Dotcom Secrets Book Russell Brunson – Why Should You Read It Now?

DotcomSecrets Book is a guidebook for you about solid and reliable knowledge of marketing “Secrets” that can be applied in “Dotcom” business activities and that is “secret”. For those who have reached adulthood, only pay attention to what they see happening online.

The proven DotcomSecrets will help your company grow thanks to effective methods to find potential customers and ways to convert potential customers into real customers used both online and offline. They share with you all the scripts you need to create sales funnels (email scripts, landing page scripts, OTO (one – time – offer) scripts, …)

So instead of not knowing how to start from scratch, I recommend that you learn from someone who did it. One has created a successful online business and can reliably explain what works. dynamic and what not.

The one I want to talk about is Russell Brunson, and in this review, I will show you what Russell did in DotComSecrets The Underground Playbook For Growing Your Company Online…

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DotcomSecrets Book – Overview 


Product NameDotcomSecrets Book
VendorRussell Brunson
NicheInternet Marketing/Business/Book
LevelAll Level
PriceFREE – $9.95 US or $19.95 intl
Official WebsiteCLICK HERE
RecommendHighly Recommend

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What Is DotcomSecrets Book?

DotcomSecrets was officially published back in 2015, and I really found that most of the strategies Russell mentioned in this book are still true today.

It gives a lot of advice to you if you are ever thinking or trying to sell anything online. I would recommend taking a copy of this book and refer to it. DotcomSecrets large collection Actionable tips to help you grow your sales online.

This book contains 254 pages with Russell’s fascinating and engaging writing style that makes the book interesting and readable. The hidden pages are full of examples and the true story of Russell’s online marketing, he did a great job explaining the various secrets of others as well as other businesses in the book.

At the moment of writing this post, the book is rated a 4.5-star rating with over 500 amazon reviews.

The fact that every online marketing entrepreneur wants to increase traffic trying to increase sales is required to use resource tools to make marketing easier.
You may have been selling online for many years, but getting very little or the worst profit is likely to be unprofitable, you are struggling to know whether the online sales you have been doing have problems and problems. Where ligation is located to remove knots.

Or you may have spent too much of your time and effort developing your website or website just to attract viewers, however, you still have less traffic!

And then, you can have a large number of customers and you want to attract them with sales campaigns, incentives, promotions, after-sales – but what you get is just the same, can’t be transferred change.

Today I bring you DotcomSecrets Book of Russell Brunson it will show you the business marketing strategies that help you increase traffic and conversions.

Do you know how online marketing can exist without focusing on traffic and conversions?

Below I will give you a few marketing and business strategies that I have learned from this book that can be applied to every internet marketing. I feel it is very useful for you and your business. you later !!

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Who is Your Dream Customer?

First of all, you may agree with me. Today, most people participate in marketing, using the included technology (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). The most popular for marketing, but they have forgotten that there are still some people who do not know about the use of technology.

And think about if your customers are mostly people who don’t know about using technology

The important thing to attract and attract customers lies in how you know how to create a specific attraction. You give them what it is that they care about. 

The first time I heard about using Internet traffic, it really surprised me. However, after Russell’s DotcomSecrets is read, it is absolutely true. You and your online business will improve traffic in the shortest time.

Russell Brunson to point out this is the most important factor in marketing. Tell them your target language makes it easy for them to understand what you are trying to say and they will interact with your product or service.

There are more, but the core of DotComSecrets is about helping you create channels that will appeal to your audience and bring them to experience an exciting marketing journey through various processes until Finally, they buy something from you. And they know what benefits you are giving them to help their businesses grow faster along with the profit they want.

DotcomSecrets is not simply about how to increase your web access more, but the DotcomSecrets also shares to help you increase your exponential access, more than anything you’ve ever achieved before.

About the Author of the Book- Russell Brunson


At the time of 2015, many people are probably not familiar with him. But now it can be said that Russell Brunson has truly become a very successful online business tycoon. He started his first business. I was at university (selling potato gun DVD) and he sold everything from shaking, and supplementary food.

He is the co-founder of Etison LLC, where they launched the hugely successful ClickFunnels software.

