ClickFunnels Analytics – The Ultimate Guide For ClickFunnels

You want to penetrate the online business market. Make the most of the profit from online merchandising. Or you want to increase traffic to your site, attract more customers.

A large number of customers visiting your website does not mean you will turn into high sales from that customer. I think here, creating a diversified sales funnel with a beautiful interface and many products that benefit your audience can increase your revenue and bring value to your online customers.

Today I will introduce you a sales solution on the market. A software that stands out with any specific solutions. It’s ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels makes the user feel friendly, easy to see and understand. It is suitable even for people without skills and I believe it will make you have many new ways and ideas to change. Your online sales funnel.

Why Do You Need To Build Your Own Sales Funnel?

An optimized website and a lot of traffic, most of them know the importance of building a sales funnel and in the sales funnel they use the term “Funnel.” wide and downward, narrow, especially it is used to pour liquids, powder through a small hole.

Funnels are very common and are used in many laboratories, extracting liquids from one bottle to another Or maybe as a tool in the kitchen.


How To Build A Sales Process In Your Sales Funnel?

First, of course, you should build a funnel for yourself or your business. It includes all the products you want to sell, the services or incentives your business has.

Potential customers will enter the funnel (traffic) and your job is to convert as many of them into regular customers as possible by selling them the corresponding products and incentives with the money, they have spent and the value you bring to them will be higher.

How To Apply It In An Online Business?

Currently, you want to advertise on your website, poster, or poster.

If customers come from reading the information on posters or posters, they will come directly to your business, it is also necessary to create a large poster with beautiful images to remember. In this traditional way, the chances of them buying something are also very high. If you are using the web to pull traffic to the site and you want to provide them with more: attractive rewards, incentives, comfort, and customer needs.

You should ask them to provide their email address before using these offers.

Because they will be your regular customers later!

A customer email address helps you establish a strong relationship (which can be long-term) if you give them more than they need.

You should start emailing them about referrals. services or products that provide value. You should let them try those products for 1 week or 2 weeks so they can experience them before making a decision to buy or not. Build your own funnel, a diverse sales funnel to keep online customers staying on your site for as long as possible.

Don’t let them leave without buying anything from your site. That is a lost opportunity!

You need to plan your own sales carefully and ClickFunnels Software will help you create the sales funnel in the most optimal way, You should take advantage of that for your website.


What is ClickFunnels?

Beginning in 2014, a group led by Russell Brunson. He earned more than 206 proprietary monopoly club millionaires. He also founded Etison LLC as a $360 million business. It is more impressive and impressive than self-funding under the Forbes list. He started with the online drag and drop software that allows you to create sales funnel with essential features including:

  • Landing pages
  • Shopping carts
  • Squeeze pages
  • Membership sites
  • Webinars
  • And much more!

To get the best results for quick revenue, you should consider getting the premium Etison Suite package right away, which has customizable email marketing software, Backpack. You can create an affiliate marketing program separate on Actionetic MD.

ClickFunnel is basically a digital marketing store that helps you reduce costs and other troubles when hiring and managing your audience. From there you can grow your business within that internal group. 

Russell used the ClickFunnels Software which sent attractive sales copies to more than a million individuals in the mailing list to join him and from there continue to build more mailing lists.


ClickFunnels Training

ClickFunnels is a marketing tool that you must be looking for. It saves you a lot of money if you use another digital marketing tool.

ClickFunnels has been a digital marketing tool that promises to bring you a multitude of potential customers. Besides the functions such as photoshop, split testing software, web hosting, software answering emails automatically, automated webinars,..etc..

ClickFunnels also has a design team and UX programmers that will assist you if you get stuck.ClickFunnels can be a wise choice for you to invest and choose to grow your business. All that matters is how much you care about its service and how you benefit from using it. This software will really make you feel comfortable and comfortable after only a short time of use giving you thousands of dollars every month.

ClickFunnels is constantly changing and updating many functions, new features to fit and improve, simplifying user operations. When you visit the ClickFunnels home page, the tools and software will be updated fastest for you.

This is an introduction video that shows you how to create a sales funnel. 


Why Do I Recommend ClickFunnels?

Sales Funnel Templates


ClickFunnels does not matter what your business is, large or small scale because all the funnel templates are available for you. You don’t need to waste time starting from a tired or empty page because of the complex options interface. All of the best options are available on ClickFunnels and they are the tools available on the market, even with experts in the field. The difference is obvious between the webinar hopper and the Product launch hopper.

ClickFunnels is suitable for anyone who is interested in making a profit online. Most entrepreneurs of companies or businesses are a true hopper sales specialist. Building a good sales funnel will help you reduce the time and effort of an online seller.

ClickFunnels’ website is just a bridge to bring you to the funnel that suits your business needs as well as the plans to sell your other optimal products. All you need to do is leave your email. so they can send the necessary information into it (and of course all are free).

You Can Choose One Of Them Including:

  • Product information
  • Small business/mother and child stores
  • Network marketing
  • Writer/blog writer
  • Self-employed / consultant / freelancers
  • Create B2B potential customers
  • E-commerce
  • Affiliate marketers/influencers

To date, ClickFunnels’ founder has identified over 20 types of funnels that he has personally used for his businesses.

