InstaProfit Review – ✅STOP✅ Earn Up To $432+ Per Click


$12.95 – $16.95



Easy To Use







  • Easily earn money online via Instagram Traffic Source
  • Receive Big Commissions Effortlessly
  • Promote your content to ready-to-buy audiences
  • Stop paying for ads that cost you thousands
  •  30 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Up to now, I have absolutely no complaint.

I’ve also struggled with making money with affiliate products. For months even…

It actually made me so frustrated about life like nothing else. Like a wish that never comes true.

When I looked through the offers and started to promote something…

It always felt like a dead end.

I grabbed an offer, started to promote it for days or weeks.

BOOM. No sales. Wasted time & energy.

Barely anything happened. No sales at all. And if I got it, it was not worth all the work I had to do. I was feeling lost…

One day I said. “Enough!” I need to do something. I need to step up my social media game.

“Freedom is extremely important these days! I Want My Freedom!” I said.

“What if I automatize all these things?

What if I create a simple automated software system that does everything needed with my Instagram accounts to make money with these affiliate products?”

Then the groundbreaking idea came into the light.

I took only the things that mattered and placed them in a simple to use the toolbox.

And thus, I present you…

I would like to introduce you to your ultimate solution which does everything needed with your Instagram account to make money with your affiliate products – It is InstaProfit!

Interested in? If yes then you need to check my InstaProfit Review below!

InstaProfit Review – Overview

CreatorKenny Tan – Venkatesh Kumar – Al Cheeseman
Launch Date2021-Jan-03
Launch Time10:00 EST
Official websiteCLICK HERE
Front-End Price$12.95 – $16.95
BonusesYes, Huge Bonuses
SkillAll Levels
Guarantee30 Days Money Back Guarantee
NicheTools & Software
SupportЕffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
RecommendHighly Recommend

What is InstaProfit?


InstaProfit is an all-in-one Instagram to allow your customer to make four-figure income easily on daily basis with a free traffic source. They can build email lists, Generate sales, and Drive Free Traffic to anywhere they want using this groundbreaking cloud-based App. 

I know results like this is what you are looking for and InstaProfit can definitely do that for you:

Excited yet? Let’s move on to the next part to see who is behind this amazing product!

InstaProfit Review – About the Author


InstaProfit was created by Kenny Tan and his partners Venkatesh Kumar & Al Cheeseman. Kenny is well known as one of the best software providers on Jvzoo. What I like about him is that his products always come with high quality and cheapest price.

For the past few years, he sold thousands of great products such as IM Holygrail, ProfitCrush, Clickbank Income Automator, etc. Now, let’s look at the next part of this InstaProfit Review and find out its features.

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Let’s now take a look at the detailed features of InstaProfit:

  • Automated 100% Free Buyer Traffic
  • Easily Build a Buyer List with Targeted Traffic Sources
  • Automated Chat Bot Features driving Unlimited Buyer Traffic to your Affiliate Link
  • All-in-one Solution to Leverage Instagram to make more money on autopilot
  • Proven Training with Case Study of using this software to make easy income
  • 100% Cloud-Based App and everything is done for you
  • One-click Automated Solution to Leverage Instagram for your online business
  • No need for any technical skill or no need to run any ads


As you login to the InstaProfit system, you will see its dashboard with your Instagram account’s statistics as shown:

   [+]   Add account

First, you need to integrate your Instagram account with InstaProfit:

All you need to do is just add username, password, and proxy (optional)

   [+]   Create a new list

To create a new list, click on ‘Users’ on the left column and click on ‘New list’

Then, enter your list name and add as many Instagram users to your list as you want by adding their accounts.

   [+]   Direct Message

There is absolutely no need for you to juggle between many tabs as you can send a direct message right from the InstaProfit dashboard when clicking on ‘Direct message’

   [+]   Automation

First, click on ‘New Automation’

Then, select a type of audience for your automation and add your message. If you want to schedule it, InstaProfit can totally do that for you!

   [+]   Add post(s)

You can also add Instagram posts from InstaProfit by clicking on ‘New Post’

Then, add your media, location, and caption or schedule if you want to. You will be able to see your post preview version right on your right hand.

