ClickFunnels vs Builderall – Which Platform is Worth Buying?

Where are the different channel creation tools? My comparison will help you make the wisest choice. Today, I will compare you between ClickFunnels vs Builderall and other tools that have a way to build another online sales channel.

How Do I Start With ClickFunnels?

When I first started my business, my job was:

Out on the street

Ask for the phone number of a stranger

Call and sell products to them

If you’ve ever done this or experienced this, I’m sure you’ll find it the hardest way to make a living. Your business cannot grow like that.

After that, we were introduced to internet marketing and started building the first website, attracting potential customers and then calling them.

But, Facebook advertising costs and Google are increasing, so much that we don’t have enough money to pay for advertising and running the company. That is really bad. If you are dependent on Facebook ads like we used to, you will understand.

After much searching, I started to look for ClickFunnels – the most powerful sales funnel tool on the market.

As soon as I applied the sales funnel to the business, it created a powerful breakthrough. I have received over 3000 event registrants, 1800 people came to the event and more than 147 people became customers.

Before comparing ClickFunnels with other tools on the market, let’s learn about what’s inside this tool.


ClickFunnels Backpack

ClickFunnels BackPack is a feature that helps you create effective affiliate programs to grow your business scale. Everything you need is equipped in Backpack. It allows you to add an affiliate program to your site with just a click of your mouse.

The reason people love ClickFunnels Backpacks because it uses an exclusive affiliate offer or Sticky Cookie. Cookie stick helps you turn visitors into loyal customers.

What Do You Know About Sticky Cookie?

When a customer buys a product at your link, that branch will receive commissions for those products or services. The information that customers provide will always stick with that branch right away when they don’t buy the product at your special link.

I will get an example for you to understand more:

When you introduce a link about a product or service to a customer and then click on that link to purchase. Will you receive a commission?

Later, they continue to buy the product but don’t buy it at your link. Sticky cookies will identify this customer who bought the first time at your link. You will still receive regular monthly commissions.

So the Cookie stick is really important if you are a marketer. BackPack includes this great thing for you.

ClickFunnels Email

This tool helps you create more potential customers by automatically sending messages to your customers like email messages, Facebook messages, etc.

With ClickFunnels Email, you won’t need:

  • Push notifications
  • Autoresponder emails like MailChimp, AWeber or GetResponse
  • Sit for hours in front of the computer to answer customers

Some features of ClickFunnels Email:

Action points: When customers act on your site, they will receive points for their privileges. This urges them to act more and more often.

Smart lists: You can create a list of leads with smart emails.

Editor: You can edit the email templates, text as you like.

Action channel: you can easily build an action channel to send your emails or messages to customers.

ClickFunnels Webinar

ClickFunnels Webinar allows you to create online seminars to promote, introduce your products and services to customers. All customers who register and participate in your presentation will be stored in the software.

You will be provided with live seminar templates to edit them to suit your needs.

ClickFunnels Training

You will learn how to build effective sales sites to sell your products or services.

You will be taught how to connect ClickFunnels with other tools to expand your business model.

In addition, you will learn how to build macro sales channels and how to use ClickFunnels to get the best results.

ClickFunnels Website

If you want to launch an effective sales website, ClickFunnels will help you do this. It will have some Website templates to choose from. The great thing is that you can edit everything as you like. In addition, these websites are divided into columns and rows. Therefore, you just need to drag and drop to complete the job.

And all these website templates have been proven to deliver results for online businesses.

Instead of sitting for hours in front of the computer or hiring designers for you, now you can create websites to sell your products or services with just a few clicks.


Currently, there are many tools in the market that help us create sales and marketing funnels. However, not all tools are suitable for us. This is the reason I integrated this comparison. We will discover how ClickFunnels differs from other tools.

First, we compare ClickFunnels with Builderall.


What is Builderall?

BuilderAll is an all-in-one Digital Marketing platform (all in one Digital Marketing platform) that every online business needs, every small and medium company as well as every marketer, affiliate marketer needs because it supports every product. thousands of Website templates, Sale Funnel sales funnels, Create an unlimited number of landing page landing pages (Squeeze Page or Opt-In Page or Capture page), or create countless beautiful, quick Sale Page sales pages Professional and easy drag-and-drop templates are available …. and integrate professional Mailing Boss email marketing, Cheapest price on the market today, unlimited email and Do not get into Inbox SPAM 99.999% for Mailing Boss have your Domain authentication mechanism and therefore, avoid spam when sending to MailBox.


Builderall Free Trial – You should review, try the 7-day trial to evaluate the effectiveness and use the full Builderall Features. In addition, you will be reimbursed 100% of the previous amount within 30 days. In other words, during use, you feel that this software does not work as you expect, you can contact them to get 100% of the money you have spent on buying this tool.