Click here to read Clickfunnels Review now

One part that cannot be ignored is that around the software, the entire ecosystem that was created including books (like the DotcomSecrets), information and live events were included. He earned more than 206 monopoly club millionaires of his own.

Etison LLC is a $360 million business and is more impressive than fully self-financing under the Forbes listing. He is part of a few online entrepreneurs that I follow today.

For more than 10 years, Russell has expanded the company to an online business model. Russell owns a software company, an online business solution provider, a training company, and is one of the super good people in the field of World Affiliate Marketing

Russell is fully self-funded by sending letters to one million of his personal accounts, and he has grown bigger and stronger ever since.

At the heart of Russell’s success is the ClickFunnels Software that sent attractive sales copies to more than a million individuals on the mailing list to join him and from there continue to build more mailing lists.

Russell was able to set up a solid marketing market on the internet through his ability to create high-converting sales copies as he explored the need for customer tastes on the internet, attracting potential customers with how to entice CTA and pick up reluctant traffic until he can create ClickFunnels – his legendary cash machine.

Reviews from the price specialist – Russell Brunson

Russell is not a “smart theory” expert because he has been guiding entrepreneurs to use online marketing in their business to achieve unexpected results – BILL GLAZER.

Russell has over a decade of successful start-ups and successful online companies. The book will focus on the quintessence of testing more than 1,000 controlled experiments, hundreds of millions of hits now become “A simple process that ANY company can use to geometrically improve their traffic, conversion, and sales online.”- TONNY ROBBINS


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Dotcom Secrets Have Money For You To Own It

Every day entrepreneurs, online businesses are facing many challenges as they start marketing their products and services.

And when their business is not yet effective, their income is stable, they immediately assume that the problem comes from traffic and conversions.

Maybe they think the right part, but the author of the book, DotComSecrets is telling us that there is more to it than that. Discover the secrets behind online marketing challenges if you intend to succeed.DotComSecrets provides a solid background for readers between a vast and profound Online Business and Marketing World. Streaming through the Internet is seen as a form of communication rather than a business field.

At the same time, the book also applies a scientific method of separation testing. The knowledge in the book is built on the technique of separating funnels and proven sales structures for a long time.

In short, this book is written based on a very clear approach.

Discover The Content Inside DotcomSecrets


When a business conducts marketing campaigns, incentives will be sent to accidental customers visiting your website, or those already on your marketing list – This is the secret formula to help you continue. The fastest approach to your dream customers. Or people call ” let go and get back “.


This saves you the time and effort you want to spend on doing something. Of course, it will not give you immediate income. But at least from sending these offers, you will get Positive and sometimes negative feedback from those customers.

At the core of doing that, according to Russell, helps you filter your audience and capture only relevant and meaningful customers for the products and services you are offering. This item will help you earn income later.

The secret formula consists of four simple questions:

# 1.Who is your dream customer?
# 2. Where can you find them?
# 3. What bait will you use to attract them?
# 4.What results do you want to bring them?


Russel introduced the value scale as one of the basic concepts. It is a clear map of all products and services you can provide to your dream customers in order of price increase and you must build a value ladder before creating any Sales Funnel. Come on.


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To build your value ladder, you can first sell something to people at a lower price and they will be ready to carry out your wallet and buy what you are selling.

If you can prove the value of what you are selling, you will definitely have a certain percentage of buyers climbing your ladder to buy more expensive high-value products attached to it and here. is where you want to lead your customers, where you provide the most value to them.

For example: For dentists, the most expensive service they provide is cosmetic surgery.

However, they first create the bait that wants to attract customers (me) as a ” Free dental cleaning service “.

Next, he provided me with value by cleaning my teeth and noticing that my teeth were yellowing. Because I received the value, of course, I wanted to receive more value from him.

After that, he found another way to provide value to me – that is the maintenance function, and again, I agree with his offer.

The above is an example to show you that the dentist has applied the Value Ladder in a very artistic and ingenious way.

Russel adopted the concept of a sales channel. This is an online process you need to set up to get customers to climb your value ladder, but as above you should get them the value they want and they will want to get more prices. another treat from you.