   [+]   Chatbot

You no longer need to glue your eyes to the screen as InstaProfit chatbot will handle all of the hard work for you. Just add as many questions and answers as you want to and your customers will be more than satisfied with your customer service with minimal effort only!

InstaProfit Review – The Demo Video

Since we wanted to make it even simpler for you. We created it with a fully newbie-friendly interface and setup guide that even somebody who never managed to make money online could do it.

Here’s how it works. The process is simple:


– Simply login into the link we provide you. Access Dashboard & Link The Instagram Account With InstaProfit.


– Let the tool run for you to generate unlimited quality traffic & easily grow the Instagram account with content that’s Automatically Generated by our software.


– Set The Affiliate Links & Let The Affiliate Accounts Become Flooded With Unlimited Instagram Traffic.

There you go. You just started sending unlimited qualified traffic to your affiliate links so you can start earning the income you’ve always wanted.



Even A Complete Newbie Can Jump Right Into Generate Unlimited Targeted Traffic With InstaProfit Without Any Hassle

From my using instruction, you can already see that InstaProfit is easy to use and totally newbie-friendly.

Apart from the main software, it comes loaded with a step-by-step setup guide to make sure you will find no problem with InstaProfit.

There is absolutely no technical skills or experience required with InstaProfit!

I Bet You Will Never Want To Go Back To The Previous Methods After Trying Out InstaProfit

You can now say goodbye to all the boring and manual work and start tapping into the power to automatically generated traffic to build your affiliate freedom business with InstaProfit.

This set-and-forget system automates all the manual work so that you can sit back, relax, and watch passive income rolling into your bank account even when you are sleeping. I mean what’s the point of making money online and then end up burning yourself out with all of the manual work, right?

The best thing is it does not bring you temporary freedom, instead, it brings you a long-lasting reality. You can rest assured that the passive profit you earn is sustainable allowing you to enjoy the financial security that you ever want!

Here is what reputable online marketers talk about this product:


Thus, why not go and grab InstaProfit to let it do all the heavy lifting for you? Just give it a try and see how it can transform your life!

Why You Should Buy It?

Hey, you are missing out on this once in a lifetime opportunity, I am talking about my recently launched software…… which is Live!!!


InstaProfits is an all in one Instagram marketing app that drives a huge pool of traffic to your offer pages …Now, you can make a lot of commissions and social media followers with a click of a button!

That is all it takes and the software will start generating income and leads like never seen before….so what are you waiting for?

This is once in an opportunity that I can personally guarantee that will help you generate high-quality traffic and at the same time help you make money….Not satisfied?

This also provides you with a step-by-step training video that will show you how to fully utilize this powerful software where you can see the result yourself!

HURRY and claims YOURS NOW!


Let’s first recap what you are going to get with InstaProfit:

The Front-end price of $16.95 for this incredible and once in a trillion product. This is clearly a crazy bargain!

(When you are on the sales page, wait for a minute for the discount window pops up to get InstaProfit at $12.95)

I’m 100% sure that you just can’t find this amazing opportunity anywhere else. Let me tell you why: Traffic is the lifeblood of any business and you have so many options when it comes to generating traffic:

   [+]   Free traffic does not convert at all and you will just burn yourself out trying to spam your social network!

   [+]   Paid traffic indeed gives you much better results. However, since the cost is too high, it is highly likely to eat up your profits!

Thus, I believe InstaProfit is your ultimate solution which gets you targeted traffic without having to spend a single dime!

Be quick to grab this golden opportunity because this price will increase shortly after and I know you don’t want to miss out on it!

Don’t hesitate because this is not only a low-cost but also a risk-free investment. If you are not satisfied with this course at any point, you can get a FULL refund within 30 days of your purchase!



Also, if you want to maximize your benefits from this app, be sure to consider these upsells once you check out:

OTO 1: Unlimited Edition – $37

  • #1 “Unlimited Scaling” For Unlimited Earnings

Scaling a business is not an easy task in the old way. That’s why we created this Upgrade for you. It’s basically revenue scaling on steroids. You will get the chance to scale your traffic 2x, 3x 10x. You choose how much you earn.