ClickFunnels vs Builderall

Basically, Builderall is far from a lot of features like Clickfunnels, such as the website making feature: the e-commerce Builderall e-commerce website, the branding website, the news website, the affiliate website But the Clickfunnels do not have the feature to do a website, create powerful and easy to use a website like Builderall.

Email marketing: Both of these tools have email marketing features. However, ClickFunnels has a much more robust auto-reply feature with Builderall.

Features of creating scripts Generators: script email marketing customer care, website script, script making landing page, making sale page, sale funnels to copywriting based on portraits Customer’s avatar Clickfunnels must add 500 USD / In the year when Builderall had this feature available for 29.9 USD / month, the package of 29.9 USD including Mailing Boss Email Marketing of Builderall is not limited to Email size and much larger than 10K Email package of Clickfunnels.

For other features such as making marketing videos, video slides, animation animations, Clickfunnels do not exist.

Builderall is also a great tool for creating web sites and webinars. You can use these features in the cheapest package. In addition, you can also send unlimited emails to your customers

Features of Make Money Affiliate Builder and Make Money Affiliate Clickfunels, Builderall is much more attractive because Builderall allows you to earn 2 levels: level 1 is because you refer directly and level 2 is your downline and you receive Get 30% commission of 2 levels while they still use the service. In addition, in the first month, you have a 100% commission for the first successful sale, with Clickfunnels, only 40% commission.

While it offers great features, its price is very high. So if you’re just an average business, you won’t be able to choose this tool.


Kyvio Vs ClickFunnels



ClickFunnels vs SamCart

As I see it, ClickFunnels includes more functions than SamCart. But SamCart targets the shopping cart to increase your profits. It helps you target shopping carts and prevent returns from customers. With this tool, you will always satisfy your customers. And moreover, SamCart has a great price if you are a beginner with little capital.

If you want to create effective sales channels, I recommend choosing ClickFunnels. If you just want to increase sales. SamCart is the perfect choice for you.


ClickFunnels vs OpitmizePress

These are both landing page builders and a powerful sales funnel on the market. They have many similarities and the price is nearly equal. I think even if you choose ClickFunnels or OptimizePress, you will create profits and potential customers with these two tools.


Kajabi vs ClickFunnels 

ClickFunnels only aims at creating great sales channels so you can get more profits. Kajabi isn’t as “sales were driven” in the form of sales funnels. It is focused much more on the user experience and the platform aesthetics. 

It is a really pretty platform though. 

Clickfunnels is all about sales. Sales sales sales. And then you can host a membership site on it, but nothing like kajabi which is pretty and organized.

Kajabi is completely different. It is designed with the purpose of creating content distribution systems to make money with your content or courses.

If you are selling courses, Kajabi is the number one choice for you.


If You Have Diverse Business Needs, ClickFunnels Is For You.

  • Some features of Kajabi
  • Build a landing page
  • Build a webinar
  • And Build a sales page
  • Samples have made high conversion available
  • Easy to customize web pages
  • User control panel
  • Organize online professions
  • Building physical or digital products
  • Reply to email automatically
  • Easy editor

However, the basic package does not have the support of experts. You can only get their support in premium packages.

Kajabi’s price is $ 149 / month with the basic package. It is much higher than ClickFunnels. At this price, you can buy ClickFunnels’ upgrade pack to get tons of features and benefits.


Kajabi is a tool that allows you to build effective sales funnels. It helps you work more gently and save time and It also includes channel templates so you can easily select and edit them to suit your needs.

It is a great tool that includes many features for you to expand your sales scale.

But as far as I know, some users of this software rated that they had to spend a lot of money to fully utilize their features.

ClickFunnels do not include many features like this one but in terms of price, the ClickFunnels are more amazing. While it’s smartly targeted, it’s a great tool for you to expand your business model and build sales funnels.

ClickFunnels vs Unbounce

Unbounce helps you create effective landing pages for sales. It’s different from CLickFunnels in that: ClickFunnels focuses on building all the sales funnels, Unbounce only focuses on landing pages.

It also has features like ClickFunnels such as control channels in the same table and auto-reply features. However, Unbounce is only suitable for small or medium businesses. If you’re a big business, ClickFunnels are a powerful weapon for you.


ClickFunnels vs HubSpot

HubSpot is a great tool on the market. It possesses a great set of marketing tools for you to satisfy customers. According to statistics, this software is used by 12,000 companies across the country.