This is just a brief introduction because the value scale included in the DotcomSecrets is a book about the strategy and psychology of building your Sales Funnel. Complete value, you can’t create an effective sales funnel. First, you take the time to fill your Value Scale.


A sales funnel is an online process that helps you lead a person through different steps on the “Value Ladder”. Websites will help “Secret Formula” become effective. The secret formula will help you Find dream customers, sell your “bait” to them and lead them to where you want them to go – All to bring value to customers and help you make money.

To build the necessary sales funnel you need to go deep into strategies, psychology, long-term strategies. Only in your dream can you successfully convince your dream customers to use the highest and most expensive service right away when you have not brought them value yet. Moreover, the most advanced service of. You are not necessarily suitable for everyone. Building a company based on high-end products is almost impossible. You need a wide range of products to offer. So instead of convincing a person to buy the most expensive product right away.dotcom-secrets-book-the-traffic We need sales to funnels to help us do two things:

  •  Provide value to each customer at a level they can afford.
  • Make money and make a profit at the same time identify who is a dream customer – those who can afford to pay for our most advanced service.


The next part of the book, Russell will talk about all the ways to communicate and communicate with your customers.

The first thing Russel mentioned in this section is to create a charismatic character that has a background story related to the product you want to market and I also see many other examples of visitor trends. The current item is people who sympathize with stories about families from which they are attracted to and have the faith to buy from me.

The idea is to offer an online character that everyone likes and wants to follow will attract them to you and build a section later. These people are your loyal customers who are the first to support your new products.

4 elements you need to possess an attractive character.

  •  Have a background story.
  •  Have the ability to tell small stories.
  •  Share their shortcomings.
  •  Always have clear opinions.


DotcomSecrets goes into detail about each attractive character and gives a few examples to better understand.


In the second half of this chapter, Russell introduced you to two more effective email strategies. For years, Russell experimented to quickly them.

The first is called the Soap Opera Sequence. The purpose of this is to support linking your new leads to a charismatic character. Your goal is to show your character how it will determine whether or not the email recipient regularly opens the email or will press the delete button.


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The key to the efficiency of this chain is that you have to lead open and close so that the reader keeps wanting to open one email after another.

In the book, Russell set up a simple sequence of five soap opera sequences to send in five days when someone subscribed to his email list. It was really effective and helped quickly create cohesion between readers and Attractive Characters.


The Daily Seinfeld Sequence is the next email strategy that Russell talked about. The Seinfeld-style emails are meant to bring fun and fun to customers while you are doing sales.

Every day Seinfeld email contains 10% content and 90% entertainment. Try this and see your open rate, clickthrough rate, and conversation increase significantly.

Without regular interaction with your list, they tend to forget you and your future marketing will be less effective.



Before starting to build a sales funnel, you should look for businesses that have built successful sales funnels in their target market. If you can’t find such a business, I think you should stop.

But if you find successful sales businesses in the market you are targeting. I will guide you to use techniques to trace what they have done to know where they are attracting traffic from.

And then Russell gave five variables from successful campaigns. You shouldn’t create sales funnels without knowing at least four of the five factors.


In addition, in the process of analyzing your hoppers, if there is a place that is not effective, it is certainly for you that the cause is usually one of the 5 factors above.

Channels are meant to entice audiences to navigate through your website or website and force them to take specific actions.

It starts with a Call to Action (CTA), when leading traffic to a website, you need to know the first page that potential customers will click on, the second page they come in and all the experience of they when approaching your business.

Carefully, you need to design the process (or funnels) that each customer will pass through. And different visitors need different approaches (and different processes).


A quote from Russell highlights why you need to understand the difference between a business earning millions, tens of millions or even millions of dollars.

Six NO, you need to remember:

  • The product you sell.
  • The type of business you are doing – online or offline.
  • The traffic.
  • The product advertising content.
  • The website has a high conversion rate.
  • The product launch method.

All of these factors are very important. They are all factors that make a successful business. But they do not make the difference between the revenue levels.

The real difference between a business with six-figure sales, seven numbers or eight numbers is that you understand the stages of funnels and can make money from the differences in the process. That’s not it. – RUSSELL BRUNSON.