  • #2 Create Unlimited Campaigns

There are a lot of high-paying offers out there. Why focusing on just 1? Why not be able to send traffic to ANY offer you want and make money off it? Now, you can do this. You can create unlimited amounts of campaigns to send unlimited amounts of traffic to an unlimited amount of offers. Unlimitation at its finest.

  • #3 Generate Unlimited Traffic To Your Offers

Higher traffic increased sales. As you already know, the more traffic you generate to your offers, the more sales you do, the more money you may get, the better your life will be. Since you have already done the first step, why stagnant? You deserve the best. Take the next step and don’t miss the chance to set your earnings to “Unlimited Mode”

OTO 2: Automation Edition – $47

Set Instaprofit to run 24/7 for you without doing anything. The software will spike your affiliate links with quality traffic every single day.

Build a true passive income business. Just lay back, relax & earn. Save time & energy for things that matter to you.

The “Autopilot Freedom” does this exact thing. It puts EVERYTHING on AUTOPILOT for you. Everything, from A to Z. Stop doing the work as all small earners do. Play like the big winners & earn top commissions on FULLY autopilot.

OTO 3: Diamon Edition – $197

  • #1 Everything Done For You. Fully.

We will take care of the hosting. Set up the software. Configure it to run smooth and specifically for your needs.

  • #2 Ensure Your Earnings

We make sure everything goes accordingly. If something comes up, we’ll immediately fix it for you. We know how important it is to create a flawless experience in life. That’s why we’re doing it for you. We’ll make sure everything is fine and create the perfect system to continuously deliver earnings to your Affiliate account.

  • #3 Sit back & Relax

Just give us your Affiliate ID (so we can set up everything to be linked to your account) and go back to your normal activities. Enjoy the time with your family. Go to the beach. Play games. Anything that makes you enjoy life. And don’t forget to check your Affiliate earnings and feel amazing.

OTO 4: DFY Campaigns – $67

What you are getting today:

  • Our High Converting Instagram Secret:

We will reveal our secret Instagram campaigns and give all our Done for your materials to you…

No need to worry about creating everything from scratch.

  • Steal Our Instagram Posts Which Generates Consistent Four Figure Everyday

Steal our sales-generating poster and caption for yourself. You can easily make three to four-figure every single day.

  • Steal Our Message Swipes That Made Us $1342.76 Per Day

We have used high sales converting swipes for our followers. These are the swipes we use to make affiliate sales every day.

  • 10 Guaranteed Approval For Offers

You will get guaranteed approval and 100% commission on 10 high converting products. We’ve spent thousands on copywriters and design, not to mention the products. So you can make a ton of money off them!

  • Step By Step Guidance From Experts:

You will get fast and high responsive support from our technical support team to get your best results with InstaProfit. Our expert team helps you get you four-figure paydays with InstaProfit.

  • Three Premium Bonuses

You will also get three fast-action bonuses when you purchase the steal our traffic package. These bonuses are time-sensitive so get it before it’s gone.

OTO 5: Steal Our Website Traffic – $197

  • Legally Steal Our Traffic For Yourself

Now you can siphon all the buyer traffic from our sales pages and send them to wherever you desired with only a few clicks… And you will continue to get this traffic for life!

  • Step By Step Training

We are offering training and tutorials to teach you how to siphon our traffic (Shhh… please keep this a secret) to make thousands of dollars every single day.

  • Expert Guidance

Our support expert will guide you to get the best result with this program. So, basically, we will show you how to really make some serious money with our traffic that you’ve legally stolen from us!

  • Facebook Mastermind Group

You will also be invited to our customers only Facebook group for you to connect with like-minded people and get any kind of help there.

OTO 6: Reseller – $67

As an InstaProfit Full Package User, you are qualified for another opportunity to make more money with InstaProfit Reseller License.

You will get 100% profCaveXit for the product that you just bought (InstaProfit All OTOs). Yes, You can sell InstaProfit to unlimited customers and keep 100% of the Profit.

Best of all, you are licensed to use our Marketing Materials such as the sales page and VSL, etc. The actual value of the funnel is $700 and you get to keep all this profit yourself.

