Copywriting Secrets Book by Jim Edwards – A Shortcut to Your Success

First of all, I want to emphasize who needs to join this program. Who are they? 

People who are stressed with copying and want to learn it themselves: Entrepreneurs, Authors, Business Owners, & Funnel Hackers, Marketer, eCommerce seller, real estate agent or Even you have no experience!

This book teaches you street-smart copywriting, which means this book teaches you how to get results today. (Because we all need to make more sales today…not tomorrow, not next week!)

If you’ve tried to write ads, emails and sales letters for your business before and failed, this book is for you. If you need to make more sales no matter what you sell or who you sell it to—this book is for you.

Bottom Line: If you want to make a lot more money, have a lot more time off, and enjoy a lot more freedom, this book is for you…especially if you’re not making as many sales as you want to right now.

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Introducing, Copywriting Secrets Book


This is a book about how everyone can use the power of words to get more clicks, make more sales, and get more subscribers… no matter what you sell or who you sell it to!

Making money online has become a trend during this day and age. More and more customer has decided to step into this field with the hope of gaining a sustainable profit out of it in the shortest time. 

However, the crowder the market becomes, the more it seems to saturate. And recent statistics have shown that driving people’s attention and convince them to buy from you has gained a significant level of difficulty. Even for longtime marketers, this represents one of the hardest problems they have to face. So, of course, for newbies, they might need a miracle to be able to actually obtain something from this field.

Well, that does not mean there is no way to hit the home run for newbies or longtime marketers. As long as you have the right mindset, your success is just a matter of time. 

Copywriting Secrets Book will be your coach from A to Z. It can offer you a plethora of formulas to help you harvest more leads, sales, clicks, fans, and subscribers. And the best part? You do not need any prior experience or skills to get started.

Want to find out more? Keep reading to know what is in the package! 

Overview, Copywriting Secrets Book

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Product NameCopywriting Secrets Book
AuthorJim Edwards
PriceFREE + shipping cost (7.95 in US or $14.95 international)
NicheInternet Marketing/eBook
LevelAll Level
RecommendHighly Recommend

What Is Copywriting Secrets Book?


To begin with, this is not just a training book that merely shows you how to boost sales or how to reach out to more customers. It is not the book about traffic, either, although obviously, you will be able to generate a massive amount of sales, traffic, and customers if you follow the approach mentioned. 

Copywriting Secrets Book is a short cut, in other words, a blueprint that leads you to success much faster and more effectively than any regular method.

The cool thing about this book is that anyone can use it to solve their problems. From getting more clicks, earn more sales to drive more subscribers, everything essential for the prosperity of your business will be mentioned in the package. 

And the best part? It shows you the right mindset you should have when it comes to generating positive results. By absorbing and apply the knowledge mentioned in the book, you can learn how to build your success in the long run. 

In short, Copywriting Secrets Book is not just a book. It is a whole coaching program that anyone who wants to start a business from the get-go should not miss out on it. 

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Copywriting Secrets Book – About the Author – Jim Edwards 


Jim Edwards is an experienced marketer who has been working in the marketing industry for many years. Up until now, he has obtained a wide range of occupational attainments from his massive contribution to the field. From driving more customers, getting more clicks, boosting profits, he always has his methods of doing things. 

For newbies, there is no better way than learning from someone so successful in the field. Jim Edwards is such a person. If you are looking for someone to learn from, perhaps Jim is the right teacher that you can turn to. 

Copywriting Secrets Book is remarkable a book that reveals all of his secrets during his years of working. So, instead of spending time, money and effort learning on your own, why don’t you just scroll through it and get yourself a simple yet lucrative income system in the shortest time?

Copywriting Secrets Book, Features and Benefits


Now let’s come to the most important parts of the book – its outstanding content! 

Inside the book, you will learn 31 secrets that help you to: 

  • Boost sales 
  • Convince people to buy 
  • Target the right group of customers 
  • Get more subscribers 
  • Structure offers easily 

And now comes the details! 