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Funnels are significant to entice the audience to navigate through your site or webpage and compel them to take a specific action.

It starts with a Call to Action (CTA), driving potential customers to a series of channels until it ends up converting offers into sales.

Here are some marketing secrets that will be provided to you for FREE!

  • How to beat any tweaks or split tests to increase conversions?
  • The simple way to generate instant profits?
  • Use cold calling to generate Millions of Dollars?
  • How to sell products in billions using a small classified ad?
  • What are the 5 Old Media Transitions that produces quick results?
  • What the difference between a $10-K company and a $10-B company?
  • The Truth Behind the Value Ladder  and Sales Funnels Connection
  • PLUS many more!!!

Russell highlighted why you need to understand each phase here’s a quote from him

In order to maximize your success, you have to properly set your visitors to a state of mind before every step of your sales funnels. This is what is called Pre-frame. It is of importance to know your traffic’s temperature before creating the proper pre-frame bridge.

Then you have to classify your subscribers, buyer and VIP buyers (Premium spenders).

Create channels for your business based on mixing and combining different building blocks together. Russell wrote about more than twenty-three building blocks of funnels. More precisely, Russell will guide you with a list of basic blocks that you can easily combine to create offers and from which build So the funnel sells immediately

Finally, you will be given some tips – including the funnels and scripts Russell used for your business. You can copy your offers and ideas and the templates Are verified and quickly build your own company.


Russell thought selling and building sales funnels was quite similar to assembling Lego blocks. He imagined a large box of multicolored jigsaw blocks that he could arbitrarily put together to create. desired results.

If you want someone to subscribe to your list, you can use a yellow block and pair it with a blue block. And if you want to sell a great value item, you can add a green block, red and purple. Do you understand what I mean?

If enough blocks are needed but you don’t get the desired results, you can rearrange the blocks and wait to see what happens.

This is exactly what Russell taught me in the Dotcom Secrets.


Just look at each stage of the funnels and choose the block you want to try. You will soon find the most efficient blocks in your market and of course, you will use them many times later.


This part can be said to be the heart of the book’s key success factor. This is where Russell goes into detail about some of his best sales channels. This taught us why each channel’s success and how they work. He also provides us with filling out blank forms so you can use each channel for your own business.

He also wrote about the specific rules of the Perfect One-Time Offer (OTO) structure and specifically to use and enhance order value. OTO is very important because this is where you earn real profit from your channel.

And share with you the sales scenario he is using, explain the psychological mechanism behind how you build your offer for the One Time Offer (OTO).

List of the 7 Funnels:

  1. Two-Step – Free plus shipping Funnel.
  2. Self-Liquidating Offer Funnel
  3. Continuity Funnel
  4. The Perfect Webinar Funnel
  5. Invisible Funnel Webinar
  6. Product Launch Funnel
  7. High Ticket, Three Step application Funnel

Russell made these funnels based on his own real-world experience with them.

Two-step – free plus shipping funnel is exactly the same funnels he used to sell DotCom Secrets and ClickFunnels for himself.


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Software ClickFunnels

In the final chapter, Russell promotes his product – Clickfunnels Software. This is a software that makes it easier to build a Channel than your best new friend, ensuring most of the technical part for you.

Now, you can read the review of Clickfunnels Software here.

Make Money From DotcomSecrets? Why Not?

Yes, of course! The best way to make money with huge profits in your sales online is to immediately apply the strategies mentioned in the DotcomSecrets.

I mentioned earlier that DotCom Secrets is part of the ClickFunnels ecosystem, which has one of the best affiliate programs I’ve ever been involved with. I think you should join me in the experience!

You can also promote DotComSecrets as a branch. While you earn money to earn any commission in the previous sale, you will cookie anyone who buys a book through your link. And if they buy anything in the backend, you will get40% commission from what they buy in the future.

The instructions that Russell has made repeatedly in the book can be used by any online marketing, this is a great opportunity because you are taking advantage of Russell’s existing funnels. It has been tested and it works well.

