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Funnel Builder Secrets Review – What is Funnel Builder Secrets?

Funnel Builder Secrets is a funnel and channel builder training program, designed to help you and your business skyrocket in your sales and revenue from duplicates to channel hacking and channel building.


Online strategy is not just one thing but a group of scripting components that make up a sales strategy. You need to know everything. So why not study it in a comprehensive course? And the coach is great.

What I’m trying to say is the Funnel Builder Secrets of Russell Brunson. I watched the video when Russell Brunson taught at Grant Cardone 10 times the growth rate. In the final presentation, he sold his high ticket product. It made me feel very excited and excited about Russell’s share.

When you buy it, you also have the Funnel Builder Secrets masterclass inside.

You can plan to register ClickFunnels in the funnel-maker’s secret plan. All is good.

Today, I will show you how the builder’s secret course is how it is worth the purchase of the channel, the benefits that this course brings and of course what you get from it.

Before we start, I think you should watch funnel builder secrets webinar below to discover “The New Secrets Sales Funnel Strategy.”

Uncovered A New Secrets Funnel Strategy Now!

You can read review about Traffic Secrets Course of Russell Brunson

Funnel Builder Secrets, OverView

Funnel builder secrets review - Funnel secrets

Product Name: Funnel Builder Secrets

Owner: Russell Brunson


Funnel Builder Secrets Webinar trainingClick Here

Price: $1997


Guarantee: 30 days money-back guarantee

In10X Secrets is a training masterclass by Russell Brunson, where he’s sharing all his secrets he managed to sell $3,000,000 worth of ClickFunnels products on stage at Grant Cardone’s event called 10x Growth Conference.



What Is Included in The 10X Secrets?

In 10X Secrets you’ll find:

» 10X Secrets Masterclass

10X Secrets Masterclass is 6 hours of training where Russell Brunson will show you how he sold $3.2 million in sales of ClickFunnels products at 10X Growth event + he’ll walk you the step-by-step process on how to create an incredible offer, your audience can’t want to say no!

One important thing to note is that this training is relevant not only for those who’re doing sales on stage but also for those who’re doing facebook live videos, live hangouts, etc.

  • How Much Does The 10X Secrets Masterclass Cost?

10X Secrets masterclass costs only $297 (one-time payment).

10X Secrets Slides are the actual slides Russell Brunson used to generate over 3 million dollars on stage.

With these slides, you won’t need to worry if you’ll manage to create the presentation that would sell.

Because you’ll have everything ready.

  • How Much Does 10X Secrets Slide Cost?

10X Secrets slides cost only $97 (one-time payment).

» 10X Closing Secrets

With 10X Closing Secrets, you’ll be able to understand where Russell Brunson got all of this from and how he learned to generate million dollars on stage.

They went out to 7 people who Russell learned all those secrets, tips, and strategies from – and interviewed them.

And that’s not everything…

Together with that, Russell will show you how he’s still using all these strategies today and how you can adapt it to your business.

  • How Much Does the 10X Closing Secrets Cost?

10X Closing Secrets costs only $297 (one-time payment).

» The Virtual FHAT Event

The FHAT (Funnel Hack a Thon) Event will invite into five live events where Russell will give you all the manuals and teach you how to create converting offers and generate enormous amounts of sales.

For example: how to create the webinar slides, create converting live videos, etc.

Keep in mind that with all this material you’ll not only learn how to sell from the stage but everything you can imagine on.

  • How Much Does 10X Secrets FHAT Event Cost?

10X Secrets FHAT Event costs only $497 (one-time payment).

  • 10X Secrets Price

The main 10X Secrets Masterclass training will cost only $297 (one-time payment). However, together with it, you can buy other products for additional products:

  • Perfect Webinar Slides: $97
  • Closing Secrets: $297
  • Original FHAT Event: $497


The Benefit Inside

Funnel Builder Secrets training will teach you exactly step-by-step from ZERO to launch your funnel. In this class, you will meet Julie Stoian who works with Russell, curriculum, marketing strategy…


In the new update, Russell provides you 2 modules to help you understand the concept of the sales funnel and why it important. It includes:

  • The death of the website: The futures of website, landing page and sales funnel.
  • Hook Story Offer: The reason why 99% funnel broken. It’s very easy but so many entrepreneurs forgot.

