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Funnel Hacker CookBook by Russell Brunson – Why Is It Worth Buying?

Funnel Hacker Cookbook is a new book by Russell Brunson – the author of two best-selling books:” Expert Secrets Book and Dotcom Secrets Book”. Inside of these books teaches you the strategy and tactic behind successful online Sales Funnel.

After I read the Dotcom Secrets Book and Expert Secrets Book.

I am really excited, both of these books so amazing. Yes, the Dotcom Secrets Book gives me an idea and helps me understand why I need sales to funnel in my business.

But, in this time, I don’t know what type of funnel to build in what time of situation, what pages, what order, what sequences,…

It’s really hard for me!

A couple of months ago, Russell Brunson introduced with me his new book that calls Funnel Hacker Cookbook.

Wow, this is what I waiting for. The book teaches me exactly how to do it. Now, I can’t wait any longer to introduce to you Funnel Hackers CookBook. 

Funnel Hackers Cookbook Review, OverView

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VendorRussell Brunson
Product NameFunnel Hacker Cookbook
Physical BookClick Here To Get Physical Book Version
Website Funnelhackerscookbook.com
Front-End PriceFREE + Shipping 

(Funnel Hacker Cookbook retails for $38.95 but you just pay $19.95 for printing and shipping/handling to receive it In The US)

Digital BookClick Here To Get Free Funnel Hackers Cookbook Pdf Version
Guarantee30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
NicheSoftware, Book
RecommendHighly Recommend

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What is Funnel Hackers Cookbook?

This book is like a recipe book that teaches you how to build a funnel and funnel optimization. In Dotcom Secrets book, Russell talked about how to build a sales funnel. This is like playing Legos. You can watch the video introduce below to understand how Russell used giant Legos to show you how simple it is to use elements, pages, and funnels in this cookbook.



This book will do for you:

  • Funnel hacker’s cookbook is going to show you all the elements necessary to build a funnel.
  • Show you all the pages necessary to build your funnel.
  • All the core funnel types that you need.

This book will NOT do for you:

  • The book does not go deep into the strategy.
  • It won’t show you how to position your offers or craft your messages.

Russell covers these topics inside of the“DotCom Secrets” and “Expert Secrets” Books. He designed this cookbook to be a companion manual to those books.


Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets books- The underground playbook online

So if you haven’t read those books before, I highly recommend doing so now.

You can read the review and get your free copies of Expert Secrets and Dotcom Secrets books right now.

Read these books to understand the tactics and strategy. Then this cookbook will give you all the ingredients that you need to be successful.

Get Your FREE Copy Of Funnel Hackers CookBook

Funnel Hacker Cookbook – Pros and Cons


Step – by – step guide to help you build your funnel: This book has a lot of images. It was like a training help you understand how sales funnel work (with elements, pages, and funnels section)

_ Useful for Clickfunnels: Of course, Funnel Hackers Cookbook was designed for Clickfunnels User. So make sure to use click funnels software to get the best results.

What if I don’t have Clickfunnels account?

Don’t worry, it’s ok.

Now, you can register and get 14 days of ClickFunnels for FREE here.

If you already have another sales funnel software for your business, the Funnel Hackers Cookbook still works for you. Because when you understand how to funnel work, you will speed up on implementing funnels in your business and make sure you do everything correctly.


The cost is pretty high for beginners This is My Recommendation: If you’re already a Clickfunnels user or you think about using Clickfunnels in your business.

Then this is a tool you’ll have on your desk all the time as you’re building your funnels keep it on your desk and open up to the exact page and funnel that you are working on right now.

This book like a self-help guide (recipe book builder) to help you build the sales funnel everywhere, every time.

Funnel Hackers Cookbook, Price

The book actually FREE but you need to pay $19,95 in US or $38.95 for shipping anywhere in the world.

The cost so high if you’re not in the US. So, in this case, I recommend you get the Pdf version.


How Does Funnel Hackers Cookbook Pdf Work?

They’re offered a physical version of the book but they also have digital. So you can download it for FREE now!

Step 1: Click here to visit this page 

Funnel-hackers-cookbook-Step 1

Funnel Hackers Cookbook free download page

Step 2: Click the button: ”Yes! Free Download the Funnel Hacker Cookbook now!” and sign up


Enter your Email here and sign-up

Step 3: Download the FREE Pdf version.

Funnel-hackers-cookbook -Step-3

Get Your FREE Copy Of Funnel Hackers CookBook

Funnel Hackers Cookbook Training

Introduce you to videos from our 3-part Funnel Hacker Cookbook training series…


We went into the sales funnels strategy (Video 1)

Step 1 – Watch Video 1 – Funnel Strategy 

And, we talked about individual elements (or Cameron’s components) and pages you can combine to create sales funnels (Video 2).