DotComSecrets Price

Russell offers the book for free if you purchase directly from his website, but you have to pay for shipping and handling fee of $9.95.

however, the paperback edition of this book is currently selling on Amazon for $11.26, or you can choose the Kindle version for $8.69.

I will recommend you to buy directly from his website because it allows you to see 2- step free plus shipping funnel how it works.

To avail, simply visit this page here and fill-up the form.

DotComSecrets Pdf

At this time, there is no available pdf downloadable copy of the book. DotcomSecrets are only available on Amazon in paper and audio form as well as in Kindle format.

DotCom Secrets was huge for me to create the funnels I currently use to generate over $250k in revenue every single month… – John Lee Dumas

This book takes you from getting started to emails to funnels to closing the sale…– Ben Settle

I can’t believe how much content you put into every page…– Dave Woodward

I’ve been around a long time, and this was truly eye opening to me. It’s one of the few books I’ve ever read that actually taught me new stuff – Jim Edwards

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DotcomSecrets Amazon Review

This is some review about DotcomSecrets on Amazon



DotcomSecrets vsExpertSecrets

DotcomSecrets tackles how to go about with your marketing campaign strategies which can have a direct effect on your traffic and conversion.

It provides you with a guide on how to develop tools that can help you get successful in your sales online.

Expert Secrets on the other hands focus on developing leaders aiming to have their voices heard, the brand recognized, and turning them into powerful, influencing agents in the business industry where they belong. 

With these two potent resource tools in running and marketing, there’s no way for your business to go but grow, develop, and expand. 

In the DotComSecrets a 255-page book, “DotComSecrets – The Underground Playbook For Growing Your Company Online”…It will guide you can operate a fully automated sales system, then in the Expert Secrets a 267-page book, “ExpertSecrets – The Underground Playbook For Creating A Mass Movement of People Who Will Pay For Your Advice”


Note: You can read ExpertSecrets book vs DotcomSecrets bookhere

What to Do If You’re Considering Dotcom Secrets Book?

DotCom Secrets retails for $24.95, but we bought it for you! They just ask that you pay your shipping/handling to receive it (just $9.95 US, $19.95 intl).

STEP #1: First, please click on this link: Download Free Dotcom Secrets Book offer page. You should immediately follow my instructions. If not the offer may expire. You will get a form like a thing in front of you after accessing the link. 

STEP #2: Next, Fill up First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Full Address, City Name, Select Country, State/Province, and Zip Code on the page and pay for the shipping of Dotcom Secrets Book by Russell Brunson. The book is completely free, you only need to cover shipping costs. You should not submit any false information in the form. Your shipping will be incorrect if you send the wrong information. So you have to fill each step in an orderly manner. Submit the form after filling it out.


STEP #3: You can get Special ONE TIME OFFER: Audiobook + 5 More Exclusive Products just $37 or Exclusive Upgrade: Access to Dotcom Secrets Live just $97. Then Press the button Ship My Book Now!!!


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Audiobook + 5 More Exclusive Products

Special One Time Offer: Audiobook + 5 More Exclusive Products!

Audiobook: Upgrade and get immediate access to the audiobook (read by Russell Brunson) for just one payment of $37.

5 More Exclusive Products:

  • ​The Order Form Bump – How to increase cart value on the initial order form page.
  • ​The Invisible Funnel – How to get people to give you money without actually selling anything!
  • ​The Bridge Page – The secret to converting cold traffic (the holy grail of internet marketing!).
  • ​The Yellow Brick Road by Stacey Martino
  • ​The Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook – How to build sales funnels more efficiently with all the necessary elements.

DotCom Secrets Live

Exclusive Upgrade: Access To DotCom Secrets Live: Just $97

Russell breaks down the entire Dotcom Secrets book LIVE to his Inner Circle Members. This is the definitive playbook for growing your company online. Get up close and personal with Russell.

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Upsell Dotcom Secrets


DotcomSecrets Audiobook


DotCom Secrets Audiobook is an audio version of the DotcomSecrets just $37. If you don’t have time to read, Dotcom Secrets Audiobook is a perfect choice. Your job is to just wear the phone and you can listen to it everywhere. The audio version has been compiled as the mp3 player or in a digital download format. So, it would be supported in every device.

