eCompare 2 Review – Get Your Website Become The Best Affiliate Store

Your eCommerce business cannot perform as well as you expect it to? Then read on my eCompare 2 Review to find an effective solution to get over this problem.

eCompare 2 Review – Introduction

Thanks to the fast development of the Internet, there are more and more people starting their eCommerce stores to earn money, and they usually focus on offering attractive prices to grab their customers’ attention. 

However, if you want to succeed in running an eCommerce store, it is crucial to carry out the right strategies and employ the right tools that can offer an attractive price to your visitors and build their trust in your store. 

This sounds quite complicated and difficult to take into practice but with a product called eCompare 2, you can manage your eCommerce success without breaking a sweat, thus saying goodbye to the aforementioned issues.

If you want to look for further information about eCompare 2, continue to read my eCompare 2 Review, then you can make your decisions if it is suitable for your business and worth your money.

  • eCompare2 takes the “I-hope-I-am-getting-the-best-price” phenomenon and makes it work for you, using our unique inbuilt Price Comparison technology
  • Build Niche-Specific Fully Stocked Affiliate stores with 1 Keyword (Optional)… Add Unlimited Products, Content, Videos, Reviews & Images
  • Drive super targeted traffic to each of your niche-specific affiliate stores with eCompare2 viral traffic module.
  • Price drop, stock checker, discount finder and masses of new features.
  • Integrates with 7 leading online retailers

eCompare 2 Review – Overview


VendorMark Bishop et al
Product eCompare 2
Launch Date2019–March–04
Launch Time11:00 EST
Front-End Price$22
Guarantee30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
SupportEffective Response
Official siteCLICK HERE
RecommendedHighly Recommended
LevelAll Levels

What is eCompare 2?

eCompare 2 is an upgrade of a former best-selling WordPress plugin released 2 years ago – eCompare. This tool can help you earn more money with its advanced integrated Price Comparison Engine V20. eCompare 2 is an all-in-one affiliate store comparison engine, Theme, Plugin package with build-in traffic modules.

eCompare 2 is our ‘brand new, rebooted’ successor to our wildly successful and massively popular V1… A unique App and theme that uses an “ethical” loophole that enables users to “skip the tedious stuff” and create targeted physical product affiliate stores in under 5 minutes. 

With eCompare 2, you can drive targeted traffic to your store (auto targeted traffic system built-in). eCompare 2 now builds complete niche-targeted fully stocked affiliate stores in minutes based on nothing more than a keyword.

But rather than simply building your stores for you in minutes eCompare includes a very unique piece of technology that forces sales by rewarding potential customers – more on that in a few minutes

When using this tool, you can instantly connect your site to 7 different big online retailers and give a detailed price comparison among these stores. In other words, you will be able to provide your visitors with all the information about the products, as well as the most attractive price to choose from. Besides, with it, you can keep track of your products and your customers’ data, so you can make adjustments on time.

After a short time using the advanced version of eCompare, I can say that I am a lucky one to have this tool at the right time. I have started to do online business for a while, but my profit did not increase, and I felt frustrated about it. Still, after getting my hands on eCompare 2, my problem was solved, and I could earn more money from my website.

So, what makes this tool amazing like that? Scroll down for the rest of my eCompare 2 and you will see!

eCompare 2 Review – About the Creator


Mark Bishop is one of the most popular vendors that provide online businesses with useful products to expand their scale. Together with his partners, Venkata Ramana and Prady, Mark has created eCompare 2. You may hear his name from the products such as VideoSumo, Link2Vid, BLOX, CONTENU, and Trendds.

With his outstanding skills and experiences, I think that it will be successful in the market.

