ClickFunnels Review – Easily Build Pages Within The Sales Funnel

Clickfunnels Review – As you bring technology into your business, your business structure begins to be more streamlined. You will need fewer people to accomplish the same thing. People are gradually replaced by machines and tools.

I have more than 50,000 thousand potential customers, more than 1,000 customers. I want to take care of them regularly. And I want to talk and share with them every day.

To do this, I have to use technology. As technology grows, I can take care of thousands of the customer with just one click. We all know that to sell, the first thing we need to do is build sales funnels. In the market, I see a lot of tools to help us do this job with just a few clicks. One of the tools that made me feel the most love and trust is Clickfunnels.

I built a landing page on Clickfunnels, connecting them into a funnel. When the customer buys, data will be pushed back to its tool for storage. I continue to sell these the customer with other automatic hoppers.

As far as I know, this is a product that many businesses use. Now let’s go find out about the great things inside this product.

Please continue to follow my ClickFunnels Review.

What is ClickFunnels?


ClickFunnels is a powerful software created by Russell Brunson in 2014. Some people think it is just a tool to create landing pages. No, it also includes many other wonderful things.

This software helps you create the most effective sales funnels. You can create landing pages, member sites, online seminars, thank you pages, and more. You will find a funnel that suits your business needs.

And You will be provided with 22 proven sales funnel in the hottest niches on the market. These funnels are divided into 3 categories: Sales Funnel, eye-catching funnel, and the event funnel.

Besides, there is some special funnel such as member website funnel and some single funnel such as squeeze funnel – this is the funnel that helps you get the email address of the customer, and thank you when they subscribe to your funnel.

Each funnel type includes a free funnel and paid funnel, you can select them to suit your needs and budget.

You can work with 3 simple steps: choose a funnel – choose a template – customize – complete.

A website that can appeal to people is thanks to page elements. And Clickfunnels will provide you with a factor library to choose from. They include images, titles, buttons, forms, text and some advanced elements such as:

  • Register SMS
  • Survey
  • Price list
  • Progress bar
  • Facebook comment
  • Block of frequently asked questions
  • Countdown
  • Custom HTML

You can easily customize these elements like changing fonts, colors, font sizes, and many other options.

Let’s learn about some of the applications inside ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels Review – About the Author


Russell Brunson is the creator of ClickFunnels. He has been active in marketing for 10 years and launched hundreds of high-quality physical products.

In the early days of marketing, he learned how to access spam and created effective sales pages and winning products.

What Is Clickfunnels Affiliate Program?


Let’s start like this!

If you are running an online business as an affiliate marketer, you are going to sell your products in some places such as Clickbank and JVZoo. These places offer a large marketplace for you to reach out to prospects.

The next thing you need is a useful sales page, gravity, and commissions. However, building these things from scratch is not easy for newbies. A well-designed sales page does not automatically mean that it can convert well.

You need guidelines!

This is where the Clickfunnels Affiliate Program comes in.

To those who may not know, Clickfunnels is a sales funnel builder that provides tools and materials for marketers to created funnels, webinars, and many other things effortlessly.

What is ClickFunnels Editor?

This is a great thing the provider offers to those who are not experienced. This visual editor allows you to created pages in your sales funnel.

The table of contents in the sales funnel is designed in rows and columns. Therefore, you can easily edit with only 2 “drag and drop” actions.

What I like the most is that this editor is extremely easy to use. It will have a bar including all editing tools for you to choose.

The Etison editor helps you build and edit design pages that are already made available. You can easily customize it without any skills:

  • Create Optin page

This is a page that helps you created lists and potential the customer. The Etison Editor helps you created Optin pages in just a few minutes. Therefore, you can attract potential the customer right from the start.

You just need to select Optin templates with milk and start customizing to suit your needs. All you need to do is drag and drop to get the best results.

  • Create Upsell Page

With the page editor, it takes less than a minute to create these pages.

You can easily replace your elements, brands, or offers in one click. It does not require any experience or skill.

  • Create a workshop event page on the web

You can create member sites to start promoting your services or products. You can choose the pre-registration templates or customize it in editing to get the highest results.

