Funnel University Review – The Best Sales Training You’ve Never Seen

Those who love marketing or business always have this question: Is there any good way to study business effectively but save time and money? Why not? Funnel University is my recommendation.

Introduction, Funnel University


Sales marketing is one of the most popular ways to make much money now and then. The complicated process, including promoting, selling products or services, market research, and advertising  requires carefulness and high concentration

Therefore, the recent demand for knowing more about sales has been significantly increasing for over a decade. You can learn about it from free online sources such as Youtube, blogs, forums, and anywhere else you trust in. So if you want to have a reliable course, it is worthy of what you have spent on. This is called “You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours”. My answer is Funnel University.

Have you ever heard about Funnel University – a new type of learning? And do you think that Funnel University will meet your requirements? If you are getting lost on Funnel University and want to know how exactly it can help you to produce super beneficial sales funnels for both online and offline? This is the right place! Funnel University should be one of your best choices to master sales techniques.

Things to know about Funnel University


Funnel University is a training program paying much attention to increase the figure of traffic and sales for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to get more information about sales and how to optimize these funnels for maximum revenue generation. But that’s not all you can get from Funnel University. You will also learn how to create attractive scripts, sales letters and learn how to test your funnels. From my point of view, there is no other funnel training platform that comes closer to marketing fields than Funnel University.

If you take lessons from this university, you will receive the ultimate benefits. If you have no idea what this university is, we are going to provide the necessary information right away.

Nevertheless, it is on the way to be better, so it has both benefits and drawbacks. But the disadvantages don’t affect much to the quality of Funnel University.

To me, Funnel University is so great to help start and maintain your business smoothly. Everything you need is right in your hands. You are wondering why I choose it, right? Let’s see what it has.

Overview of Funnel University


Vendor:                 Russell Brunson

Product:               Funnel University

Price:                   14 Day Free Trial then $67/month or $597/year (plus $19.95 for shipping)

Website:               https://funnelu.com

Guarantee:          14 Day Free Trial

Support:               Effective Response

Upsell:                  Yes

Recommended:   Highly Recommended

What Is The Funnel University?

funnel-university-loginMany people think that a university is a place where a huge building is constructed and the tutorials are included in academic activities, faculties, and classes under the control of teachers. However, the online university has changed the idea altogether. You can take online courses directly anywhere and at anytime. Funnel University is one of the functional products which is designed by following this standard model. You can learn everything practically through available live videos.

Taking these courses is like a powerful tool to lead you on the right way to become a professional marketer without wasting much money like other face-to-face courses.

ClickFunnels is a popular marketing software made by Russell. There is no exaggeration to say that your business will be much better under the guidance of Russell Brunson. And there is an excellent chance to take part in Russell Brunson’s live class at Funnel University.

The Funnel University also helps new or small business owners, especially entrepreneurs to understand the funnel systems clearly and teach them how to use the tools productively to increase their income, website traffic, and long-lasting prospects. Every issue is auto-dropped into your mailbox as long as you are a member of FU.

These courses include all kind of training materials such as:

  • Video courses
  • PDFs
  • Audiobooks
  • Interviews
  • Webinars weekly
  • And much more

And if you are one of the members, you will be given so much useful information that can build your fame and promote business.

Get A 14-Day Free Trial To Funnel University

Creator of the Funnel University


Funnel University is detailedly designed by Russell Brunson – a remarkably reputable marketer.

Brunson has been running his online businesses and a software company for many years. He is also well-known for best-selling writings. Russell Brunson is also the founder of a website called DotComSecrets.com, which is created to help business entrepreneurs around the world start a business and promote the growth of the online company as well.

As someone who has seen the struggles of beginner entrepreneurs to find a solution, Brunson understands that problem clearly. That is the reason why Funnel University gives full access to all available course materials to his students.

Funnel University Review – Features and Benefits

  • Generators

There are a variety of funnel generators that are auto-setup in this Funnel University for users to choose freely for instant surveys, video, images, uploading files, generating headlines and resizing images.

Russell provides lively video walkthroughs on how to master each generator so you will not struggle with figure each one out.

Even if you are not a big fan of technology, you will love it at first sight by its functions and designs.

  • Funnel University Back Issues

There are absolutely a ton of back issues ready to be downloaded in PDF format along with step-by-step training videos on each style of the funnels.

From plenty of back issues to training videos, they are using easily-understanding words. So there is no need to figure out if you are a beginner. It’s easy as a piece of cake.

In addition, you also get “Done-for-you” funnels that are ready to be downloaded to your Clickfunnels account.

You only need to edit and tweak the content following your favorite ideas simply.

  • Funnel Split Testing

You will get a full grouping of PDFs, videos, slides and shared funnels inside the following tabs: Funnel tabs, Split Test reports, Black Card videos and etc.

With the amount of this stuff, no difficulty can have a chance to interrupt your procedure your income and traffic.

  • 14-day free testing

You must have worried whether these lessons are suitable for you or not. Funnel University understood your consideration! So, it provides you with 14-day free testing to enjoy these useful lessons. With a 14-day free trial and backed by one of the most trusted names in internet marketing tools and training, Funnel University is a no-risk investment. If you don’t like what it has to offer, you can cancel at any time without a hassle.