You can read about CONTENU Review To Get Your Own Appealing Content Within Minutes

eCompare 2 Review – eCompare Features

Masses of NEW and upgraded features make eCompare2 the best affiliate e-com Plugin and Theme Available:


UNIQUE: No other Affiliate Store Builder has this Technology…

  • Unique Comparison Engine Affiliate Store Builder – Build Niche Specific, Full stocked Stores in Minutes
  • Fully editable to fit any niche or market
  • Ability to add in Blog content for Search Engine Visibility and even more staying power for your website.
  • Auto-populates from 7 of the top shopping platforms and builds up your site store with listing content, images, and reviews. One-stop-shop.
  • Increases sales value by showing related products in your blogs and on the product page.
  • Global affiliate link embeds across the site.
  • Featured Products and Sliders on your Online Store Front

Social Proof: Auto Product Reviews…

  • Customer review ability enabled to show social proof.
  • Curated ‘Auto’ Product Reviews
  • Ability to add in review videos below products for more user engagement
  • Live search option for your customers, even if the products are not on your site, you get paid if they buy!
  • Professionally Slick “Attention Grabbing” WordPress Theme
  • DFY Legal pages, so you don’t have to worry about the legal mumbo-jumbo
  • 1 Click sharing on the top social media platforms benefiting user engagement and ramping up traffic.

Tracking & Stats: Pinpoint your Best Sellers

  • Conversion Tracking & stats, so you can pinpoint your best sellers and focus more on those
  • Dynamic pricing (Any changes on shopping sites are reflected on your site automatically)

Custom Post Viral Traffic Module:

Driving targeted traffic to your store is crucial… you need traffic, targeted to the niche and products specific to your store

eCompare2 comes complete with its own Viral Traffic element so you can instantly tap directly into super targeted traffic specific to your affiliate store and niche.

Impulse Ad Convert

Brand New Tech…Just like Magic: EC2 promo tech converts your store products to match the promotions that are bringing in the traffic.

Unique Targeted Source

EC2 Viral Traffic Feature is one of its class technology. You can promote your products using customized posts on social media right from the dashboard of the ecompare2 Store.

Drive targeted traffic to each store without needing to leave your store.

The system will post your promotional post on and when someone visits your site from that link they will see Pet products only.

In a nutshell… EC2 Viral Traffic Tech magically transforms itself to show targeted offers to specific audiences.

This single feature is all worth the cost of the ecompare2 Store as it boosts your earning potential instantly.

eCompare: Guarantee More Sales

*In order for eCompare2 to make you sales you will need to install the theme and plugin, add the stock and use drive traffic (use the built-in Viral Traffic Feature)

So you may have stayed out of the affiliate e-commerce business (which may have been a good idea at the time), maybe you believed it was too hard?

Every day millions and millions of dollars are spent on e-commerce sites. Even if you’re new to e-commerce, with a built-in price comparison engine… This Is a No-Brainer.

eCompare 2 Review – New Features


  • Instant Access to eCompare

Instant Access to eCompare2 so you can get started as soon as you want!

  • Works in Any Niche

Fully editable to fit any niche

  • Built-In Blog (SEO)

Ability to add in Blog content to add even more staying power for your website and help you become an “Authority” site for your niche.

  • Related Products

Show related products on your pages, listings, and blog, increasing total purchasing values.

  • Global Affiliate Links

Global affiliate link embedded across the site. Get paid regardless of who your customer buys from or what they buy… even if they buy something unrelated from one of the partner sites

  • Reviews

Customer & Platform review ability enabled to show social proof on your site. The more people engage on your site, the better.

  • Amazon One Link

Amazon One Link… Ecompare 2 Store is empowered with Amazon One Link, a feature that tracks the location of visiting customers and chooses the database of the specific country’s Amazon sites to show appropriate results and it turns boosts the probability of sales.

  • Tracking & Stats

Conversion Tracking & stats, so you can pinpoint your best sellers and focus more on those so you can increase our affiliate commissions.

  • Upgraded: Pro WP Theme

Upgraded: Professional, Slick “Attention Grabbing” Fully editable WordPress Theme… customize to fit any niche.