  • Create a Membership Site

You can store and sell your content unlimited. With just a few clicks, you can create member areas to sell or store your courses.

You just need to select the membership site templates that have been made and add your content or course.

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What is Actionetics?

Actionics is a platform that allows you to automatically communicate with the customer without any support tools. This is a feature added after 2015 with the backpack.

One thing I like the most is that it can work closely with ClickFunnels. You can use it to created forms and put them on your sales page.

It will help you created email lists, send emails automatically and store your name. It will help you created potential the customer you’ve never thought of.

However, you can only use its features when it is the website you designed by ClickFunnels.

Some great features of Actionics

  • Smart email list

This is a great feature of this tool. With just one click, you created a smart email list to created potential the customer instantly.

This smart list will automatically add or delete accounts in your email list.

It includes a lot of rules to choose from. Here are some of the best rules I use:

  • Contact rules
  • Funnel rules
  • Product rules
  • Email step rules

These rules have saved me a lot of time and effort.

  • Unlimited contacts

Most email services are quite expensive. For example, you will have to spend $297 / per month to build 10,000 onraport contacts.

Actionics is an email marketing automation platform built directly on ClickFunnels. It is not available with the standard $97 / month package, but it was unlocked when you upgraded your ClickFunnels to the Etison Suite $297 package a month or $399 for the highest package of ActiveCampaign to receive 25,000 contacts. But with Actionics of ClickFunnels, you will get unlimited contacts.

  • Flexible action funnel

You can email completely automatically to the customer. The great thing is that you can integrate with third-party tools like Twilio, Facebook or Shopify.

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What is ClickFunnels Backpack?

It is a link management system. Like Actionetic, this tool is only available in the Etison Suite package.

With this tool, you can expand your business even when you are sleeping.

It works with an extremely powerful system with features for you to create affiliate programs for businesses. You can integrate affiliate chapters, create commission campaigns; manage payments and much more.

If you want to convert people into shoppers, you won’t be able to go through this powerful tool.

Some powerful features of Backpack:

  • Dashboard

This will be the first place you see when you open this tool. You can keep track of everything that is active at this dashboard such as the number of links, how much you have paid, how much you have or how much you owe them.

  • Link department

You can see all your branches at the affiliate department. You can add links automatically or manually and you can edit their information such as phone numbers, addresses, email or names.

  • Branch of CF Backpack

This feature will automatically turn the customer into your affiliate when they subscribe to the programs in your link.

You can see the details of every profit you get from the link.

  • Commissions department

You can track the commissions that branches earn for you. Such as:

  • Who earns commissions?
  • How much is earned
  • Which product or service is sold?

ClickFunnels Website

What do you think if I say you can build a business website from start to finish? ClickFunnels will help you do this just by dragging and dropping to complete.

ClickFunnels will save you a class of money to hire designers for your business.

Fact: You can use free tools to build websites but you will have to spend hours in front of your computer to work. 

ClickFunnels Email

It will include completed emails available to you and automatically sent to the customer you are targeting. 

ClickFunnels Webinar

With just 3 clicks, you can build webinar conferences to start selling products or translating.

Clickfunnels Training

You will be trained on how to make a profit with funnel hacking.

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How Does ClickFunnels Work?

You will be provided with videos to build an effective sales funnel. In addition, you will be provided with completed funnel templates available to you.

You just need to choose a template that fits your purpose.

I’ll give you some simple steps to start making money with ClickFunnels

STEP 1: Pick Which Type Of Funnel You Want To Use For Your Business.

There Are 3 Main Reasons Entrepreneurs Typically Create A Funnel:


  • If You Want To Generate LEADS…

There are two ways that people generate leads with ClickFunnels…

1 – Basic email or messenger leads (where your goal is to capture their email address and build a list).

2 – Longer form application leads (where you are getting a name, phone number, and more detailed information about the lead).

  • If You Want To Generate SALES…

There are three ways that people generally sell products with ClickFunnels…

1 – A two-step “tripwire” or “unboxing” funnel.

This is generally for lower-priced products (oftentimes a loss leader where you lose some money upfront) but where the goal is to get a customer, and then use 1-click upsells in the funnel to generate a profit.

2 – A sales letter or a video sales letter funnel.