When you have the foundation, we go deep into how to build the sales funnel.

Funnel Builder Secrets, The Author 


Julie Stoian is a digital marketing expert and coach, currently making her mark on the internet as Executive Partner and VP of Marketing at ClickFunnels. She’s also the co-founder of the popular brands Create Your Laptop Life® and Funnel Gorgeous.

Julie has inspired and equipped thousands of up and coming business owners with the skills and strategies they need to create, build, and grow profitable online businesses.

Julie started her journey to entrepreneurship as a blogger and writer, garnering the attention of media outlets like The New York Times and Washington Post with her no-holds-barred approach to social media. After a rocky divorce and unexpected pregnancy in 2014 that left her needing to build a profitable business quickly, Julie transformed her passion and love for internet marketing into a multi-million dollar business in less than 3 years.

Today she works with Russell Brunson and the ClickFunnels team to bring aspiring entrepreneurs the best growth hacking strategies and software tools to navigate the fast-paced and ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. She also runs an exclusive mastermind group for qualified business owners looking to scale to their first 7-figures.

Julie has been featured on media outlets like Anderson LIVE, BBC World Have Your Say, and Rachel Ray, as well as numerous business and marketing podcasts and blogs such as Content Academy, Boss Moms, GoDaddy Garage Blog, and Funnelhacker Radio.

BONUS: The Plata o Plomo Funnel Presentation from Funnelhacking Live 2018


The Presentation that Julie and Russell Brunson talk at Funnel Hacking Live 2018


Funnel builder secrets masterclass overview

Join Funnel Builder Secrets Masterclass Today!


When you go through the Funnel Cookbook, you are getting an education on the BIG PICTURE of funnels.

You’ll be able to see all the different types of pages, elements, and funnel types.

If you’re like me, you might want to order a physical copy of the cookbook. So you can keep it on your desk while you build.

At the very least, make sure you have the PDF version.


Get Your FREE Copy Of Funnel Hacker Cookbook Now

>> Read Funnel Hacker Cookbook review here

Funnel Hacker Cookbook like a resource area that you can refer back to at any point in the curriculum


In module 2, we’re diving deep into WHAT you’re going to sell.

We’ll be working on:

  • Who it’s for…
  • What it includes…
  • And gathering the assets you need to build that offer

We’re not in the editor yet in module 2. But it’s SUPER important you do all the steps. Because it will make the funnel building process so much easier.

We’ll tackle things most people miss… stuff like naming your offer, determining value, and identifying the domino that must be knocked down for your customer.


Module 3 will be the last of the “planning” modules. What happens in module 3 is we’re going to finalize:

  • The flow of the funnel
  • Prices of the offers
  • The framing of them
  • And build out a workflow plan to make sure you don’t miss ANY of the steps

It’s really important you choose your funnel in this module, and not before.

Because module 2 sometimes unearths ideas you didn’t have before! Oftentimes pricing, pricing strategy, framing, and funnel design are all integrated.

You may have never picked a price based on a funnel before (usually people do it the other way around). But it’s a surefire way to increase the likelihood that your funnel will be a success from the beginning.


Fair Warning…

This will be the hardest module for many of you! The good news is: they know LOTS of hacks and tips and they plan to give them all to you in Funnel Builder Secrets Masterclass.

When building a funnel, the MOST important part is the offer (Module 2). Next, it’s about framing that offer properly in the right funnel (Module 3).

Next, it’s COPY.

The copy is so important, so don’t skimp here.

This might be the module where you want to quit. But please don’t!

There are lots of ways to get the copy done and remember… done is better than perfect. Once through Module 4, everything is going to go FAST


In module 5, they’ll take their funnel plan and copy, and get to work in the editor.

They’ll show you the basics of how to set up your funnel, get the copy in (something called wireframing).

And by the end, you’ll be a whiz in the editor.


This is the module where they’ll make your funnels look good.

Fan-flipping tactic. Julie teaches you some basic principles of design. So you’re excited to share your funnels, and not embarrassed.

She’ll even show you a bit of how to use Canva and Photoshop to create backgrounds that look like the pros!