OTO 7: Gold Membership – $37

  • 24/7 Access to the creators (within reason, even they have to sleep)
  • Daily Facebook Lives to Answer ANY questions you might have regarding to making money online.
  • Dedicated SCOPE VIP ONLY Facebook group (this will never be open to the public).
  • Dedicated WhatsApp support group chat, again this will NEVER be available to the public.
  • Free Access To ALL their future products (Priceless in itself).
  • Skype Access to the creators and other VIP group members.

OTO 8: 1k per Day Training – $37

What Will You Get In InstaProfit 1K Per Day Training?

  • Our Actual Strategy To Make Money & Generate Leads

We will show you how we make consistent affiliate sales and build a list using InstaProfit.

  • Building Email List With InstaProfit

We will show you how you can build your super-targeted email list with InstaProfit traffic source and how it’s done without dropping a sweat.

  • Affiliate Marketing With InstaProfit

We will show you how to make affiliate sales every single day with the help of the InstaProfit.

  • Expert Support For Getting Results

Our expert support team will help you get the best results with this training. You will get all the full guidance from us to make sure you succeed with this training program. In other words, we will take you by your hands and guide you all the way!

InstaProfit Review – Bonus

It gives you the power to:

  • Bonus Offer 1: Boss Funnels

Stop Paying hundreds of dollars for funnel builders every month. This software allows you to create VIRAL funnels that help you build massive lists and get extreme amounts of traffic.

  • Bonus Offer 2: Instagram Marketing Excellence

How About Some FREE Traffic? Discover How To Generate Unlimited FREE Traffic That’s Targeted And Converts Like Crazy… As Soon As Today!

  • Bonus Offer 3: Traffic Beast

The five powerful techniques outlined in this guide are geared toward a single purpose; helping you drive more traffic to your website.

These methods that you will learn are easier than you might have thought initially and will bring you results within a week.

  • Bonus Offer 4: Instagram Secrets

Instagram Ads are not the most expensive way to promote your business and brand, but it is not a cheap option either.

Businesses of all kinds are seeing excellent results with it. It works, you just need to know how to get it right.

  • Bonus Offer 5: Commission Generator

Follow A Complete System For Gearing Up A High-Speed Affiliate Campaign That Generates Nonstop Profits!

If you wish to make thousands if not millions online, affiliate marketing is a good business model that you can get started fast.


Apparently, InstaProfit works perfectly for EVERYONE because, to be honest, who does not want to generate passive 4-figure income using Free Traffic, right? Whether you are a complete newbie or an IM expert, you should totally check it out.

Especially if you appear on the following list, you should really consider this software:

  • Small or Local Business
  • Business owners
  • Freelancers
  • Online marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • eCommerce owners
  • Newbies

And this list just goes on and on.



  • Easily earn money online via Instagram Traffic Source
  • Receive Big Commissions Effortlessly
  • Promote your content to ready-to-buy audiences
  • Stop paying for ads that cost you thousands
  • Generate high-quality Instagram content
  • Automated Posting
  •  Enjoy the freedom of having an autopilot income
  •  Set the software to high-quality traffic to the affiliate links
  • Newbie friendly
  • No skills or experience required
  • Low-cost investment
  • 30 days Money-back guarantee


  • Up to now, I have absolutely no complaint.

InstaProfit Review – Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is InstaProfit?

It’s a set & forget software that harnesses the power of Instagram automation & lets affiliates automate their income by automatizing the manual process of getting traffic.

  • How many Sales can I make with InstaProfit?

You can make an unlimited number of sales using InstaProfit. There is no limitation of how much money you can make with this. Sky’s the Limit.

  • Is it Beginner friendly?

Yes, it is completely beginner-friendly and we did all the hard work for you. SO, there is not much manual work for you. The App work completely on Autopilot. And also we added a Free tutorial to get started.

  • Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, you are covered with 30 Days Money-back Guarantee. There is absolutely no risk when you act now.

  • How do I get Instant Access?

InstaProfit Review Conclusion

This is the end of my InstaProfit Review. I hope that the article will lend you a hand in choosing the right tool for your business to make lots of money. It is really easy to use and definitely, new beginners will have no difficulty in using it!

So, you definitely want to own InstaProfit now. Let’s click the sales button now before the price goes up.

Lastly, if you like this product, comment below and let me know! I hope to get positive feedback from you!

Once again. Thank you for your time on my software review website!


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