This type of funnel is generally for products that require a little more selling, either because the product needs more explanation, or you need a presentation to sell people on the perceived value of what you’re selling. This funnel often uses 1-click upsells to generate additional profit per customer.

3 – A Launch Funnel

This is used when you are looking to launch a new product or service, and you want to build up excitement for the launch. This funnel, made famous by Jeff Walker called “The Product Launch” funnel, works really well for selling more expensive products because you have more time to sell people on the perceived value of what you are selling.

  • If You Want To Run An Online EVENT…

There are two ways that you can run your event with ClickFunnels…

1 – A live webinar using a 3rd party software like gotowebinar or zoom.

ClickFunnels is used to customize the registration process and increase conversion and sales.

2 – An automated, ondemand, evergreen webinar that is completely run on ClickFunnels.

For this funnel, you make a presentation you already created, and use our funnels to run the whole event.

To Pick The Funnel You Want To Create:

  • ​Open up ClickFunnels, and select “Build A New Funnel” from the drop-down menu.
  • ​Choose your main goal: Generate leads, generate sales, or run a webinar event.
  • ​Pick which type of funnel you want to create!

STEP 2: Adjust Your Funnel To Be Exactly The Way You Want! (Add, Move, Delete Pages, Add Membership Sites And More!)

You’ve got the framework and the template in place…

Now it’s time to make your funnel look how you want!

Now that you have your funnel, you can add, move, delete, and edit any page you want inside your funnel!


Want To Add Extra Pages To Your Funnel?



ClickFunnels Allows You To Quickly Get Your Funnels Built-In MINUTES…While Giving You The Freedom To Adjust Your Templates However You Want! 

STEP 3: Customize The Look And Feel Of Your Pages…

You can quickly swap our logos, videos, products, and text with your own, and then push go!

ClickFunnels gives you the best of both worlds – you have the freedom to make each page look exactly how you want, without dealing with any of the tedious development and coding!


Here’s How Simple It Is To Turn Your Template Into Your Own Uniquely Branded Funnel:




…and so on, until your page looks exactly how you want!

In just a few clicks, your template will transform into a fully-branded funnel that captures your unique “look” and voice!


STEP 4: Capturing Leads Inside Of ClickFunnels.

Capturing leads Is EASY With ClickFunnels!

When someone gives you their email address, they join your list so you can follow-up with them later.

There are two ways to do that inside ClickFunnels:

Method 1: The Automation Tab

With the Automation Tab, you can set up email messages and sequences to reconnect with your audience.

Inside your new funnel, you have access to what’s called an “Automation Tab”, and you can create short email sequences to roll out following an opt-in or a sale…

You can even create email notifications to let you know when someone opts in or buys something from you!

To send an email through the Automation Tab inside ClickFunnels, simply:

  • Step 1: Add A New Email

On each page of your funnel, you’ll find an Automation tab.

Choose the page you want to send an email message out for (like your opt-in page, or your order page…) and click the “Add New Email” Button….

Add your Name, Subject line, and SMTP configuration, and the time delay for when you want the email sent out.

  • Step 2: Select Which Pre-Designed Email Template You Want To Use…

The email templates work exactly like the Editor. Swap out images, create buttons, and format your copy, with as much customization as you want!

  • Step 3: Edit The Template With Your Own Message!

That’s all it takes to send email sequences through the Automation tab inside ClickFunnels!

Method 2: Follow-Up Funnels

Follow-Up Funnel is a tool inside ClickFunnels that allows you to create simple-but-powerful Follow-Up Funnels…

Follow-Up Funnels isn’t just an email autoresponder…

Sure, you can create, schedule, and deliver email sequences…but Follow-Up Funnels can do so much more than that!

With Follow-Up Funnels, you can speak directly to your individual customers, based on their own information, such as:

  • ​Who they are
  • What they’ve purchased from you, and how recently
  • Where they came from
  • What actions they took inside your funnel

Instead of speaking to your audience with ONE generic message, you can create follow-up funnels that resonate with the individual, and boost your conversions and sales!

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To Create Follow-Up Funnels:

Step 1: Start Building Your Lists

Creating lists inside Follow-Up Funnels is EASY!

