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Easy To Use







  • You get 40 affiliate campaigns that are PROVEN to make money
  • Use these campaigns as your own - It only takes a few minutes to get setup
  • Get paid instant commissions right into your PayPal account
  • Each campaign includes a bonus page with a video review
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • No significant cons until now.

CloneMe Review – The Easiest Earn $1,500+ Each Campaign. Just Copy & Paste… Each Campaign Generates Us Passive Income Daily… Now It’s Your Turn! 

Dear Affiliate Marketers,

When I started off making money with affiliate marketing, I was shocked as I just worked like crazy while my bank account keeps being empty. This is partly because I always tried to copy what the top gurus did to generate online profits. Those methods seem to be easy and simple, yet, I struggled a lot getting nothing in return!

To start making consistent money with affiliate marketing, you need to:

  • Find a high-converting offer
  • Create a bonus and thank you page for the campaign
  • Write an email series for the campaign
  • Setup everything
  • Test to see if the campaign converts well

Affiliate marketing involves lots of work and the workload is even heavier than a 9-5 job if you do everything on your own! That’s why lots and lots of people turn to top gurus for better, faster, and more profitable methods!

The thing is: Achieving great results as they are, you can’t really copy what they are doing. Apart from what they teach in their training courses, you still have to get things setup, spend time following the steps they gave and then test and tweak to maximize your conversions. Apparently, listening and copying what they did is just not enough to make your dream come true!

Thus, I’m here today to give you the ultimate solution to succeed with affiliate marketing! Let’s dive into my CloneMe Review and see what’s in it for you!

CloneMe Review – Overview

CreatorBrendan Mace
Launch Date2021-Jan-14
Launch Time09:00 EST
Official websiteCLICK HERE
Front-End Price$12.95
SkillAll Levels
Guarantee30 Days Money Back Guarantee
SupportЕffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
RecommendHighly Recommend!

What is CloneMe?


CloneMe is power-packed with the creator’s 40 top-performing affiliate marketing campaigns which are ready to go in a “clone”. Simply copy and paste them and you will see a never-ending stream of commissions flowing into your PayPal.

If getting results like this is your dream, then CloneMe will make it come true:


Amazing, right? Let’s move on to the next part to see who is behind this product!

CloneMe Review – About the Author


This product is brought to you by Brendan Mace. He is a well-known expert in the online marketing industry. He has been launching several digital marketing products and also received a high appreciation.

Some of his remarkable launches are 5 Minute Profit Pages, Zero Hour Work Days, 10X Commissions, Copy and Paste Paydays, Traffic Laze, Printly… All of them have been sold for hundreds of copies and received thousands of positive reviews. Thus, it is no surprise that he is now a top 1% affiliate and vendor on WarriorPlus.

You can read 5 Minute Profit Pages Review – Don’t Buy Before You See This

Printly Review – An Unique Way To Make Money Online

This time, Brendan Mace is back to bring you a brand new product named CloneMe and I’m sure I will do wonders for you!

Please scroll down for its detailed features!

CloneMe Review – Main Features

Let’s take a closer look at the features of CloneMe and see what you can benefit from it:


All you need to do is just follow the easy step-by-step instructions and then your first campaign will be up and running to make you money in less than 10 minutes.


If you want to stand out from the rough affiliate marketing competition, offering bonuses is a must. The creator has invested hundreds of dollars in creating each bonus page.

Fortunately, you will get the top-quality bonus page and the included bonuses so that you can get started with making money instantly!


Let’s see what you will learn from this over-the-shoulder case study:

How Brendan make money with the 30 campaigns you are getting

He will start from zero and show you how to make $1,000+ within an hour of setup

How to get traffic flowing to your campaigns instantly so that you can start generating profits in no time.

All you need to do is just copy and paste exactly what the creator did and get the same results from my CloneMe campaigns.


Each campaign comes loaded with professionally written email swipes that are tested and proven to skyrocket your profits. Thanks to these email swipes, you will be able to setup a campaign and get profits even when you are asleep.


The creator will host everything for you so there is absolutely no need to buy a domain, hosting, or anything else. Simply enter a few details and the rest will be done for you!

Why Should You Buy CloneMe?

  • Literally, Anyone Can Get Started With CloneMe Without Any Hassle

As I have mentioned before, there is absolutely no technical or affiliate marketing experience or skills required with Clone Me. All you need is just a few minutes to setup the DFY campaigns and you’ll be up and running with your own affiliate marketing business instantly.

The best thing is you are never alone as in the step-by-step case study, the creator will show you how to make money with those campaigns and drive real traffic in no time!

  • These Are The Reasons Why CloneMe Just Stands Out From Any Other Make Money Course Or Software On The Market Right Now

Everything with Clone Me is completely Done For You

There are 30 ready-to-be-deployed campaigns allowing you to jump right into making money

Just go through the case study, copy and paste your way to money in your pocket

There is absolutely no need to spend money on hosting or a domain

You’ll be setup and ready to make money within a few minutes from right now

Here is what people have been talking about CloneMe:


CloneMe Review – Pricing and Upsell

CloneMe Review – Pricing

Let’s quickly recap what you will get with CloneMe:

The front-end price of CloneMe is $12.95. You pay once and that’s it! There is definitely no need to think twice because this is such a low-cost investment. As you can see from my review above, CloneMe is truly a must-have for literally any Internet Marketing to get a top guru’s results.