Still feeling overwhelmed? You can classify all the templates into three main kinds of funnels, namely:

  1. Event funnels
  2. Lead capture funnels
  3. Sales page funnels

Next, if you don’t feel right, consider adding specialized templates using the ClickFunnels software that you have registered. A simple example.

You’ll build a funnel to collect email addresses and then send links to the page and don’t forget to thank them for that. Or you create a more complex funnel, like a 2-step TripWire funnel.

Initially, you use it to sell a product at a more affordable price that is suitable for your users’ pocket, also known as TripWire.

After that, selling products is more expensive than either by using a one-click process or order forms.

Here, I want to talk about ClickFunnels’ key to helping those who do not know anything about design without fear, because they already have templates that contain a professionally designed and unique interface. This template is free or you only have to pay a small fee depending on your needs to own it.


How To Create a Sales Funnel?

If you really have never created a sales funnel. I will help you create them through the steps you need to take below:

  1. Select the funnel type.
  2. Choose a funnel model (free or paid).
  3. Select or remove features, depending on your business needs.
  4. Add your service and/or
  5. Payment setup and email integration.
  6. Select the domain name for the funnel.
  7. Make sure you have clicked “Save”.

It’s simple, isn’t it? You have officially created a sales funnel already.

ClickFunnels Analytics – The Guide Drag And Drop

One feature I especially love about ClickFunnels is that the easy-to-use editor allows you to conveniently edit drag and drop visualizations. This feature makes it possible to adjust patterns into a sales funnel. ClickFunnels’ editor is no trouble. Simple but simple and very logical.

It’s easy to click and drag different elements on your website, plus you can arrange the number of columns or rows according to your preferences.



In addition, it can help you edit inline text components, while the sidebar lets you adjust the properties change. ClickFunnels editor does not require you to That code is the point where most users find it easier to use than other editors. ClickFunnels’ optimization makes it easy for you to spend time in learning CSS or HTML to use it.

For a new and fully functional sales funnel, you just need to get the idea up, don’t care, learn about the code. This is how you maximize your time and work quickly. create a sales funnel.

Like any other tool, there is a learning curve to use ClickFunnels, which takes an hour or two to understand the editor and its various capabilities. ClickFunnels will provide tutorials and help pages that make learning easier. Not only that, you can check out Facebook’s ClickFunnels Facebook team for quick answers. Their Facebook group is probably one of the most active and useful groups available with nearly 300,000 members (and still growing rapidly), you will definitely find the help you need and I think to know somewhere you can find more like-minded friends like you in this group.

Powerful Features Of ClickFunnels

Editor feature in ClickFunnels: Main features edit ClickFunnels simply by drag and drop, easy to use, do not require user-friendly techniques.

Email list management feature: With this feature, you can completely manage and review the entire email list with specific information of each customer in the contact email list. The list stores up to 100,000 emails.


The Actionetisc editor allows users to edit their mail quickly and send it to customers.

– Affiliate management features: This feature allows you to manage and track affiliate marketing programs for products. Simple to use and special, you can know how your marketing agents are operating effectively, assigning authority to each agency. If you understand more about the system, you can create a management funnel with different agents. This is a very powerful tool for Clickfunnels.

These features have created a perfect combination and save a lot of money with the use of other separate platforms.



Flexible Page Elements

ClickFunnels is available for you to choose from, making your site more prominent and competitive than competitors. The thing you need to do is pay more attention to the landing page and it needs to have requirements. Basic like: Image, button, title, text or video (if available). Or there are some more complex elements you can add if you want:

  • Social media comments.
  • Pros & Cons.
  • Point ladder
  • Frequently asked questions.
  • Progress indicator.
  • Research sample.
  • SMS registration table.
  • Countdown.
  • Sample order and shipping.
  • Member element.

All of the above elements are customizable. The editor tool sidebar allows you the ability to adjust or change basic attributes like alignment, colors, fonts, margins. Some properties are unique to certain elements, such as changing the image URL or editing the Button’s text.

Can I Integrate Other Services With ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is really a digital software you are looking for. Inside it is designed to streamline the marketing of the products you want, and also explain why it can replace virtually. all tools on the current market.

An important part of ClickFunnels is software integration so it won’t affect if you want to continue using some software for your business (with payment gateway and autoresponder software).


For example, if you are using Warrior Plus, Stripe or Infusionsoft, I would like to say it’s okay because ClickFunnels’ service can be combined with all of them. That helps you save a lot of time in creating funnel as well as building your sales funnel the thing you need to do is just change the supply and start completely from the beginning. You should check the list. ClickFunnels supplier books that can support those platforms (see image)

Or you can also Contact ClickFunnels through their Support Chat for the fastest support.

ClickFunnels Membership

Do You Really Feel That The ClickFunnels Are Right For Your Business?

I will show you how ClickFunnels works if you apply in your business!

First, you sell a service or product that people are willing to own. Of course, that product is not necessarily a product or service of your business. However, when using ClickFunnels make sure You may be motivated to provide links to the audience who bought the product before. You need to have a really valuable or useful product to sell next.