Under the “Email Lists” tab, click the “Add New List” button.

Simply give your new list a NAME (so you can find it easily when you have several lists), and save your settings.

With Follow-Up Funnels, you can also create “Smart Lists”, which is like data-mining…

At ANY point, you can create a Smart List that sets a “rule” and pulls specific data on your subscribers, and find out things like:

  • Who bought your product that also has MORE than 1,000 followers on Facebook…
  • Who wanted your product, but abandoned their cart…
  • Who consumes all of your free content, but has never made a purchase…
  • Who your SUPER-BUYERS are (the ones who buy and consume everything you offer)…

Step 2: Send Broadcasts To Your Subscribers

You can send broadcast messages out to your subscribers via email and texts that go straight to their phones!

Step 3: Dig Into Your Stats And Make Adjustments

Once your messages have been delivered, you can track your stats, and see how they performed.

You’ll be able to determine:

  • Who opened your emails (and who clicked-through)
  • What people purchased
  • …and how much money you generated from each email!

STEP 5: Adding Your Products Into ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels has a full shopping cart, so you don’t need to piece together any 3rd party tools to sell your products or services online. It’s all included free with your ClickFunnels account!

To Add Your Products To Your Funnel:


ClickFunnels automatically adds your product information to your order form FOR you!

You can add your products, choose the price you want to sell them for, and be up and selling your product or service in minutes!

There are two types of products that you can add to your funnel:

1. DIGITAL Products

2. PHYSICAL Products

  • If you’re adding a DIGITAL product to your funnel…

Once a customer buys your product, the purchase can unlock a Membership Site access for them. (This works GREAT if you are a coach, or if you sell a course with lots of training or content).

Or …

You can also send them directly to a thank-you page, where they can instantly download their digital product.

  • If you’re adding a PHYSICAL Product to your funnel…

Once a customer buys your product, you can have the order exported directly to a fulfillment company, (like ShipStation), which will manage and ship your orders for you.

Here’s how SIMPLE it is to use ShipStation with your Funnel:


That’s it! Once you’ve done these 3 easy steps, ShipStation will take care of the rest, and import, fulfill, and ship your order directly to your customer!

STEP 6: Setting Up Split Tests To Increase Your Conversions!

Quickly Setup Split Tests So You Can Optimize Your Sales And Leads Each Day!

Before you start scaling the traffic to your funnel to increase sales…

You should run split tests to optimize your funnel and make sure your traffic is turning into maximum leads or sales.

ClickFunnels allows you to set up a true A/B split-test to see which version of your funnel performs better.

You can split-test just about anything you want:


The list is almost endless…

Setting up split tests in ClickFunnels is the simplest way to boost your funnel conversions, and beat your control every day!

STEP 7: Make Your Funnel LIVE!

It’s time to hit the GO button!

In just a few clicks, your funnel will be LIVE, and ready to start collecting leads and sales.


To Make Your Funnel LIVE:

Check the Launch Checklist and inside ClickFunnels to make sure that you’ve “checked-off” each step, and that your funnel is ready to publish!

Put your payment gateway into ‘test mode’, and make a test purchase.

Set the proper domain (if you haven’t already), so your traffic will hit the first page of your funnel.

That’s it!

That’s all it takes to get the pages inside of your funnel up and running, and ready crank out leads and sales!

STEP 8: Track Your Stats!

With your ClickFunnels Dashboard, you can quickly see how well your funnels are performing…

On your Dashboard, you’ll be able to:


Bắt đầu 14 ngày miễn phí của bạn

Your ClickFunnels Dashboard is pre-formulated, so there is NO setup involved, and it will automatically track and report all of your most critical numbers on ONE easy-to-check page!

Who Should Use ClickFunnels?

If you are looking to start making profits online, Clickfunnels is a great product for you. It includes everything you need to start launching a business. Instead of using more complex tools, you only need to Clickfunnels because it includes all the most powerful tools.

However, you can see its price is quite high. I will give you the most preferential price at the end of the article.

