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  • It’s totally free to join
  • It is beginner-friendly
  • You have a chance to become a part of a helpful community of affiliate marketers all promoting Clickfunnels.
  • Receive a 40% commission on every referral.
  • Access to detailed video training


  • You have to pay high attention and a large amount of time to study to get the results
  • It is not absolutely free to execute the strategies

Do you struggle to earn a living by Affiliate Commission? Do you know how to master this way of making money? My Affiliate Bootcamp by Russell Brunson Review today will introduce you to a training program to help you out. 


Undeniably, the development of digital marketing has brought about many new methods of making money online. Selling services or products as an affiliate is one of the most popular ones which helps thousands of people get out of financial issues and gain stable income to feed their family.

ClickFunnels is a one-of-a-kind software that has such a powerful affiliates crew. Russell Brunson is the developer of this product. Since the software was first introduced, numerous affiliates have benefited from it and received a high amount of commission.

But Russel finds out that there is a huge gap between affiliates in the commission they received. To enrich everyone evenly, this guy has created a training course named ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp. By learning this program, anyone can be a skilled seller.

Are you curious about this training course? Let explore with me in my Affiliate Bootcamp by Russell Brunson Review today.

Do not go anywhere as you will be blown away by what I am going to share in this review.



The Inspiration of Affiliate Bootcamp By Russell Brunson

According to Russell’s reveal, since the launch of his affiliate program, ClickFunnels has paid out OVER $52 MILLION in Commissions to their affiliates. Notably, the figure is OVER $22 MILLION in 2018 alone. There have been 98 affiliates who received the “Dream Car” award from ClickFunnels.

However, besides these super-affiliates, there are still many who cannot gain any dollars or just a few hundreds of dollars.

Russell paid much concern to this matter and wondered:

1. Affiliate marketing is way easier today than it used to be.

  • Why aren’t most people making consistent money each month?   
  • What is the difference between such top affiliates who already got their Dream Car with the rest who are struggling to bring just a few commission each month?

2. There are so much HYPE and BS that people are selling online about affiliate marketing.

Hence, Russell came up with an idea about a 100-day plan, which includes sharings from super affiliates to the rest on how to succeed. He started to interview such top affiliates about their success secrets and arranged in the Affiliate Bootcamp to show for struggling-affiliates.

That is the inspiration behind Russell’s Bootcamp Course.

Overview Of Affiliate Bootcamp By Russell Brunson

Vendor:                Russell Brunson

Product:              Affiliate Bootcamp 

Price:                  100% Free

Sales Page:        www.Affiliatebootcamp.com

Recommended: Highly Recommended

What Is Affiliate Bootcamp By Russell Brunson?

As mentioned, Affiliate Bootcamp by Russell Brunson is a 100-day training course, which provides lessons from 15 super affiliates of ClickFunnels. This program is aimed to let learners make money by promoting ClickFunnels – a page builder software.

The content includes 66 videos extracted from interviews of these top affiliates, which give you the detail of the Affiliate Program and how to make profits from this. Since the lessons are based on the success secrets of the top sellers, you will have chances of learning the best from the best to become a skilled affiliate.

Noticeably, you do not have to pay any penny to take part in this course as it is free for all.

Russell makes such a smart move with this program. You know, when the affiliates get money, ClickFunnels get money too. In other words, this course is for the good sakes of both learners and Russell himself.

Stay tuned and prepare to explore the brilliant features of this course in my review.



The Vendor – Russell Brunson


Russell Brunson is the creator of Affiliate Bootcamp. He is wide-recognized as an advanced marker, a profound writer, and an enthusiastic teacher. Indeed, Russell is the founder of ClickFunnels- a page creation system that has been ruling the market so far.

In terms of writing, this guy has introduced many marketing-related publications including DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, 108 Proven Split Tests Winners, and Funnel Hackers Cookbook.

With in-depth knowledge, many years of experience, endless passion, and a concentrated attitude, Russell received much appreciation, trust, and praise from his students, learners, affiliates, and experts.

In the comeback with Affiliate Bootcamp of Russell, this man cooperates with an excellent team including top sellers in his Affiliates Programs.

These 15 great-minds are  Steve J. Larsen, Dave Gambrill, Rachel Pedersen, Peng Joon, Edwards, Greg Jeffries, Jacob Caris, Dana Derricks, Joe Marfoglio, Spencer Mecham, Marley Baird, JR Rivas, Josh Rhodes, Tyler S. Clark, and Billy Gene.

By looking at Russell’s previous achievement and his quality team, I have a good feeling that ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp will gain impressive success.



How Does Affiliates Bootcamp Work?

Affiliate Bootcamp is a course to boost the ClickFunnels within 100 days. The course teaches you how to start your funnel marketing step by step. Especially with regular practice, you will be confident to pull new subscribers to ClickFunnels.

You will receive a 40% commission on every referral. ClickFunnels has two packages: one is $97 monthly, and the other one is $297 monthly. If anyone succeeds in registration to ClickFunnels via your reference, you will gain respectively a commission of $40 and $197.

If you can refer one person per day, after the 100-day course, your referral numbers would be 100. As a result, your income will be $3880. Plus, when you reach 100 references, ClickFunnels will reward you with a bonus of $500 for the car.



Is ClickFunnels Affiliates Bootcamp For Newcomers or Experts?

The answer is both. Indeed, Russell designed this program for everyone, providing that you have a passion for affiliate marketing and want to earn a living.

