 



The first step to your success is learning “extraction methods.” The Knowledge Business Blueprint walks you through the steps of developing a mastermind and what you need to look for to create the formulas you need for success.

With the network extraction module, you will have an overview and a more specific strategy designed to be successful. Study Tony’s success recipes that he uses every day to achieve success. It is gathered by tons of tools used by experts to make masterminds work. That includes Mindmint software as well as a module overview to help find the perfect mastermind.

Lesson 1: Tony Robbins’ Secrets To Success

  • What Does It Take To Succeed
  • Mindset Secrets To Scale Your Business
  • What To Expect Moving Forward

Lesson 2: Your Expertise & Ideal Client

  • Discovering Your Superpower
  • Identifying Your Ideal Client
  • The Narrow Your Niche Tool

Lesson 3: Story, Teach, Tool

  • The Secret Art Of Storytelling
  • Extracting What To Teach

Lesson 4: Your Toolbox

  • The Clarity Tool
  • The Intro Card
  • Seven Levels Deep
  • I Know I’m Being Successful When
  • Your Not-To-Do List
  • The Needle Movers
  • The Spotlight Tool
  • The Success Loop
  • The One Thing
  • Negotiation Secrets
  • Ideas Worth Doing
  • The Connection Tool
  • The Wrap Up Too

Lesson 5: Your First Agenda

  • Picking Your Event Name
  • Picking Your Event Type
  • Creating Your First Agenda


This is really the starting point for your success with a conspiracy group. With Module 2, you step into some of the strongest marketing tactics in the industry or in the field you are pursuing and it is provided by top professionals. Your guide to this part of the Knowledge Business Plan includes marketing strategies, how to fill in events and launch methods that many of the world’s leading experts use for their masterminds. they.

The Fill It lessons include at least six lessons that show you exactly how a mastermind works and how events are organized for a conspiracy group. You can become a leader in your own events, online or directly while understanding the main recipes for marketing and filling in the mastermind groups you care about.

Lesson 1: Becoming A Marketing Expert

  • Marketing & Sales Redefined
  • Mastermind Marketing Philosophy
  • Hook, Story, Close

Lesson 2: Mastermind Funnel Blueprint

  • Website vs. Funnel
  • Anatomy Of A Landing Page
  • What To Charge For Your Event
  • Creating Your First Landing Page

Lesson 3: The Wagon Wheel

  • The Marketing Wagon Wheel
  • Facebook Blueprint
  • YouTube Starter Pack
  • Social Media Secrets
  • Affiliates Made Easy
  • Email Management

Lesson 4: The Different Pages

  • The Perfect Order Page
  • The Perfect Application Page
  • Creating Your Order/Application Page

Lesson 5: The Launch Secrets

  • Launch & Evergreen


Ready for the Run It module? It is a highly leveraged way for you to work with a mastermind. Modules include details about the exact formula you need for a mastermind, what agenda, how to organize the event, and how you can use this to go to the broadcast. business development.

You will be placed in a strong leadership position with any group and you operate to be ready to speed up their business. More importantly, Working groups will make you gain the ability to accelerate your own business. Through group activities, the team will also answer questions and lead to success together.

Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russell Brunson give accurate instructions on how the mastermind formula works, what they did. More importantly, they also provide you with the necessary steps to help you become a strong leader with the instigator and ensure you benefit from the value of knowledge and from the event itself.

Run It module and related lessons are not only powerful in helping you run a mastermind. When many individuals do this, it will help create an even stronger and stronger learning network with people involved in the mastermind formula.

Lesson 1: The Perfect Mastermind Formula

  • Psychology Of Running A Mastermind

Lesson 2: Virtual Event Checklists

  • Running Your Virtual Event

Lesson 3: The Perfect In-Person Event

  • Picking The Location
  • Attendee Communication
  • Creating Event Assets
  • Finalizing Event Logistics
  • Final Room Prep
  • What To Do Day Of

Lesson 4: Last Steps & Thank You!

  • Entire Process Step-By-Step
  • Thank You From Dean


That’s exactly one of the formulas that Tony Robbins used when building some of his programs. It requires not only learning how to run a mastermind and marketing properly but also how to take advantage of other people’s knowledge to profit.

Want a speeding strategy where you are?

What are you waiting for!

This recipe is a tool that allows you to leverage your network groups and masterminds to be even more successful and new approaches to methods related to your acceleration process. Business knowledge blueprint gives you the correct formula to move on to the next level and find the necessary formulas for your mastermind team.

Lesson 1: The Knowledge Broker Formula

  • What It Means To Be a Knowledge Broker
  • Getting To The Yes
  • A Winning Business

Knowledge Business Blueprint Review – Conclusion

I truly believe that Knowledge Business Blueprint can change your life. That’s because it helps you grow yourself, creating a mastermind team with you will focus on your business.

When you are using the Knowledge Business Plan from experts like Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, it will increase your ability even further. The hidden energy in you will explode when using it. This will provide you with more opportunities and formulas to build important profit and contract opportunities from the conspiracy group.

With the Knowledge Business Blueprint, you have the option to get quick results while leveraging the ideas of other famous people in the industry to get results. This will help you change the opportunities you need and will provide you with different solutions for any business you are developing as well as the field you are pursuing.

Remember that when you surround yourself with rich, successful individuals, it will help you be aware, the belief of learning from them to grow like them. It allows you to maximize your potential and take advantage of several strategies at once and use this with practical steps to help you succeed.

With the Knowledge Business Blueprint or any conspiracy group, you will accelerate your results from a personal, practical perspective.

If You believe me.

I advise people to use this to build their business and start getting real results!

Do you want me to show you how to create your own mastermind group of very successful people?

CLICK HERE to immediately access my FREE Mastermind Cheatsheet!


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