Clickfunnels are really perfect if you are:

  • Dental marketing online
  • Online businesses
  • Owner stores on e-commerce sites
  • People start making money online
  • And more

ClickFunnels Review – Features

Simple drag and drop hopper builder

With this feature, you can do everything without any experience at all. You don’t need complicated code or steps, all you need is to click, drag and set. In addition, the ClickFunnels also comes with an intuitive editor that helps you create a funnel to get a successful landing page. Integrated powerful third party

It allows you to connect with other services in your sales funnel. This is really a great feature for marketers to have multiple streams of income.

It integrates with:

  1. Marketing email
  2. Payment gateways
  3. Webinar platform
  4. WordPress (plugin)
  5. And more
  6. Call to action feature

More than 200 sample funnels

You can choose which funnel models have been completed to start making a profit. Funnel templates included:

  1. Magnet guide hopper
  2. Automatic web conferencing funnel
  3. Product launch funnel
  4. Store hopper
  5. Live test funnel
  6. Application hopper
  7. Sales funnel

You can build professional sales funnel without the experience of building a previous sales funnel.

A / B Testing

You can use A / B testing on all your funnels. It will help you come up with the most appropriate and effective strategies.

Moreover, you can compare customizations in your funnel to choose which one is most suitable.

ClickFunnels Actionetic

This is software that automatically responds to the customer and automatically sends emails to your customers. It will help you turn visitors into potential customers without any effort.

You can do this without:

  1. Push notification software
  2. Autoresponder emails like AWeber, MailChimp or GetResponse)
  3. Automation tools
  4. Action Scores: The customer will get points when they visit your site. You will receive multiple clicks from visitors.
  5. Smart list: you can create a potential book by smart marketing messages.
  6. Powerful email editor: The email will be professionally designed for you to send to the customer. You can customize them to suit your needs.
  7. Action funnel: You can build action funnel to market your products to your customers with text messages, emails and more.

ClickFunnels Backpack

This feature is available on Etison Suite Plan. With this feature, you can create and run affiliate marketing programs for your service or product. In other words, ClickFunnels Backpack is a system with powerful features for you to make a profit with affiliate programs. You can expand your business scale without leaving a penny for advertising or marketing costs.

Some features inside ClickFunnels Backpack:

  1. Easily set up affiliate commission program
  2. Payment management
  3. Cookie stick
  4. Easily customize affiliate programs
  5. See data in a statistics table
  6. And many other powerful features
  • ClickFunnels Pypeline

It is an integrated CRM system to help you nurture the customer better. You will need to use expensive and complicated software too.

  • ClickFunnels Wasabi

You will no longer have to worry about code to optimize your website anymore. Wasabi will help you upload products or services you like with just a few clicks.

  • ClickFunnels Cloning

One thing I like most about ClickFunnels is that you can share it for anyone you target. You only need to copy and send that link to your customers and when they click on that link, they will have to register to access it.

  • ClickFunnels Membership

What is more amazing when you can build membership sites with just and click. Selling not only can sell the products you want, but you can also save your online courses easily.

  • Cart available

You can easily track the orders of your customers. It is completely different from SamCart, SarmCart will ask you to register another cart, not ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels Review – Some Other Functions

There are also a lot of great features that you can learn on their coated people Some features worth mentioning in this review:

  • 24/7 support
  • ClickFunnels video
  • The website is complete
  • Webinar seminar funnel

How To Make Money With ClickFunnels?

You will have the opportunity to reach a large number of potential the customer (Because ClickFunnels is quite famous in the Marketing world).

Using ClickFunnels can help you easily create complete, efficient and high-converting sales funnels. You can get started right away! You can start affiliate marketing with ClickFunnels even if you don’t have a website, no email care chain. All ClickFunnels take care of you.

In addition, ClickFunnels will provide you with a campaign to create the fastest online profit. The place you can do this is to Hack the funnel.

How Much Is ClickFunnels?

As far as I know, Clickfunnels has 3 options for users. But then, the provider has merged into 2 options:

  • Option 1 – Basic Package – costs $97 / month

In this option, you can access all funnel creation tools. However, you will be limited to the number of the funnel. You can only create 20 funnels, 20,000 visitors and 100 pages. You will not be able to access.

  • Option 2 – Etison Suite – $297/month

To access these packages, you need to spend $297/ month – Etison Suite. You can build unlimited funnel, pages, and customers. It will help you earn the highest profit.