Once your funnel is built, we’ll go through each step to make sure everything looks just right on mobile.

With over 50% of people looking on mobile.

This is a step we can’t skip!


In this module, Julie will show you:

  • How to make sure your domains are right.
  • Set up products
  • Connect payment gateways
  • And make sure you can deliver your product to your customers.

We’ll also talk about what to do if your delivery method is on a third party type site.

This will also be where we discuss emails, messenger bots, and follow up funnels to make sure you’re connecting with your customer even after they leave your pages.

This will be a big module where you don’t have to do everything. But they’ll be choices for you to choose to do or not do.


After all the blood, sweat and tears…You want your launch to go off without a hitch.

So they will show you how to do a quality control test of your funnel, and give you a checklist to make sure all the details are covered.

After that we’ll cover building buzz, announcing it to your list, and analyzing the data. How will you know if things are working?

We’ll cover that too.


There are so many ways to get traffic.

  • Blogging
  • Podcasting
  • Facebook Ads
  • Dream 100

In module 10, they will go through each of these methods. So you can deep dive into the one that works best for your audience.

We’ll spend a bit more time on Facebook Ads(Since it’s everyone’s favorite)!

Join Funnel Builder Secrets Masterclass Today!



Besides the copy, traffic is a hard part too.

To help you make sure success, in module 10 you’ll have login into Traffic Secrets Course. This is a full training talk about traffic.

Read Traffic Secrets Course Review here. 

Join Funnel Builder Secrets Masterclass Today!


Now, you might ask how much about the funnel builder secrets masterclass. The basic plan has $1997

I know it’s expensive. But let me show you all of the bonus you’ll get.


$1997 basic plan includes:

  • 6 months Clickfunnels account full suite Etison
  • Funnel Hacks Masterclass
  • Funnel Builder Secrets training
  • Traffic Secrets membership
  • 1-year Funnel Scripts account
  • Unlimited Funnel Bonus

$2997 intermediate plan:  Include basic plan but you have access to Clickfunnels 12 months (6 months in the basic plan)

$5997 premium plan: Include the intermediate plan and you also have 8 ClickStart Coaching Calls ($9,997 Value). They will be coaching you one by one for 8 weeks to make sure you understand how to use the very important feature in Clickfunnels and answer all your questions. 

Does It Legit Or Scam?

ClickFunnels is not a Scam. So don’t worry about it

Funnel builder secrets masterclass provide all the resources that you need to be successful in at least 6 months. In my experience, this is a good deal.

Let see about Clickfunnels and Funnel Scripts price:


Start Your Free 14 Day Trial sign up

As you can see Clickfunnels full suite has $297/month.

That means: you must pay $1,782 in 6 months or $3,564 in 12 months.


                                                                                                                 Funnel Scripts has $497/year.

Now, just $1,997 you will get all of those include all of the bonuses. This is a good deal for you, they gave you EVERYTHING you need to succeed. 

The question is ARE YOU NEXT?


Join Funnel Builder Secrets Masterclass Today!

Pros and Cons


  • Funnel Secrets Builder Masterclass gave you EVERYTHING you need to succeed in at least 6 months.
  • You don’t need to learn any course about the sales funnel in the future
  • The best price to access Clickfunnels and Funnel Scripts.
  • Have a lot of bonus contents
  • Unlimited lifetime access
  • Over +100 hours of video training on building a sales funnel, generate leads, create a copy and drive traffic.
  • 30 days FREE money back Guarantee.


  • Price too high with most people.
  • Many videos are lengthy.
  • You may get suffered from information overload. So you need to focus on the one thing to learn and take action.


The Funnel Builder Secrets is an all-in-one program that gave you all of the tools, video training and everything you need to build successful sales funnel.

I believe it will help you with success unless you do not act.

Imagine with $1,997 to invest then you make $3000, $5000, $10000 or +$100000 in the next month. Is it good?

Just me, so many people from ZERO to 2 comma club winner through this course.

Meet Kaelin – Founder of Laddy Boss – A Newbie Female Entrepreneur Starting With Zero Tech Experience And No Product, Launched Her First Funnel and changed the lives of 1.3 million women in less than 3 years.


Join The Webinar and Discover How She Did It Now!

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