If you are new in this field, do not worry as the content is well-arranged step by step, and suitable for people at any level of experience.

If you are already experts, you can rest assured that you will receive more useful techniques and methods to benefit your affiliate marketing within or outside ClickFunnels.



What Does ClickFunnels Affiliates Bootcamp Offer?

There are countless valuable things that you can learn from this training program. It gives you lessons about marketing knowledge, online business growth, funnels creation (procedure and techniques), and so much more.

As far as I know, there are 66 videos divided into 14 sections included in ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp. Details as below:

  1. Lay the foundation (Day 1-5)
  2. Your first funnel (Day 6-10)
  3. Improving your funnel (Day 11-15)
  4. Your first back-end funnel (Day 16-20)
  5. 2X your growth (Day 21-25)
  6. Expanding your traffic (Dat 26-30)
  7. Hastening the process (Day 31-35)
  8. Funnelscripts traffic (Day 36-40)
  9. 108 split test (Day 41-45)
  10. Traffic for 108 split test (Day 46-50)
  11. Funnel university (Day 51-55)
  12. Evolving your traffic (Day 56-60)
  13. 14-day free trial (Day 61-65)
  14. Using the 10-day formula (Day 66+)



To let you have a quick understanding of the contents taught in this Bootcamp course, I will brief some of them for you in this ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review

  • How To Build An Online Business

Russell is a successful internet marketer and online entrepreneur, so he knows very well how to build an online business from the ground.

During the course,  you will approach not only ClickFunnels marketing but also knowledge about online business building, such as how to convince a customer, how to set up audiences, and how to build lead connections, etc.

After this camp, you will be fully equipped to be a funnel marketer and an online businessman at the same time.

  • How To Create Facebook Ads

As can be seen, Facebook is one of the largest social media channels currently. With the advantages of large scales and high converting results, Facebook ads have been being used by several developers and marketers.

That’s why in this Russell’s course, you will be taught how to run ads on Facebook.

First of all, you should understand how Facebook ads can do. Facebook ads can give results instantly since its system shows the ads to your target audience only. In that way, you can draw massive traffic to your site. Simply put, you can get more customers to your affiliate marketing by Facebook ads.

People searching for ClickFunnels tend to use the search button on Facebook. Therefore, by running Facebook ads targeting such people, you can refer them to ClickFunnels, start getting sales from this referral, and receive your commission.

Everything you need to run a Facebook ads campaign will be given in detail in this Affiliate Bootcamp.

  • How To Create a Community

No one can deny the profound influence of the community in marketing. A strong community can bring you big chances to succeed. Once you build up your own community, where you are their influential leader, you can direct them to any of your products or services. In other words, your recommendation will determine their purchases. To run a community like that, leadership skill is a must.

If you are worried about your weak leadership skills, you can rest assured that Russell will guide you to master it. Then creating a powerful community will be no problem for you.

Is ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Really Effective on Making Money?

I bet that you always wonder how legit that this course is. Of course, it is legit, and you can earn money after this 100-day training, but you have to study with a good attitude and determination.

When logging into the Affiliate Bootcamp Program, you are allowed to get access to all the training materials. You need to process all these materials and apply them to your own business. Thorough learning and correct application will let you start your earnings.

I still want to repeat the condition to make money is that learning and learning. If you miss out on any lessons or quit halfway, none can guarantee your possibility of earning money.

Additionally, when taking part in this program, you can do other courses of Russell too. In the end, when you finish all the courses, you can do marketing fluently and make money from your knowledge.



How Does Affiliate Bootcamp Support?

Russell and his team are constantly providing new webinars and many live Facebook training videos. Especially during the course, you will have a chance to join the 100-day challenge Facebook page. On this Facebook page, you can find other 15000 follow members. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them or look around the page as maybe your questions have been already answered.

Pros and Cons


  • It’s totally free to join
  • It is beginner-friendly
  • You have a chance to become a part of a helpful community of affiliate marketers all promoting Clickfunnels.
  • Receive a 40% commission on every referral.
  • Access to detailed video training
  • Have a chance to earn money and can reduce the financial burden to your family.


  • You have to pay high attention and a large amount of time to study to get the results
  • It is not absolutely free to execute the strategies

Personal Experience

In my view,  ClickFunnels is a great product, which has made my business changed significantly and helped me get more profits.

I do prefer promoting ClickFunnels since it is developed by Russell Brunson and owns exceptional features. Thus, when referring to my friends and customers, I am confident that they will trust this product as I do.

Affiliate BootCamp equipped me with valuable knowledge to start selling my products as well as others. I have already finished three days of this Bootcamp by the time of this review,  and I find all the lessons via videos are informative, detailed, and easy to process. Since the videos are available within 24 hours only, I need to watch it as soon as possible or never.

Last Thoughts

With 66 videos from 15 top sellers, learning in 100 days, you can upgrade your selling skills to earn more commission from ClickFunnels Affiliate Program.

The best part is that Russell provides this Bootcamp 100% free. So give it a try, or you will be regretful to miss a chance of making money effectively.

Participation is up to you. Do hope you can find my ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review informative and detailed to contribute to your decision making.

I just want to remind you it is a free to affiliate training course from Russell Brunson. The sooner you take action, the more chances you get to earn commissions from ClickFunnels Affiliate Program.

Thank you so much for reading my writing patiently from the beginning of these bottom lines.

Good luck, and see you soon in my next review.


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