As far as I learn, Clickfunnels has no coupons. However, you can buy The Funnel Builder Secrets maker for $2,997. It will allow you to access Etison Suite within 12 months and some bonuses. This helps reduce costs to $249,75/ month.

In addition, Clickfunnels will provide you with a trial version within 14 days. It includes all the features for you to use and feel about it.

If you are a newcomer, I think this is a pretty big expense for you. I want to share with you a Secret Funnel Sharing package. You can access this package for only $19. With this package, you can create 3 funnels and 10 pages. Although it is limited, I find this is a pretty great package for those with little budget.

For more details and pricing on these packages, you can visit their sales page for more information.


>>> See ClickFunnels Pricing Page >>>

Basic package:

  • 20 hoppers
  • 20,000 monthly visitors
  • 3 custom domains
  • Limited to 100 pages
  • Unlimited contact leads
  • Email integration. Yes
  • Option funnel
  • Unlimited membership
  • Testing of A / B separation
  • Sales funnel
  • Automatic web conferencing funnel
  • ClickPops
  • Click options
  • Member hopper
  • Integrated 1 SMTP
  • Integrate limited payment
  • Share funnel capabilities
  • Hangout funnel
  • Order page, Upsell and Downsell

Etison Full Suite package

  • Unlimited number of pages
  • Unlimited number of funnels
  • Unlimited number of guests
  • Unlimited custom domain
  • Unlimited contact leads
  • Backpack (Link management system)
  • Priority support
  • 3 options for payment integration
  • Integrated 3 SMTP
  • Priority sample request

And more, you will have 14 days to try this product. If you are worried about the bundle, you can ask to refund 100% of your money.

ClickFunnels Review – Discount

You will enjoy a great discount with valuable bonuses.

You check Funnel Hacks now :

  • Etison Suite – $1,782 / 6 months
  • Hacks Master class 6 weeks – cost $2,997
  • Instant Traffic Hacks – priced at $1,997
  • Initial secret – priced at $1997
  • The email chain of soap & Seinfeld – priced at $997

But you only need to spend $997 to buy them. It’s too cool, isn’t it? If you are a smart person, you will act immediately.

Hệ thống phễu


What Is Special About the Program?

Clickfunnels is a useful product for not only affiliate marketers but also for those who want to establish recurring income streams.

  • A comprehensive system

Clickfunnels offer everything you need to make profits. When you send a lead to Clickfunnels, whether it is from signing up a link or a bonus, you will receive the commission right away when they make a purchase.

The more people you can attract, the more prospects you may have. This also means you have more chances to boost commissions from the subscriptions and products sold. The customer base is super easy to grow.

  • Sticky cookies

One of the things that make Clickfunnels Affiliate Program popular is that they include sticky cookies.

Here is how it works. When someone visits your website, the cookie is recorded on their device, and when they come back to visit again, you will receive more commissions because of the sticky cookies.

Apart from all of that, there are many great things you can learn from the program. They include:

  • Tips and tricks

Tips and tricks are essential to affiliate marketers as it helps save time, energy and resources yet the achieved results are still guaranteed.

Now, this is good news for newbies. If you have not done anything like this before, then you may benefit a lot from the Affiliate BootCamp inside the program.

There is a lot of stuff in there that will show you how to do affiliate marketing and earn a substantial income from it.

The Affiliate BootCamp includes many marketing strategies as well as tactics that help you drive more profits with fewer resources.

  • Dream Car Bonus

To those who have not heard of the Dream Car bonus yet, let’s dig deeper!

It goes like this: Clickfunnels will give out 100 dream cars to top affiliates!

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But it’s true.

The dream car contest was announced quite a long time ago. Now you will know full details of what you should do to get for yourself a Lamborghini or a Ferraris.

So, how to register?

As long as you are a member of the Clickfunnels Affiliate Program, you are signed up for the dream car contest. No need to do anything else.

Every month, when new members sign up by your affiliate links, you get more chances to win a dream car. 

Here are the steps to qualify:

  • Step 1: Get 100 members

When you have 100 members, you are fully qualified for the dream car. You can choose to lease the car and send the creator team proof that you have done it.