Step 2 – Watch Video 2 – Page Recipes 

In Video 3, I will show you how ALL fits together.

Step 3 – Watch Video 3 – Funnel Recipes 

I will present exactly the pages you will need for each of the 22 different sales funnels formulas(and in what order). This eliminates all conjectures when building your funnel.

What Inside Funnel Hackers Cookbook?

The book has 3 chapters:

The first section is Elements: You’re going to learn all about the elements inside Clickfunnels. In this chapter, you will understand the ingredients – the easier to create these recipes.


The cookbook provides over 50 different types of elements

Page recipes: Show you a different function and ingredients on the pages. Read all these pages, you will understand what’s possible.

There are 37 types of pages in this chapter:

  • Presell pages: Survey, Article, Presell, Clickpop
  • Opt-in pages: Squeeze Page, Reverse Squeeze Page, Lead Magnet, Coupon
  • Thank You pages: Thank You Page, Share Page, Offer Wall, Bridge Page
  • Sales pages:  Sales Letter Page, Video Sales Page, Product Launch Page
  • OTO pages: Upsell & Downsell Page
  • Order Forms: Sales Letter Order, Two-Step Order Page, Video Sales Letter Order Page, Traditional Order Page
  • Webinar pages: Webinar Registration Page, Webinar Confirmation Page, Webinar Broadcast Room, Webinar Replay Room.
  • Membership pages: Access Page, Member’s Area
  • Affiliate pages: Access Page, Affiliate Area
  • Other pages: Home Page, Application Page, Hangout Page, Ask Page, Hero Page, Live Demo Page, Store Front


                          The Basic Page Structure
               Page Section – Adding Rows Columns And Elements
The last is Funnel Recipes: Funnel Hacker Cookbook provides 22 different funnels template you can use in your business a book shows you exactly how funnels work to help you get a certain result.

Of course, our goal is selling this book by buying the physical copy that retail costs $38.95. But ask I said before Russell give away it’s for FREE if you’re in the US.

We just ask that you pay $19.95 for printing and shipping/handling to receive it.

The physical product is really good for you.

Imagine, you’ll have it on your desk all the time you need like cooking, and then follow it step-by-step.


Get Your FREE Copy Of Funnel Hackers CookBook

Funnel Hacker Cook Review – The Upsell

After filling all the information you need, in the next step, you can see the other form (oto bump).

They have a special offer that includes physical Expert Secrets BookDotcom Secrets Book, Funnel Hacker Cookbook and other gifts inside Funnel Hacker Black Box.


 Other forms – OTO bump

Funnel Hacker Cookbook Review – Refund


As I know, Russell always provides a money-back guarantee of 30 days for all his products and services You just send a message for Clickfunnels support via Email [email protected]

That’s all they have not asked any question and you get your full refund very quickly. So, don’t worry about that.

Funnel Hacker Cookbook Review, Conclusion 


Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook gives me the best experience to build my sales funnel. They give all templates and how it’s work in my business.

The step by step guide is really simple to follow. I actually need 3-5 days to complete the funnels.

But now, I create my funnel only 1-2hr because I really understand what I need to do:

  • Templates
  • Funnel design
  • Stages
  • Scripts


I’m not in the US so I must pay $38.95 to get this. I have all the physical books and digital books. As you can see the cost is high, right?

But now, I save my time and make tons of money more than what I ever pay. And the question is you’re next?

My Last Recommendation

This cookbook will be a resource and tool that you can keep it on your desk over time and use everywhere, every time you want.

To make sure you get better results, you need to understand the strategies and techniques you can use to serve your customers, serve more and more people.

The “Dotcom Secrets” and “Expert Secrets” Books will help you to understand the sense of a successful company online, behind these funnels…

So if you haven’t read “Expert Secrets” or “DotCom Secrets” before, I highly recommend doing so now.

Read these books to understand the tactics and strategy. Then this cookbook will give you all the ingredients that you need to be successful. (If you haven’t read before, I highly recommend going to get it now.) Click the link to get your free copy of the Dotcom Secrets book and Expert Secrets now.

Get Your FREE Copy Of Dotcom Secrets Book!

Get Your FREE Copy Of Expert Secrets Book!

Remember for every dollar we spend on Facebook, Google, banner ads, solo ads,… we want to at least get that dollar back and get a customer.

Most of the time, the first funnel you create will not make you profitable. Don’t worry that this is the problem I ever have before. Keep trying and testing again and again.

In fact, that’s not even our goal.

The goal of our very first funnel is to break even.

Get Your FREE Copy Of Funnel Hackers CookBook

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