  • Real-time Discount finder

This new feature will boost your store conversion through the roof. Discounts are massive. Real-time discount finder allows your visitors to search for the discounted products in real-time. They can also set the filters for the discount that saves them time… discounts generate more commission for you.

  • Instant Traffic

Instant Traffic Boost with our 1 Click SOCIAL SHARING on the top social media platforms benefiting user engagement and ramping up traffic and sales.

  • 90 Day cookie add to cart feature

The Amazon affiliate cookie only works for 24 hours. But eCompare2 increases cookie time to 90 days using our NEW ‘Add to Cart Tech.

  • Viral Traffic Module

EC2 Viral Traffic Feature is one of its class technology. You can promote your products using customized posts on social media right from the dashboard of the ecompare2 Store.

  • Video Training

Get the very best results from the very beginning. We’ve included video training with both licenses to help you launch and profit from your new eCompare2 stores in the shortest time

  • Upgraded: Price Comparison Engine

A Purchasing-Customer Magnetic comparison shopping engine that will ethically force your customers to compare prices on YOUR site, and pick the best prices that suits them. Win-win and Cha-Ching! (eCompare is the ONLY Tool to do this).

  • Upgraded: 7 Platform API

Upgraded API Integration from 7 of the top shopping platforms and builds up your site store with listing content, images, and reviews.

  • Add Review Videos

Ability to place review videos (any YouTube Video) below your products for more user engagement

  • Built-In Sliders

Featured Products and Sliders on your Online Store Front. Add featured products to sliders with 1-Click. Customize, edit or remove

  • Live Search & Profit

Live search option for your customers, even if the products are not on your site, you get paid if they search and then buy! Value $97

  • List Builder

eCompare2 integrates with leading autoresponder service providers to enable store owners to build store specific email lists.

  • Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing & stock checker (Any changes on shopping sites are reflected on your site automatically).

  • Required Pages

DFY Privacy policy pages, so you don’t have to worry about the legal mumbo-jumbo.

  • Price Drop Alert

New Price Drop Alert: if a customer subscribed for a specific product alert. eCompare 2 will send them an automatic email when the product is added/becomes available. Huge feature for niche-specific list building.

  • Retargeting

Facebook Retargeting… Follow potential customers for more sales and commission.

  • Customer Wish list option

Customers now create their own wish lists in your affiliate stores. When the product/variant is back on the store the customer gets an automated email notification for the same, thus creating a loyal customer and more commission for you.

  • Impulse Ad Convert

Brand New Tech…Just like Magic: EC2 promo tech converts your store products to match the promotions that are bringing in the traffic.

  • Video Tutorials

How to set up, customize and get the most out of eCompare2. We even cover the basics for Newbies

  • And so much more

How Does eCompare 2 Work?

eCompare 2 will take the information from shopping platforms and show it on your website. Then, if your customers make any purchase of the products on your website that is linked to the other big platform. 

You can use this tool to generates more profits in just 3 steps, including:

  •  Targeted Store

You have to create an eCompare store with listing content, images, and reviews, etc.

  • Price comparison

Let the visitors go through the price comparison and they may convert

  • Collect your commission

After the first two steps, this tool will take over the rest of the actions. All you need is to wait and then collect your commissions.

If you want to know more about how to use eCompare 2, you can see the demo video here.

Who Should Buy eCompare 2?

If you belong to the following list, you should own this product. 

  •  Affiliate marketers
  • eCommerce stores owners
  • Online businesses
  • Individuals are starting their businesses
  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate Marketing

Why You Need eCompare 2 Today?

1. E-Commerce is Growing by The Day.

Carve out your own corner in the e-commerce world by working smart, as an affiliate store for physical products.

eCompare opens up this lucrative opportunity to everyone regardless of experience, time and money. It’s simple because you give your customers choices…. don’t miss this huge opportunity.

2. Fast-Track Setup on Products You Don’t Own!

eCompare will have your site setup (with no technical knowledge) within minutes. So you can start selling products you don’t even own within the hour!