  • A simple secret that helps you to develop skills needed to run a business 
  • Sales copywriting 101 and how to be successful at it 
  • What is the difference between ordinary writing and sales copywriting 
  • Secrets to convince people to spend money on your products 
  • Key factors you need to know when entering a niche market. This includes many different facets of a business that helps you earn up to millions 
  • How to attract viewers at first glance with any copywriting 
  • What the author has learned from a man who sold up to 2 billion dollars of products 
  • How to take the wheel of your own life 
  • Psychological reasons why customer buy things and how it can help you sell more 
  • 11 questions you have to ask yourself to gain a large number of sales
  • Examples of the  11 questions above in many different industries and how to apply them into your industry 
  • The hidden truth about copywriting that helps you successful 
  • How to skyrocket sales in the shortest period of time 
  • The reasons why you should not outsource your copywriting 
  • The right mindset you should have
  • Steps to take to hack the entire process of copywriting 
  • The most important elements of the sales copy and how to win it 
  • A powerful formula when it comes to targeting your audiences 
  • How to approach your audience with a right angle 
  • A perfect customer picture that helps you target the right person 
  • The easiest way to choose your niche 
  • How to sell the right way 
  • A secret code to win more customers 
  • Places you can visit to find out how to trigger more purchases 
  • The most crucial factors of sales copy that usually get overlooked 
  • How to outperform your competitors in terms of writing sales copy 
  • Ways you can use to trigger people’s curiosity and excitement 
  • A formula to get people to spend more on your products 
  • How to create momentum when creating sales copy 
  • Secret sauces in all successful copy that allows you to drive massive traffic 
  • Questions you need to ask about any product or service before reaching your target audiences 
  • Things you can do to make your products more appealing 
  • How to boost profits without spending any extra penny on marketing expense
  • How to make your website or funnel more attractive
  • Common mistakes when writing sales copy 
  • Reasons why the customer won’t buy your products 
  • How to write an engaging email that catches the attention right away 
  • What you should do if you do not have testimonials to show on the website 
  • How to encourage the customer to give testimonials 
  • Discover customer’s hidden desire and use it to sell more to them 
  • Formulas you need to help customer know what they need and buy from you 
  • A go-to format for sales funnels 
  • The importance of length in writing sales copy 
  • 13 steps to write a sales letter quickly 
  • The ultimate purpose of email teasers 
  • The importance of email subject line and how to get better at writing a subject line 
  • How to write an email with a high open-rate
  • How to get the customer to click your email right away 
  • And How to compose content that makes people pay attention from the first second 
  • Ways to sell your content 
  • A formula that makes your ideas a lot more engaging and appealing 
  • A method to convince people to spread the words about your products 
  • How to make your products appealing in the eyes of customers 
  • What you should do if your sales copy does not work 
  • How much you should charge for your products 
  • What to avoid in writing sales copy 
  • Secrets to Selling without selling 
  • The truth you should know when hiring a copywriter
  • How to get inside the mind of your ideal prospects 
  • The ultimate purpose of online ads 
  • How to boost advertising results 
  • Brilliant ad formula that any marketers should know 
  • How to create a hook to drive sales 

And so many more! 

Those are just the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot more that shows you how to get from here to there. If you want to know more, why not try it yourself and see how things turn out! 

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Why Should You Get Copywriting Secrets Book?

There are several reasons why you should get this book immediately. And to be honest, as I have said from the start, this is not just a book. This is a coaching session in which you will find out how to grow your business real fast. 

The reason why I shared this book is that I think many customers out there would benefit from it. I know how hard it is when breaking your neck to make one sales letter and it ends up not as expected. I wasted lots of time trying to figure out how to write better sales copy. 

But this is not the case anymore thanks to Copywriting Secrets Book. This book includes every secret you need to know when going down the path of writing sales copy. No matter what niche you are in, no matter what you sell, by following this advice, you will ultimately be able to drive more sales, get more clicks, earn more profits, and get more subscribers

The next reason why I want to introduce this book to more marketers out there is that it is very newbie-friendly. The vendor has gone through all the complicated situations you can encounter, which is why he understands very clearly how hard it would be and how to get rid of them. 

Then, he chose the easiest way to make you understand. Even someone without any technical experience can know what the book centers upon. If you are a newbie and you are looking for a good starting point, this may be it. 


Copywriting Secrets Book Review by the customer – Source: Copywritingsecrets.com

The Upsell, Copywriting Secrets Book


Ship-my-free-copy of-copywriting-secrets

Jim Edwards is presently giving away copies of this book free of charge and you will only be asked to pay for shipping fees- $7.95 for the US and $14.95 international shipping. And, there is no definite period until when this offer lasts. Once you got the free copy of this book, you will also be offered with some upsells.

This book’s book funnel includes 

  1. CWS audiobook
  2. Sales Story Secrets
  3. Funnel Scripts

1. Copywriting Secrets Audiobook


Copywriting Secrets Audiobook

Price: $27

2. Sales Story Secrets

If you’ve read the Copywriting Secrets Book and you still feel you’re having a hard time building your own sales story, then Sales Story Secrets will be a solution you can’t ignore. Inside, Sales Story Secrets is a special training course that helps you create stories that fit your field and expertise. And its price is currently only $97.


7-Story Blueprints

Does it enough for you? Not only that, but Jim Edwards also provides you with specific examples through “Million Dollar Story Example”

Sales Story Secrets Masterclass


What you will learn:

Million Dollar Story Example

Create the perfect outline for a Hero’s Journey story! Use these stories for just about anything, including webinars, FB lives, articles, podcasts and more!