I have a better HubSpot rating than ClickFunnels. It integrates a lot of powerful features. It not only helps you build sales pages but also helps you increase CRM with customers. This is really essential for a successful business.

However, HubSpot’s price is very high. You pay $300 / month for your basic package. If you are a business with huge profits in business you can afford this tool every month. If you are new, I think ClickFunnels will be a better choice for you as it also includes features for you to scale up and especially for a reasonable price – $98 / month.


Ontraport vs Clickfunnels

Ontraport is more marketing-focused software than ClickFunnels. It is a great tool for you to increase CRM with your customers. It includes several features:

  • Marketing automation

The software will automatically market and promote products to your customers. It also provides you with coupons, registration and testing.

  • Powerful CRM automation

This software helps you build better customer relationships. It will store all customer information so you can contact and take care of them. You can create campaigns that match your target audience.

And it also includes many other great features.

However, I evaluate this tool is only suitable for small businesses and new starters.


Kartra and ClickFunnels

Trial package Kartra! 14 days for $ 1 and then

  • Starter plan:

_ Pricing: 99$/month
_ $1 for 14 days FREE trial
_ Leads: 2500
_ Email Per Month: 15000
_ Pages created: 100
_ Products: 20
_ Helpdesk Portals: 2
_ Custom domain: 1
_ Dynamic FollowUp Sequences: 20
_ Bandwidth per month: 50GB
_ Page Visits: Unlimited
_ Automation: 100
_ Membership Sites: 2

  • Silver plan:

_ Pricing: 199$/month
_ $1 for 14 days FREE trial
_ Leads: 12500
_ Email Per Month: 125000
_ Pages created: Unlimited
_ Products: Unlimited
_ Helpdesk Portals: Unlimited
_ Custom domain: 3
_ Dynamic FollowUp Sequences: Unlimited
_ Bandwidth per month: 125GB
_ Page Visits: Unlimited
_ Automation: Unlimited
_ Membership Sites: Unlimited

  • Plantium plan:

_ Pricing: 499$/month
_ $1 for 14 days FREE trial
_ Leads: 50.000
_ Email Per Month: 500.000
_ Pages created: Unlimited
_ Products: Unlimited
_ Helpdesk Portals: Unlimited
_ Custom domain: 10
_ Dynamic FollowUp Sequences: Unlimited
_ Bandwidth per month: 500GB
_ Page Visits: Unlimited
_ Automation: Unlimited
_ Membership Sites: Unlimited



Starter: $69/month
Silver: $139/month
Platinum: $339/month

KARTRA 2-YEARS PLAN (Discount 40%)

Starter: $59/month
Silver: $119/month
Platinum: $299/month


Convertri vs ClickFunnels

Convertri is a great tool for integrating HTML and targeting your shopping cart. It has some features like ClickFunnels such as creating sales funnels and Test A / B. It has a price that is quite suitable for new people. The basic package of this tool is only $53 / month and you will get the following features:

  • 25,000 Impressions for each month
  • 50 funnels
  • 500 insanely fast pages
  • A / B Split Testing
  • SSL
  • Custom Domains
  • 45+ perfect Templates

If you want to use more features, you need to buy its Pro version. I think this tool is only for small businesses. If you are a big business, you can hardly expand your business with this tool.


How Much is ClickFunnels?



Personal Experience

I have used a lot of sales channel creation tools and created sales funnels. And I find that every product brings great features to my business. The first tool I used was SamCart but it had quite a few features. After a while, my work grows. It was unable to meet my needs. After that, I learned quite a lot of other tools and compared their prices.

After testing many other tools, I decided to choose ClickFunnels. Until now, I am still very pleased with the things it brings to my business.

Before you decide to buy the product, I recommend reading user reviews about them. Then find out your needs and budget. For example:

If you only need to increase sales, you choose SamCart. If you want to increase sales and increase CRM, you should choose Builderall. And If you want to create a sales funnel and make money from affiliate programs, ClickFunnels is for you.

Final Thought

What do you think about these tools?

In short, in all these tools, I found ClickFunnels to be the product of choice. However, that is just my objective assessment. It might be great for me, but not for some people.

But I’m sure ClickFunnels is a tool that many businesses use because it has many features they need at a reasonable price.

I have also consulted a lot of advice from experts. And their advice for me: Use ClickFunnels if you want to create successful sales funnels.

In addition, you will have 14-days to trial this tool before making a purchase decision. Then you have 30 days to refund if the tool doesn’t work as you want.

You can click on the link below to try ClickFunnels within 14 days.

I hope this review will help you make the wisest choice. If you want more information about the above tools, you can leave me a message, I will answer you as quickly as possible.

Goodbye and good luck!

Thank you for reading.


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