The Newest Boxset


The books are from the number one best selling author Russell Brunson for Entrepreneurs around the world just $97

1. DotCom Secrets: For Growing Your Company Online

2. Expert Secretes: For Creating a Mass Movement…

3. Traffic Secrets: For Filling Your Website and Funnel…

4. Unlock The Secrets: For Scaling Your Company…

(Unlock Secrets, Exclusive with the book set only!)


Funnelytics cost just $397


Funnelytice is the Ultimate Funnel Tool for Marketers Who Want To…

  • Scale Highly Profitable Funnels
  • Sell “Funnels” as a Service
  • Keep Clients Happy (and paying longer)

The #1 Funnel Mapping & Analytics Tool Built By Marketers, For Marketers

Funnelytics is your new secret weapon for mapping funnels, calculating the stats that will make them profitable, and delivering results that are backed by clear, easy-to-read data.

Last Words Of The Author

Like I mentioned before, this book is free. All I ask is that you help me cover the printing and postage costs ($9.95 US or $19.95 international).

Oh, and in case you’re wondering…

There Is No Catch!

I know there are some websites out there that offer you something cool for free, but then stick you into some program that charges your card every month.

This Isn’t One Of Them.

There’s NO hidden “continuity program” – and in case you’re wondering why I’m doing this… Well, there are actually a few reasons…

1. It is my way of saying thank you for being a dedicated subscriber.

2. Because (unlike other “guru’s”) I don’t make all of my money teaching others how to make money (I actually run real businesses online selling supplements, physical products software, and more)… so because of that, it doesn’t hurt me to share with you my best stuff.

3. I get another one of my products in your hands, and when you see how awesome it is, it should get you excited to buy other stuff from me in the future.

4. I’m kinda a show-off… I’m not going to lie. and I’m sick of people throwing out conversion numbers and their stats without any real proof to back it up. I think 99% of what is said online is complete BS… so I thought it would be a breath of fresh air to publish the TRUE, show the actual stats and #’s behind what we do, and well… honestly, I just want you to think I’m cool. 🙂

Time Is Of The Essence…

Here’s why…

We’ve only printed a few thousands of copies of this book, and when they’re gone… well, they’re gone!

If this page is still here, then the offer is live. But I reserve the right to pull it down at any time.

Here Is My “You’ve Gotta Be Crazy” Guarantee

I 100% guarantee that you’ll love this book, or I’ll return your shipping fee and let you keep the book anyway.

That’s right. You don’t even have to send anything back. Just email me or call the number on your receipt and I’ll give you back your money with no question asked.

Sound fair?

This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Claim Your FREE Copy Now Before They’re All Gone…

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here’s the deal:

I’m mailing you a 255-page book, “DotComSecrets – The Underground Playbook For Growing Your Company Online” (that retails at $19.95) for FREE. Yes, this book is free, and all you pay is shipping ($9.95 US or $19.95 international).

There’s not catch… no gimmicks… You will NOT be signing up for any “trial” to some monthly program or anything like that.

If fact, if you don’t love the book – I’ll even refund your shipping costs (and you don’t have to ship the book back.

So, Click the button below to get your FREE copy now. You won’t regret it.

Get Your FREE Copy Of “DotcomSecrets” Now!

Conclusion, DotcomSecrets

In a world of competitive industries, knowledge and resources tools are the best weapons you can have to succeed.

When the time has become a valuable commodity, a shortcut is the best option for your journey.

The best way to cut short the time needed to learn everything that you need to know in a competitive world where only the best survive is to learn from the experts themselves.

They are the people who have been there ahead of you, who have spent much time, effort and money to face all the challenges and came out of it alive.

They are the best choice for the source of this knowledge.

One of these experts is Russell Brunson and in his effort to help others reached what he had achieved. He authored the DotComSecrets that contained solutions to possible issues relative to online marketing.

The book is a knowledgeable guide to learning the ins and outs of sales online.

And a compact solution to technical issues relative to business marketing. 

Russell Brunson can be considered an internet business strategist and with him to mentor you using proven effective ways via his book, you’re a far way ahead of others in reaching success!

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