  • Bonus #2: Origin Story Wizard 

Use this wizard to create your sales story to help sell anything.

Whether it’s for an opt-in, physical product, coaching or whatever… now it’s super easy to come up great sales stories that rock!!!

Everyone wants to know the story behind what you’re selling and this wizard makes it easy to do.

  • Bonus #3: Video Story Idea Brainstorming Wizard & Checklist

Input a few variables and pop out dozens of story ideas you can use to create videos that engage viewers, make your point quickly, pull readers to you, and make more sales!

  • This online software wizard and checklist give you the secret to brainstorm story ideas quickly and easily at the push of a button.
  • Find the perfect story to use in any situation.
  • Never run out of story ideas for sales copy, blogs, Facebook Lives, YouTube, social media, and more.

3. Funnel Scripts


What if you could create all the custom sales copy you could ever need at the push of a button? Funnel Scripts can help you create all your sales copy in just minutes:

  • Dotcom Secrets Scripts
  • Expert Secrets Scripts
  • One Funnel Away Scripts
  • Email follow-up
  • Copy Secrets scripts
  • Ads scripts, webinar…
  • More and more…

What you need to do only fill the blank and click the button. Is it simple, right?

Funnel Scripts normally cost you $797. However, if you get Copy Secrets book and buy this software on the upsell page, you just only pay $697 (save $100).

You can read more review articles about funnel scripts: Funnel Scripts Review 

Ship-my-free-copy of-copywriting-secrets

Pros and Cons


  • Marketers and entrepreneurs can finally discover the proven-effective techniques and strategies on how to use the right words when copywriting to capture the attention and interests of potential customers.
  • The book is straightforward to understand and carry out in whatever marketing propose you may have in mind.
  • The methodologies were discussed in a manner that’s easy to exploit and apply in your business. Thus, this is user-friendly for beginners.
  • This book can be your solution to your long-time problem in copywriting. You can learn the mistakes that need to be avoided and unveil the right schemes on how to compose messages that would certainly lure customers to make a purchasing decision at once.
  • The author also shares some of his real-life experiences and success secret stories that you could also consider for your current situation.


  • This book is not supported by overdrive, windows smartphones, and eBooks or Kindle.
  • While you can get the Copywriting Secrets Book free of charge, the shipping cost only has a small difference with the book’s price. And, the offer is only for a limited time.
  • The upsells are quite costly and may not be something that people with limited budgets can afford.
  • Since there are many offers similar to this on the web, many people still find this offer questionable.
  • When you read it, there are times when you get overly enticed of the contents that make it seem too good to be true.

My Personal, Book Copywriting Secrets

There are many products like this on the market that claim they can help you boost your sales in just one night. Well, to be honest, they are all scams. Nothing can help you boost sales in just one night. You have to work so hard to improve your sales bit by bit. 

From small details on your website to how you write your sales letter, your sales figures will grow gradually. It is not something you can achieve overnight. 

Copywriting Secrets Book shows you how to achieve what you want by improving every small detail. You will learn how to be professional that none other products can teach you. 

Utilizing sales copy is not as hard as you think. As long as you understand how it works and gets the right formula, you can achieve what you want as easily as a piece of cake. 

I used to run a website that focuses on a very difficult niche. Writing sales copy was the thing I hated the most at that time because I did not know how to attract customers. But then I discovered Copywriting Secrets Book. It has changed my life since then. 

Inside the book, there are so many valuable lessons that you would not be able to find anywhere else. It is because those lessons are gathered from the vendor’s experience. And as you know, nothing beats experience. 

One part that I find the most valuable is the online ad. When the Internet has become a norm, being present in the online world is extremely important. Copywriting Secrets Book shows me how to compete against so many other marketers in the market and drive sales without spending lots of bucks.  

Since then, I did not need to spend lots of money on marketing, yet the results always exceed my expectations. I think many customers out there, who are facing the same situation as I did a few months ago, will also somehow benefit from the book. 

Copywriting Secrets Book, Let’s Wrap It Up

Before I discovered Copywriting Secrets Book, ads emails and sales is so hard. My website was so ugly that hardly anyone stays for long. Thanks to all the lessons from the vendor, I learned how to improve bit by bit to the point today where I do not need to worry about sales figures anymore. 

If you are facing any kind of problem relating to clicks sales and profits etc, why don’t you try Copywriting Secrets Book by Jim Edwards now and see how it changes your life? I bet the results would make you surprised. 

After reading and knowing what the book teaches? Get started right away and you’ll see sales no matter and profits no matter

There is no guarantee that Copywriting Secrets Book will bring you success. You still need to make an effort to see real results coming. However, there is one thing I can guarantee to you that your work becomes a lot easier after you follow all the lessons inside the book. 

This is also the end of my Copywriting Secrets Book. Good luck! 


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