The FE price will increase shortly so be sure to grab your opportunity. The more time you wait, the less chance you are getting to generate hands-free commissions with CloneMe!

Don’t hesitate because in case you are not satisfied with this product, you can always return it and get a FULL refund back within 30 days of your purchase! I have to say that this is not only a low-cost but also a risk-free investment!    


CloneMe Review – Upsell

For a limited time, you can grab Trafficly with an early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best-suited options for you before this special offer is gone!

FE: $12.95 on a Dime Sale (Clone ME)

40 “Done For You” campaigns with case studies and awesome tutorials.

OTO 1: Traffic Training

How to get traffic to the done for you campaigns.

OTO 2: Lifetime Campaigns

Get monthly campaigns from us for life. This is a “one-time” payment with no recurring fees whatsoever.

Downsell: 14 Day Trial Rebills at $37/Month

We’re gonna let people test this out for two weeks first. Then become a monthly member at a decent-sized commission for you.

OTO 3: Easiest System Ever

Everything is all set up and good to go for easy profits.

OTO 4: Limitless Traffic

We are going to allow 100 people to siphon the traffic directly from our sales pages. An excellent investment…

OTO 5: License Rights

License Rights: 100% Commissions on the entire funnel

CloneMe Review – The Bonus

Don’t forget to check out the bonus list offered for your CloneMe purchase. By the way, my team also has some special gifts for you if you purchase through this website. Remember to take a look at the end of this review



It is obvious that CloneMe is suitable for people who want to succeed in affiliate marketing and generate hands-free commissions. If you belong to the list below, I would highly recommend you to consider buying CloneMe:

  • Marketers
  • Business Owners
  • eCommerce Owners
  • Website Owners
  • Product Creators
  • Bloggers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Newbie
  • And the list goes on and on.

CloneMe Review – Pros and Cons


  • Get 30 affiliate campaigns that are proven to make money
  • Each campaign can get you $1,500+
  • Setup in a few minutes
  • Get paid instant commissions right into your Paypal account
  • Comes with bonus pages and video reviews
  • Newbie friendly
  • No Technical Skills Needed
  • Save much more time
  • Budget-friendly
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Up to now, there is none.

CloneMe Review – FAQs ABOUT ‘Clone Me’

  • What exactly is ‘Clone Me?

Inside the ‘Clone Me’ you get actually clones of 40 of my best-performing campaigns to use as your own. These campaigns have all made me $1,500 – $2,500 per month, and you can use them to get the same results for yourself.

  • Who should get ‘Clone Me’?

If you answer yes to any of the following, ‘Clone Me’ is for you:

You’re not good at the ‘tech stuff’ or getting things setup, and you want someone to just do that part for you

You’ve tried a lot of methods and you’re not making any money

You’re a newbie and just starting out

You’re looking to get started without spending a lot of money

You’re making a little bit of money now, but you want to make a lot more money

You like the idea of taking a massive shortcut to success and being able to ‘copy and paste’ what someone else is doing for big results

  • What’s included when I get ‘Clone Me’ today?

Inside the ‘Clone Me’ you get actually clones of 40 of my best-performing campaigns to use as your own. These campaigns have all made me $1,500 – $2,500 per month, and you can use them to get the same results for yourself.

40 ‘Done For You’ Campaigns That Are Proven To Convert

Bonus And Thank You Pages For Each Campaign

Proven-To-Convert Email Swipes To Use As Your Own

Step-By-Step Case Study For EACH Campaign

Money-Making Bonuses Valued At $691

  • What if I’m a total newbie, and I can barely check my email? Will this work for me?

Yes, this is PERFECT for newbies. There are NO technical skills required to make money with this.

  • Are these campaigns really proven to make money?

Yes, I’ve made over $1,000 with every single one of these

  • How much money can I expect to make from each of these campaigns?

Yes, I’ve made over $1,000 with every single one of these campaigns and show you a case study for each one of these campaigns so you can get the same results.

  • Are these campaigns really proven to make money?

There is no limit to the amount of money you can make with these ‘done for you’ campaigns. When you follow what’s inside, you can make $XXX per hour with my ‘done for you’ campaigns.

  • Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, if you don’t make money as I say or you just change your mind, just let me know, and I’ll get you a refund. The only way you can lose is by not getting this right now.

CloneMe Review – Conclusion

This is the end of my CloneMe Review. I hope that the article will lend you a hand in choosing the right tool for your business to make lots of money. It is really easy to use and definitely, new beginners will have no difficulty in using it!

So, you definitely want to own CloneMe now. Let’s click the sales button now before the price goes up.

Lastly, if you like this product, comment below and let me know! I hope to get positive feedback from you!

Once again. Thank you for your time on my software review website!


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