  • Step 2: You will receive $500 each month for the lease payment

The creative team will send you $500 each month for your payment on the dream car

  • Step 3: Hit 200 members to receive $1000 per month

If there is any month that you hit at least 200 members, then you will get a $1000 paycheck for the car.

That sounds so exciting, doesn’t it? Why don’t you start promoting right away? It’s time to start now.

Now here is the important thing! As I mentioned above, if you are a member of Clickfunnels, there is no need to sign up anymore. Just check the dashboard on the Account area.

There are a few things you should take into account:

  • A valid member must be at $97 per month or more
  • The contest is only valid for the first 100 people who claim the car (So hurry and get your dream car!)
  • Sales are counted from June 1st, 2015, which means you may come halfway to your dream car. Speed up and get your award!

chiếc xe mơ ước của bạn là gì

The good news is most peoples have success with Clickfunnels. And the question is“Are You Next?”

Clickfunnels-liên kết-thắng-xe

How To Become a ClickFunnels Affiliate?

Step 1: Click Here to visit the login page

Step 2: On this page, you scroll down at the end. In here you have 2 choices

  1. Already Clickfunnels users: Click on the left button to log-in to => Click “My Account” at the right on the top => Click Affiliate.
  2. Not Clickfunnels Users: Click on the right button “Become An Affiliate Now

Clickfunnels-Affiliate chương trình đăng nhập

Step 3: Fill out your information. In the tax ID section, if you’re not in the US so you can skip it.

Clickfunnels thành viên khu vực đăng nhập

Now, you already have Clickfunnels Affiliate account and you can get the link then make your money.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Training

Now you have your own account and interesting things to do in the ClickFunnels affiliate program. If you are a beginner who does not have any SEO or Advertising experience or skills on Facebook, Youtube, Email Marketing, Clickfunnels designed for you without worrying. The problems that affiliate marketers don’t know where to start will be solved by ClickFunnels.

What is your job then? Always learn new things, practice and then repeat those actions for proficiency

The training program of the Affiliate Bootcamp program has been created to train you to save money (to buy affiliate courses)

Clickfunnels have been designed for you beginners or already linked but still, don’t earn money. The course focuses on the concepts of the sales funnel, building sales funnel and using

Facebook Ads to increase traffic.13 videos will be sent to you corresponding to 13 days. They give you all the platform and what you need to do next. I also wrote a review about Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp here so you can read it for more details.

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Sign-Up To Affiliate Bootcamp Today For FREE

Pros and Cons


  • Working completely hands-free
  • All in one tool
  • Does not require skills
  • Simple work and high results
  • No need to spend too much time and money
  • No separate domain name needed


  • You will have to take 8 – 10 seconds to create a sales funnel. Maybe this does not make you uncomfortable with these things, which makes me unhappy.

ClickFunnels Review, Personal Experience

If you are running an affiliate business, the first thing you should know is the product you are selling. I would try the product by myself to test if it is a good product or not.

This allows me to understand the product from the perspective of a customer. That’s how I know how to promote the right type of customer.

In the world of affiliate marketing, some products are free; some are not. I recommend you try free products first if you are new and inexperienced.

The exciting thing about Clickfunnels is that when someone signs up to get a free product, you will not get any commission. However, if they get the free shipping including Funnel hacker and Expert Secrets, you still get a dollar for it.

From my experience, if you are starting from scratch, you should start with free offers as it attracts people easier. If they love the product and come back to buy more, you still receive commissions.

Also, it helps build the impression that you are taking care of your people’s needs and values.

Final Thoughts, ClickFunnels Review

Why do I recommend Clickfunnels? I used many tools to created funnels. However, I have found ClickFunnels to bring the best results to my work.

You really won’t be able to believe the great things it offers. Only when you use the 14-day trial version, you can feel all that I say.

In addition to the 14-day free trial, you also get a 30-day money-back guarantee. I realize this is a risk-free investment.

I have shared everything I know about this powerful tool. And I hope my review will help you choose. You can leave me a comment below if you still want to know more about this product.

Thank you for taking the time to follow my ClickFunnels Review. Goodbye!


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