Freelancer Secrets Review – Mastermind with Julie Stoian For Just 1$

Freelancer Secrets Review – Mastermind with Julie Stoian For Just 1$

Are you looking to master your life and your finances? My Freelancer Secrets review will help you find a whole new way to make a big turning point in life.



You are passionate about business, intending to move your work to another direction, but you have not found the right direction.

In the past, I participated in many courses to create a free enterprise. I started working without experience. It was this that made me very difficult. I failed. Not once, but many times.

But when I was most desperate, I found the Freelancer Secrets. It is as its name with a lot of secrets inside.

Before accessing this course, I did not think much about the results it brought. I think I just joined to know because it has 14 days to study for only $ 1. There is really nothing to lose. I have access to it for 14 days and it has immersed me in what it brings. Now, I am preparing to pay the monthly fee for this course. I want to share it with you in my Freelancer Secrets review.

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Overview of Freelancer Secrets

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VendorJulie Stoian
ProductFreelancer Secrets
Front-End Price$49/ month or $199 yearly
TrialYes,  $1 for start trial 2 weeks
Product TypeTraining Courses
SupportCall Q&A with Julie, private community
RecommendedHighly Recommended
Skill Level NeededAll Levels
RefundYES, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Sales Page:Click here

What is Freelancer Secrets about?

Freelancer Secrets is a monthly series of Julie Stoian training courses. This course was released by Clickfunnels.

Every month you will receive calls from suppliers to make new campaigns in business to make a profit. I appreciate this very high because it will follow you until you succeed.

Other courses just give you the campaign then you will have to wrestle with it alone. As for Freelancer secrets, it is completely different. She will always accompany you. Perhaps this is the reason that this course has such a price. 

Creator of Freelancer Secrets


If you’re a funnel hacker, you won’t be left with Julie Stoian. She is mentioned with many great products and courses. As far as I find out, she is a coach, executive partner, digital marketing expert who is the marketing director at Clickfunnels. In addition, she is also a teacher of the Funnel Builder Secrets Course.

Julie shared all of her experiences and inspirations for businesses in the market. Whenever they need it, she is willing to share everything. One thing I like most about her is working hard.

Let us now learn about the benefits that we will receive within this training series.

Outstanding Features and Benefits of Freelancer Secrets


>> Start Trial Just $1 Trial 2 Weeks Now!

You will be provided with a video before participating in the Freelancer Secrets training program. This video will last for 42 minutes. You will discover many wonderful things inside this video.

Honestly, I have never seen a simple training route like this. It helps people know how to start from scratch and how to achieve success.

Julie will guide you in the most detailed way and share every step she has gained from a mother with 3 children to become a 6-figure income.

In the video, you will discover 3 secrets as a Freelancer, Marketer, and agency owner. You can take any idea inside and develop it to succeed.

Let’s learn about the 3 secrets you will get:

Secret 1: How powerful is the “upside-down” service? – You will know everything to have the most successful freelancer and agent model.

Secret 2: Biz attack – You will reveal the secrets that led her from a housewife to a successful businesswoman now. She will honestly share the difficulties she has encountered and how she handles them.

Secret 3: ‘ZuckerBooked’ – Learn how to build a Facebook marketing list without any skills.

After you have finished watching the video I just mentioned above, she will invite you to join her training series and decide whether or not to join you.

Some benefits you will receive when participating in this training program

What do you think if I say you can create a laptop life, let’s explore them! 

  • Create laptop life

This secret will suggest all the most advanced and in-depth incentives for your business.

All channel templates have been made for you. You just need to edit and add messages, your own brand inside to start the campaign.

Create a sales order file to create leads with only 15 minutes. You will know exactly what you need to do to make the most profit.

Hundreds of sample proposals you need to have a large number of potential customers.

Practical studies and examples for you to learn and learn from

The strategy you need to finish the sales process quickly

  • Influence Masterclass

You will be taught how to distinguish between pages, configurations, groups and other tasks.

How to make viewers spend money on advertising

Discover the Facebook algorithm to reach, display and bring the highest results

Post ideas and examples to get quick feedback

The most accurate steps for you to create a channel from your Facebook profile

  • Ask and answer weekly with Julie

This is really one of my favorites in this training program. When you start having an idea, you want to ask someone’s opinion, it’s sad that no one can answer you. You may lose a huge profit.

But with this training program, you can call Julie to answer all your questions. She will be ready to solve any problems you are having.

  • Private Community

Here, you can share and learn all the experiences from team members. You will be connected with translators across the country to learn and grow together. You will never feel lonely on your career path.

  • Job Opportunities

Why do you take the course because you want to have many customers and make a lot of money?

You can become an exclusive provider to reach more customers each month and grow your business.

Like ClickFunnels, this training program includes some Valuable Bonuses for users to create hands-free computer life. These include:

Bonus 1 – Julie’s “Starting from Zero” series

This is a great course for beginners. You will be equipped with everything to set up a business and develop skills to succeed. You can learn

  • Discover your niche market
  • Set up your business
  • Train skills for beginners
  • How to receive your first customer

Bonus 2 – Build Your Financial Foundation Course

This course consists of 4 modules for you to manage your finances. You will learn how to keep books, taxes, customer bills and many other great things.

Bonus 3 – Julie’s No Story, No Results and No Expertise Workshop

You will be taught how to develop yourself when you have no experience, customers, and stories. You can know

  • Moral way to take advantage there is no story
  • How to manage expectations
  • Quick expertise
  • The right way to learn when you go

Bonus 4 – Service Provider Webinar

Ways to make profits with online seminars. How to have a successful web seminar and how to get customers to click on the purchase button and more?


>> Start Trial Just $1 Trial 2 Weeks Now!

How to Use It?

Since this is a course, so you don’t need to install or download anything, all you need to do is register and wait for a call from them to start participating in the training series.

Who Should Use It?

I think this training program is suitable for everyone, especially freelancers. Instead of working hard or taking a useless course, you can join this course right away to receive your business ideas and campaigns.

I think this training program is suitable for both novices and experts.

>> Start Trial Just $1 Trial 2 Weeks Now!

Pros and Cons


  • You only need to spend $ 1 to try it before deciding to buy
  • No experience or skill is required
  • Learn anywhere and anytime you want
  • No download or setup required
  • Simple training steps to follow


  • You may feel overwhelmed because there is so much knowledge inside
  • Its price is not expensive. However, it will be a problem if you are a beginner

Price and Evaluation

You can try this product within 14 days for only 1 dollar. You will then have to spend $49 / month to continue accessing this training series. But you can cancel within 30 days if you feel uncomfortable or unhappy about its result. I see this as an investment without any risk.

Or to save 66%, you should choose a yearly payment method – $199 / year.

You can choose the payment method that suits your needs and budget.

In addition to the features I mentioned above, you also get some of the following benefits:

12 Freelancer models have been completed: just $37, you will get 12 quality samples. They include 2 beautifully designed and 8-page supermodel models. You can edit everything inside to suit your needs.

Last Thoughts

I have shared everything I know about this training series. Hope this information will be useful to you. If you have anything else to ask about it, please leave me a comment, I will answer you as soon as possible.

Once again, thank you for following my Freelancer Secrets review. Goodbye and good luck.

>> Start Trial Just $1 Trial 2 Weeks Now!

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