Products, Listings, Images, Dynamic Pricing… The whole thing happens with a couple of clicks. So there is nothing to do manually, eCompare does the whole thing for you.

You can even sell items not listed on your store with our Live Search API

3. Focus on Selling, Not Building

eCompare builds itself from existing affiliate store / retail platform content, listings, images, and reviews.

Quickly auto-populate an entire ‘Targeted’ store with new products complete with prices and content, so you can start to sell right away, versus spending time developing your

online store.

4. You Make More

Get paid each and every time the physical products on your site are sold, without having to worry about order fulfillment, shipping, or holding any inventory.

If your customer decides to buy something else from one of the partner retailers… you’ll get paid a commission for that sale too.

5. 81% of Shoppers Research Products Online Before Purchasing.

Comparison shopping is the number one way of converting people on your site into purchasing as all of the options are in front of them. Those targeted choices create a desire to pick the best value. This maximizes conversions and sales like nothing else.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple & Newbie Friendly
  • Setup In Minutes With Hundreds Of Products – No product restrictions
  • Easy Passive & Evergreen Affiliate Income Steams – Set up Multiple.
  • Unique One of a Kind ‘Rebooted’ price Comparison Engine To Make Any Choice A Winner For Your Bank Account.
  • No Need To Hire Webmasters or Outsource
  • Completely Customizable Stores With No Designers Required
  • No Capital Needed To Get Started (*apart from domain and hosting / approx $20 per Hub)
  • Quickly build out affiliate based physical e-com stores in any niche in minutes… with all stock, content, images, reviews, listings, even videos.
  • Self-contained Traffic Generation
  • Build complete, Niche Specific Affiliate Stores from 1 Keyword
  • Each Affiliate Store Hub costs around $20… once created results are passive.
  • The ability to profit from any product not on your store via Live Search & profit
  • Ethically force sales by offering customers real-time price comparison on any selected products
  • Comparison Engine
  • Targeted Store Builder 
  • API Works With 7 Platforms
  • Price Comparison Engine
  • Instant Stock
  • Content
  • Customizable Stores
  • Easy-to-follow training videos
  • 24/7 support


  • Need internet connection

Price and Evaluation

It will cost you $22 to access all the amazing features of eCompare 2. In my opinion, this is very reasonable compared to the benefits the tool brings to your business. Besides, there are four more price packages you can choose depending on your requirements and budget. 

To me, this product is worth trying. When you employ it, you can maximize the time that visitors stay on your site, which means the chance they make a purchase will increase.

So, what are you waiting for? Just get this product and earn more money online right now!

eCompare 2 Pro: $37

  • Unlimited use (Install on multiple sites/domains)
  • 3 Additional Store Themes
  • FB Compatible theme – (can be added as FB tab)
  • Built-in Content spinner
  • Add your own review videos to listings
  • Email lead collection with multiple triggers

eCompare 2 Master : $47

  • Set up and sell eCompare stores to customers
  • Set up stores for clients
  • Build Stores and Flip them for Big Money
  • Include eCompare package on all sites you sell to others or flipp
  • Flipping for Big Money (Video)

eCompare 2 Agency: $77


This is the bottom line of my eCompare 2 Review.

In short, It is a tool that helps you build your own affiliate stores in the eCommerce market so that you can get commissions when visitors buy their products on your website. 

Plus, with 7 integrated shopping platforms, and automatic update feature, you don’t have to worry about the lack of products’ information to provide your visitors.

Besides, the price comparison tool can show your customers the difference in the price so that they could make suitable decisions and become smart customers.

In a nutshell, It will get rid of all the problems that can occur! So, it’s about time you grab it and start making more money.

Well then, thank you for reading my eCompare 2 Review. Goodbye, and see you next time!


REMEMBER! If you purchase through my link, you will be supported 24/7; That means you can contact me ANYTIME when you get trouble in using or can not contact the authors/ product supporters. I will help you RIGHT AWAY!

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