Dr Drum Review – Create Professional Beats Without Skills and Experience

Do you want to create professional beats, but you have no skills and experience? Read my Dr. Drum Review. You will find out the best solution to your problem!

Introduction, Dr. Drum


I am a fan of music. So I always try my best to create the best songs with exciting beats and sounds which make everyone full of admiration, stand up, and dance.

But I didn’t gain my expected result until I knew Dr. Drum, which allows me to create unique and high-quality beats by only my computer (Mac or PC). They even can rival all great beats created by professional studios.

It allows you to export professional, club quality tracks in only a few hours.

Dr Drum Review – Overview


ProductDr. Drum
Launch Date16-May-2015
Launch Time09:00 EDT
Front-End Price29.95$
NicheSocial Media
SupportEffective Response
Sales Page:Click Here
RecommendedStrongly recommend
Skill Level NeededAll Levels

What Is Dr. Drum?

Dr. Drum is a professional and high-quality beat making an app with quite a low price.

In particular, it is straightforward for you to use and learn with uncomplicated design and training videos in comparison to other software.

It is a complete software with necessary things for you to start producing banging/hot/explosive beats, including professional sound kits for both drum and bass, keys. Allows you to import more if required.

It has an exclusive design with a natural and user-friendly interface while creating beats in a. WAV file with the quality of the studio.

This software can work flawlessly/cleanly on all versions of both PC & MAC.

Features And Operation Process

The developers of Dr. Drum built it with outstanding features, help you ready to start creating your beautiful beats and blow other DJs away. 

16 track sequencer

This feature of Dr. Drum will make it easy to compose/create and edit your masterwork/sounds quickly.

Also, the interface of Dr. Drum is compelling but highly intuitive, allowing you to mix your music beats with none of the headaches when you learn other complicated/complex apps.

It also gives users a lot of benefits. It helps you: 

  • Change your sounds and patterns with only two mouse clicks.
  • Include thousand integrated drum beats, FX, keys, and sounds.
  • Export as 44.1 .wav file in professional/specialized studio quality.
  • Automatically produce videos and upload your beats directly into your YouTube channel.
  • Modify each track’s volume.
  • Modify the ‘pan effect’ of each track.
  • And Modify the low, mid, and high tones of each track.

To operate this feature, you need to do these three simple steps:

  1.  Choose a pencil tool.
  2.  Draw in your bars.
  3.  Choose your sounds.


12 easy-to-use pad drum machine

This feature offers you 12 pads per kit and the option from a massive database of booming, exclusive mastered sounds.

Also, this design helps you add your samples, and you can import your sounds straightforwardly by using the drag-and-drop option.

So what can you get with this design of Dr. Drum? Let’s roll down to check!

  • Offer various selections of kits.
  • Help you change kits with just one click.
  • Import your beats and sounds.
  • Mix the volume on each channel in all ways you like.
  • Move your sounds around with only two clicks.
  • Give professionally mastered sounds.

4-octave keyboard

This 4-octave keyboard will allow you to add a lot of samples such as FX, Guitars, Pianos, Strings, Synth, etc. or you can use your examples.

Being different from other beat making software, Dr. Drum automatically scans the imported sounds, finds out notes, and helps you reproduce all the other ones. Then it will give you a full 4 octaves from your single sample which:

  • Requires no MIDI cables.
  • Offers you all the sounds you could want, from sax to piano to FX samples.
  • Imports more kits or your sounds with a single click.
  • It provides thousands of stereo imaged sounds.
  • Switches instruments by just one mouse click.
  • Alters the Frequency, LFO R, LFO A, and Resonance to produce sick DubStep sounds.
  • Overlaps sounds in just seconds.

For these two features, there are three steps for you to do: 

  1. Choose your favorite sound kit from the vast database that comes included with the Dr. Drum software.
  2. Select the pencil tool.
  3. Start drawing in your beat patterns on the grid.


Who Should Use It?

So who should use this easy-to-use beat making software? It is not a fastidious one.

Although you are beginners/novices without skills or previous experiences if you have a passion for music, you can still use it.

Or even you are a professional DJ, this software is also good enough for you to use to get rid of jams. 

Pros And Cons

Let’s see how it stacks up against its competition with its powerful advantages!


  • Give a low price.
  • Offer great samples.
  • Be easy to use.
  • Require no tech skills or previous experience.
  • Export to 44.1 stereos. Wav.
  • Provide free tutorial videos.
  • Import your sound with only one click.
  • Alter the ‘pan effect’ on each track (alter which speaker the sounds come from).
  • Provide a 4-octave keyboard.
  • Offer multiple screens for editing.
  • I can work on both PC and Mac.
  • Copy bars or multiple bars with only two clicks.
  • Professional mastered sounds.
  • Alter low, mid, and high sounds (individually on each track!).
  • Alter the frequency or res on the keys for fantastic effects (like making Dubstep beats).
  • Free ‘Sell your beats’ report ($499 RRP value).
  • Amazing value only 39$.


  • I haven’t found out any drawbacks to this software.
  • Unfortunately, this software had a smaller community of users than other similar products.
  • It is not MIDI capable.
  • As you build your unique sound and style, it is possible for you to outgrow the software.

Personal Experience

I used to be a novice without tech skills and previous experience in making professional beats, but only after several hours I started using Dr. Drum, I created a better track than someones played by the local DJs at night.

In my opinion, this software is straightforward to use with provided training tutorials, showing me how to compose all types of beats I want.

If you have the plan to buy a beat making software with a user-friendly interface, I think Dr. Drum is better than other ones out there.

Evaluation And Price

There are many options for the price for you to choose from. 

Dr. Drum now offers customers a huge discount, but it is valid for a short time. So I advise you to go while the going is good.

If you buy Dr. Drum now, you can get attractive discounted prices at 329.95$, 297$, 197$, 97$, 29.95$, etc. 

Also, when you buy Dr. Drum, the vendor will offer you a guarantee system. They will refund you if you are unsatisfied with the effectiveness of this product.

But after all, I consider that this price tag is far lower than all other professional beat making software on the market nowadays.

And if you are indecisive, its price might increase into double, triple, or even return to its R.R.P price of 329.95$ tomorrow.

So don’t be undecided! If you want to move your music skills into a higher level with high-quality beats, you had better stand up and order it right now.



I know that there are many novices in making beats like me. That’s why I suggest you giving a try to use Dr. Drum. I am sure that you will be satisfied with this product.

It not only helps you create professional and high-quality beats in a short time with meager investment but also helps you meet your passion.

So what are you indecisive about? Buy it right now to get the best price from the vendor!

Finally, thanks so much for keeping reading my Dr. Drum Review! I hope that you will make the right choice for your passion.


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