Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets – Bestselling Book in 2020 by Russell

Russell has released two bestselling books in 2018 as Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets. Today, I will rate you for his book.


Let me ask you a question: Do you know what is the key element to your business’s success?

You must be thinking of the quality of your product or your content, right?

In a way, you are correct! Quality plays a major role in giving the customers a good first impression of your business. On top of that, it also decides whether one will buy your products or cooperate with you again or not.

It can even help you spread a big message to the world if you want to.

Still, despite being that important, it is still not the vital point.


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What Is Russell Brunson’s Net Worth?

Russell Brunson, the author of several best-selling tools, used to say:

“The impact that the right message can have on someone at the right time in their life is immeasurable. It could help to save marriages, repair families, change someone’s health, grow a company or more…

But only if you know how to get it into the hands of the people whose lives you have been called to change.”

In short, if you cannot get people to notice you, how can you spread that message? If you cannot get people to notice you, how can you convince them that your creations are worth their time and money?

Therefore, if you want to quickly raise brand awareness, aside from products’ quality, you must have something that gets potential customers to your business.

You must have a powerful, systematic marketing campaign that can capture your customers’ attention, gain their interest, and finally have them eagerly buy from you.

You do not know how to build anything like that? It is okay, I would not blame you. After all, to successfully operate such a campaign, you have to have in-depth experience in both marketing and technology.

Still, just because it is impossible for you does not mean it is also impossible for some others.

And what if I tell you that an expert in marketing has decided to share everything he knew about the field with you? What if I tell you that there is someone who is willing to let you run the same profitable business as his?

You must be thinking that I am crazy. But that is the truth!

Do you remember the guy named Russell Brunson I have mentioned earlier? Do you know why I decided to quote him rather than the other popular product creators?

I wanted to give you a strong impression of him. Because today, I am going to introduce you to two of his best-selling books – Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets!

Many people from all over the world have been growing their businesses using the strategies they offer. And now, you will be given the chance to do the same!

Well, enough with the irrelevant things, let’s jump right into the juicy parts, shall we?

Russell Brunson – The Creator

russell-brunson-author-clickfunnelsFirst, before we take a look at the two books, let’s get to know their author!

I suppose at the moment, everybody who makes money from the Internet has already been familiar to the name Russell Brunson. After all, aside from Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets, he has developed a lot of other incredible tools.

But in case you somehow have not, I will offer some of his background information. I hope that they are enough to convince you to entrust your business to him like many other entrepreneurs have been doing.

Well, I am going, to be honest, Russell Brunson is a genius in marketing!

There is almost nothing he does not know about profiting from this particular field. I didn’t know exactly when he started his career. But there is one thing I know:

Within the past 10 years, he has released thousands of his books’ copies to the market. All of them revolved around his exclusive marketing tips. And many business owners from all over the world were absolutely thrilled with them!

But do you know what actually contributed the most to Russell’s successful career?

It is the fact that he is the co-creator of ClickFunnels – one of the most renowned Funnel Builder Secrets on the market! And so far, this powerful tool has done a great job in showing the world what sales funnels are as well as helping its users build outstanding ones.

Well, I think this amount of information on Russell’s excellent background is enough to have your full attention on any of his products. So, let’s get back to the purpose of this article, Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets!

Expert Secrets And Dotcom Secrets – Summary

  • dotcom-secrets-bookDotCom Secrets

The book name: Dotcom Secrets Book

Author: Russell Brunson

Sales Page:

First 4 chapters: Click here to read Dotcom Secrets Book pdf first 4 chapters

Pages: 255

Price: FREE + shipping cost (7.95 in US or $14.95 international)

Refund: 30 Days refund ship costs (You still keep the book)

Recommend: Highly Recommend

  • Expert Secrets


The book name: Expert Secrets Book

Author: Russell Brunson

Sales Page:

First 5 chapters: Click here to read Expert Secrets Book pdf first 5 chapters

Pages: 267

Price: FREE + shipping cost (7.95 in US or $14.95 international)

Refund: 30 Days refund ship costs (You still keep the book)

Recommend: Highly Recommend

Expert Secrets And DotCom Secrets – What Are They?

DotCom Secrets

DotCom Secrets was launched before Expert Secrets, so let’s delve into it first.

Simply put, DotCom Secrets is a 255-page book that reveals a brand new strategy to run and manage your online business. It shows you how to find your target customers, how to attract them, and then how to persuade them to buy from you.

Unlike other dry, boring articles you come across everywhere, the instructions included are brought to you in a friendly way. There are several interesting pieces of advice and examples. Even the engaging stories of how Russell having his goods sold out in an instance can be found here.

In short, despite being a guide to a lucrative business, DotCom Secrets is nowhere as serious as that. It is almost like an entertaining book with an easy-read style that is suitable for everyone.

YES! I Want My FREE Copy Of The Dotcom Secrets Book

Expert Secrets

This is Russell’s second best-selling book nowadays. And I think that it is pretty much an upgraded version of DotCom Secrets.