Next, you need time and money to create a value scale for your business and create a complete sales funnel. Creating a value scale is essential, you should link products or translations. Your case follows a gradual price increase and the value it brings is also higher. You need to create a low-cost tripwire offer or in other words “bait”. Lead potential customers to the landing page at Your sales funnel.

You should follow up with additional offers, one-time deals or orders for your main product or service.

If you do not know where to start?

I have read a book called DotCom Secrets written by Russell Brunson. In it, he provided more information and testimonials of people who built a successful million-dollar sales funnel. At this point, you can see the applied what I mentioned above. Russell Crow’s book is the main magnet, while his main product is ClickFunnels.

The next step is to have a happy customer community you can see on the FaceBook group of ClickFunnels. There, Russell can promote other services, products, and events such as 10X Secrets and Funnel Scripts. If you’re not familiar with the concept of sales funnel or if you just want to review it, take the time to read Russell’s DotCom Secrets Book and Expert Secrets Book and look over Russell’s Sales Funnel. After that, you can choose which strategy is right for your business. Plan accordingly, apply them to your sales funnel and see your income increase results.

ClickFunnels: How Much Does ClickFunnels Cost?

In this section, I’ll address an important aspect of ClickFunnels: Pricing.


Can Your Business Afford A High-Quality Sales Funnel Software?

Most people think about the price when they want to buy any product. Is it necessary to buy it and how useful is it?

ClickFunnels are truly worth buying. And if you’re like me, buy it right away to experience the best inside.

Let’s talk about an example! 

I can spend many hours playing my favorite sport with my friends, that is football. I decided to buy a pair of good shoes that fit my feet as light as possible to be able to move well on the yard and socks. But I think it’s worse, if I buy a cheap pair of shoes and feel heavy, my legs will hurt and can’t run fast, the contact with the ball is also worth the trouble. There I want to tell you: You or your business should choose a good, quality product as ClickFunnels sales funnel software.

It is worth every penny you spend. I know! There are many free options. But for free, there is a limit to it. There is no free product for you for a lifetime, you can save more when buying free software themes, plugins, design, storage, custom code, etc. There is a low-cost Tripwire. You can get a free plugin like Zita WordPress Theme, but of course, you will also pay if you want to upgrade to Pro.

You also need to market your products through registered emails, gathering information, traffic, creating membership sites, fan pages, affiliate programs or maybe advertising. time and money as well as learn more solutions to make their products widely available.

Try to spend more time working and doing these tasks. It takes your time but it will give you the experience as well as help you love more of your product and develop additional new products.

How Much Is ClickFunnels?

At less than $ 100 a month, it will be an affordable price with ClickFunnels software, which is your investment. At present, ClickFunnels Price is $97 but you can use all the tools. Create sales funnel, you have 20 more funnels and 100 pages and of course, your plan is more than 20,000 first step visitors. Not bad right!



But if you want to upgrade your sales funnel, then the Etison Suite package is your best option. This package is not limited to the number of funnel, pages or visitors that help you expand the funnel. It also provides access to Actionetic’s email tools as well as Backpack’s affiliate features.

Etison Suite is priced at $297 per month. But its benefits are immense for you.

How To Get ClickFunnels At A Discount

If you are interested in the high-end Etison Suite package, I think that you join the Funnel Builder Secrets to get some savings. The Funnel Builder Secrets ($2,997) comes with a free 12-month Etison Suite plan and many amazing bonuses. That means you only spend $249.75 on the top-tier ClickFunnels plan. In addition, the bonuses are themselves have a total value of over $11,000.

  • Funnel Builder Secrets Course
  • Funnel Hacks Masterclass (6 weeks)
  • A Year’s Access to Funnel Scripts
  • And lifetime access to Traffic Secrets

ClickFunnels is allowing users to test for 14 days for free without commitment, This allows you to explore the functionality and interface of the platform, without risk.
Try it and then think about the long-term use of ClickFunnels?


Ultimately, there are a lot of factors to consider in choosing marketing software, including the amount of time and effort you’re willing to put in. Are you willing to invest what it takes to create an income-boosting sales funnel? If the answer is no, ClickFunnels may not be a good product for you. After all, there are easier and cheaper ways to generate leads and do e-commerce.

But if you’re looking at the long-term value of your customers, then do give ClickFunnels ago. The software itself is amazing, but you’ll also profit from the training and inspiration you’ll get

If you’re still unsure about the benefits of sales funnel and how ClickFunnels can help your business then check out this FREE training that Russell Brunson did at Grant Cardone’s 10X event last year, where he made 3 million dollars in sales in just 90 minutes. Yes, you read that right! Three million dollars in sales in just 90 minutes.

In the presentation, he will show you his secret funnel strategy that has made him successful online over the years. If there’s anybody that knows how to optimize online funnels and get the most sales possible, it’s Russell Brunson! 

This training was super helpful for me, so I wanted to pass it along to you for 100% FREE. I don’t know if Russell will ever take it down, but I’d recommend you watch the entire presentation while it’s still available. 


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