  • A printed newsletter included

You will be given a printed newsletter from Funnel University in the beginning. It has been made by collecting all the magazines, newsletters together in 2016 and 2017. In this, there are lots of lectures, tutorials, tips, videos, secret formula and marketing strategies for funnel marketing.

It gives you an overall look at current sales and shows you the right way at the beginning of use! Well begun is half done.

Get A 14-Day Free Trial To Funnel University

Funnel University – Pros and Cons


  • 14-day for free trying.
  • Reasonable monthly cost.
  • A step-by-step training video.
  • A member’s area with additional resources and bonuses.
  • Numerous back issues to be downloaded.
  • Potentially build 6-7 figures sales funnels.
  • Free stuff sent to your home in the post.
  • 40 different functionally purposes add-on.
  • High-quality sales scripts.


  • Pay nearly $20 for shipping.

How To Use Funnel University?

This Funnel University has a clear training video. Just follow these exact steps, you will hold all the FU in your hands!

Who Needs this Funnel University?

This Funnel University is ideally used for who:

  • Want to learn how to optimize their funnels for optimal revenue generations and access to Funnel University’s various knowledge base.
  • Online marketers.
  • Businessmen.
  • IT entrepreneurs.
  • Bloggers or YouTubers.

Price and Evaluation

You are a little bit afraid of thinking about the cost of this great course, aren’t you? In reality, the fees are not as expensive as you have believed. You can take the membership in Funnel University in two ways.

  • Getting a subscription costing $67 per month.
  • Getting subscription costing $597 annually.

And while most universities cost you a crap-ton of money (but don’t even give you the ability to make enough to cover your student loans. Check this out:


Funnel University you can get started today for FREE… and as long as you put forth a little effort, I’m pretty sure your “starting salary” will be a lot higher too.

There is a great fact that you also have the opportunity to test everything for 14 days!

There are all things you will own if you become a member of this Funnel University:

1.Funnel University Newsletter (Individually, Market Worth Of Which Is $9,997)

  • Lots of lectures, tutorials, tips, videos, secret formula and marketing strategies for funnel marketing.

2. The New “Funnel Stacking” Book (Individually, Market Worth Of Which Is $297)

  • Get the funnel stacking book for free (included 3 core funnels).

This book contains all the wonderful information below:

  • The ABC’s of funnel marketing.
  • The concept showing how to use it properly.
  • How to build sales funnels quickly and effectively.
  • Improve engagement and conversion.
  • Earn money through webinars and how to set them up to attract an audience.
  • How to acquire valuable leads vital for business.

If you want to buy this book separately, you need to pay $297. But when you get admission to the university, you will get this book without spending any money.

3. Split Test Winners Book (Individually, Market Worth Of Which Is $297)

  • 108 split tests included.
  • A book totally for free.


4. Funnel-U Black Card + Handouts (Individually, Market Worth Of Which Is $497)

  • A USB disk about funnel marketing. (If you buy it separately, it will cost $497)

This Black Card includes:


  • High conversion sales page templates for websites.
  • Useful techniques to increase the number of customer conversions.
  • From basic to advanced techniques and concepts of digital marketing.
  • Use and utilize the ‘exit pop’ strategy effectively.
  • Analyze and research competitor funnels and find their weaknesses.
  • How to utilize ‘Funnel Hacks’.

5. The Dotcomsecrets Labs Software Suite (Individually, Market Worth Of Which Is $997)

ClickFunnels has several types of software. You will get all the software together for free. If you buy this software suite without the course, you will need $997.

6. CF Pro Tools Software Suite ( Individually, Market Worth of Which Is $1,997)

The most interesting information is that you will get ClickFunnels pro tools for free. For this, you only need to get admission to the university courses. The price of the ClickFunnels pro tools software suite is $1,997.


7. Funnel-U Digital Access Pass (Individually, Market Worth Of Which Is $2,997)

  • The digital access to Funnel University for free given: content, videos, audio, books, etc.

Those who do not take the courses here need to count $2,997 to get access. Why will you miss such a huge opportunity?

After reading these benefits, do you want to become an FU’s member immediately?

Funnel University Review – Conclusion

The course is full of useful information to make you better at what you want to do: Learn how to start your business flatly, promote it and expand it by combining with what you learn. The software allows you to do so many different things that would not be possible without it. Funnel University’s educational material will teach you little tips and tricks for bringing your numbers up in every aspect of the business world.

A thing that I  would like to tell you is that when you become an FU’s member, you also get instant access to a free member’s area, free download abundant sources such as videos, back issues, scripts, tools, etc. They are set up for especially your as if they are thoughtful and trusted partners helping you on your successful way.

That is all about my thoughtful review. I hope that you can find a suitable lesson to start your business and do marketing successfully. Much information about this model will be included right here. For that, at least you can understand how helpful it is for funeral marketing. If you have made a decision to own FU, you will get what you have paid for.

Get A 14-Day Free Trial To Funnel University

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