Why? Well, because it shows you how to actually start a business from ground zero, not just running and managing one! It will be giving you the details of how to turn the ideas inside your mind into a profitable business just like Russell’s.

Still, this is not the only thing that differs Experts Secrets from DotCom Secrets. Aside from the extra part telling you the steps to set up a business, the rest of the book also takes on another path. There are things that the other book does not specifically cover, and many more new things.

(Of course, this goes the same to DotCom Secrets. Expert Secrets might look like its upgraded version, but they are 100% different. Many things that one includes are not mentioned in the others, or do not get to go into details)

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Expert Secrets And DotCom Secrets – The Features

DotCom Secrets

DotCom Secrets is going to teach you how to cover four vital aspects that no lucrative business can last without. Most of them focus on the concept of sales funnels since they are basically the system that leads to massive profits.

  • Value ladder

This is the first lesson that the book offers you. The value ladder is Russell’s concept of arranging your products in price-ascending order.

Just picture yourself walking down a stair. Each step has a product of your placing on top. You go from the cheapest ones from the most expensive ones, never miss any. And this lesson will teach you how to get your potential customers to do the same thing.

Russell explains a lot and gives a lot of examples. But in a simple way, you offer a product with the lowest price possible to persuade people to buy it.

When they have completely had faith in you, they will eventually “climb the ladder” to get the expensive ones on top.

  • Communication funnel

In the next section, DotCom Secrets will show you how to communicate with your customers. Despite seeming easy, this is actually one of the most difficult phrases in running a business! After all, persuading someone to listen to you has never been simple.

This covers how to gain your customers’ interests using both normal talks and email marketing. He talked about a lot of things as well as giving several examples.

Still, the only thing that I could never forget about this section is that he always stated that you should never hide your flaws. According to him, this is the quickest way to strike the first impression and have the customers think that you are being genuine.

  • Funnelology

No, that is not a grammatical mistake. That is Russell’s way to talk about his funnel method.

In this part of DotCom Secrets, you will get to know more about the funnels, such as what they are, how to build them, and how to make them highly-converting.

Even though funnels are tough subjects, this book has found a way to make them as simple as possible. It highlighted what you need to do, and also strongly emphasized what you need to avoid.

One thing that I found interesting about this is that Russell did not hide the fact that funnels were difficult to deal with.

Some articles or instructions I have come across always tried to tell people that funnels are not that hard and you could build some if you work hard enough. But Russell did not do that.

Heck, he even told you to use someone’s experience in building funnels, and also showed you how to!

  • Funnels and scripts

In this part, you will get to access some information on Russell’s best funnels. He even provided you with a few awesome models so that you can easily create one of your own.

This covers many types of exclusive funnels he came up on his own. I got to admit, everything is very interesting and informative! He even shared a story about how he built a funnel to sell a product using that same product.

They’re actually one final section, but that mainly focused on ClickFunnels and why you should get it.

Experts Secrets

Unlike DotCom Secrets, Experts Secrets only provides you with three sections. Still, despite the lack of volume, I think it is still worth your money and time.

  • Mass movement

As I have mentioned earlier, Experts Secrets focuses on how to build a business. So, obviously, first, it must teach you how to find and target anyone that is interested in purchasing your goods.

In this section, you will learn how to establish yourself as an Attraction character (leader, guide, or influencer).

The book goes into details about what each type needs as well as how to leave a great impact on the community and turn a part of it into your fans

This part is somewhat similar to the communication part of DotCom Secrets since it also involves persuading and faith-building.

  • Creating belief

Now that you have got some followers, you will get to know how to make them your customers.

Russell mentioned a lot of things on this subject, and a lot of flamboyant words too. But I think what he tried to say was just: Made up a story and use it to draw people’s attention.

Still, here comes the tricky part: That made-up story has to be convincing enough to win over someone’s heart!

And that is why it takes a whole chapter just to talk about this topic. Through the instructions, you will get to know the characteristics of a good storyteller. Plus, you will also know the secrets to make someone get rid of their own doubts and start giving you their money!

  • Start selling!

In the final part, Experts Secrets will let you in on how to create a good offer and make your way to the market.

Since Russell had in-depth experience with webinars, most of the chapter will focus on how to start selling through them.

The book covers several things about this aspect, from the biggest to the tiniest details. It even shows you how to generate sales for months without even relying on any live webinar!


Expert Secrets And DotCom Secrets – The Conclusion

Do you know why I just jumped straight to the conclusion without saying anything about the books’ prices?

That is because right now, you can get them for free!

I’m serious, just check out the sales pages of Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets. Aside from shipping fees, you will not need to pay anything to take them home.

And I do not know how long this offer will last; so, act while you still can!

Lastly, about the two books, I just want to say that they are both pretty amazing! Russell is an expert in marketing, so obviously, his tips and strategies are very impressive.

I cannot decide which one is better because each has its own perks. Expert Secrets mostly discuss how to set up a good business, while DotCom Secrets’ main concern is how to run a business.

You know what? I think they are going to do their best once getting combined together!

And since they are still free, just grab them all.dotcom-secretsexpert-secrets

Before you leave, You can to read compare the best of Russell Brunson

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